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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kill of the Week: Over-reaction

Number of dead super-caps this week: 2

Again, it was a pretty quiet week this week.  Yeah, a couple of super-caps died (and I'm going to keep track of this, at least for the rest of the year, for my own interest).  But both were ganks, not fights.  A single enemy carrier died with a Goon Nyx in Querious, and not a single enemy ship died with an Intrepid Crossing Wyvern in Tribute.  An amusing kill-board comment on the latter says that the Wyvern was cloaked, but the pilot's wife used his computer and inadvertently de-cloaked him.  It might be true.

There was also this Obelisk kill which was kind of interesting.  I was initially curious if a freighter could even hold all that stuff.  Turns out that's a completely full load if the pilot has Gallente Freighter V skill.  I was then curious if a war-dec was running, but no, there's no evidence of that.  Can six Taloses do enough DPS to kill a freighter in high-sec?  I guess they can; after all, the API-verified kill report is evidence.  But according to my math, under the absolute best of circumstances, it would take them 19 seconds.  That's about equal to CONCORD response time in a 0.5 system, so that gank was probably touch and go up to the last second (or perhaps some damage was done to it in a preceding system).

So congrats to Gypsy Band for that kill, and pity about being shut out by the loot gods.

But for KOTW, I want to go with a funny story I was sent by a reader.  It starts, as always, with the kill:

On paper, that's a pretty nice little Niarja freighter gank.  It's better than most, not as good as others, and of course I bemoan anyone who loads this level of stuff into one freighter.  Note in particular the 2800 425mm Railguns.  That's enough compressed minerals for six or so carriers, or a third of a super-carrier.

Anyway, ganks like this happen every day.  What also happens every day is that a ganked pilot takes it personally.  What doesn't happen every day is that the pilot in question vows bloody vengeance:
[alt] > You fuckers ganked my freighter.  I'm going to cloaky camp your shit until the debt is repaid.  7b to go. pass it on.
[alt] > it doesn't much matter what they think; the point is i've got spite brewing, and the people in this constellation are going to bear it
OK, cool cool.  Vengance shall be his, yadda yadda.  And sure enough, he gets himself a couple of solo kills: a Retriever and a ratting Dominix.  So according to my source, Sev3rance decides to try and bait him.  Which they do, successfully.  But according to the story, the guy is flying a Proteus and panics... and ejects way too early.  Story goes that this Proteus has 75% armor when Sev3rance claims it.  It's not the best fit in the world or anything, but hey, free ships is free ships.
[04:34:22] Larofeticus > make sure you don't change the name on it
[04:34:24] Larofeticus > i'm vain
Er, OK mate.

The story doesn't end there.  Finding that baiting this guy with ratters and miners works, they start doing it.  Once, then again.  Note the very effective DPS bait Skiff on the second kill.  That'll be a FOTW before too long.  Since then, bloody vengeance doesn't seem to be going too well and according to my source, "He is providing entertainment. The guys here are loving this."


So, moral of the story is sometimes you just have to be philosophical about those freighter ganks.  Try not to load too much into a freighter in the first place.  But if you do, and it costs you, probably best not to over-react...

Thanks very much to my contact in Sev3rance for providing the story!


  1. I believe drones somewhat mess with CONCORD AI, so that those Talos' probably got off an extra volley or two that they would not have otherwise.

  2. As an interesting addition to the first Obelisk kill, Adrielle Firewalker is actually the founder of Ushra'Khan. She created the alliance all the way back in 2004.

  3. Oh great I'm about to get another red arrow from Apex Bex. Probably in my back.

  4. My math puts those 6 talos ships at 16 seconds to do 200k.

    The signature difference will add a very large amount to their damage. 10% or more. Back when i was ganking miners half of my hits were for quality. Very rarely was one less than normal.

    I also have the duration on those blasters as 3.996 seconds so i'm not sure how you got to 19 seconds.

    I've seen the faction navy attack drones first but never concord.

  5. The Obelisk kill is the result of splitting the damage across a gate to minimize the sec status loss. After it jumps and changes session, the initial ships are only penalized for the initial act of aggression, not the subsequent ship destruction. This allows the ganking group to kill more ships before having to grind back up their sec status.

  6. I thought it was common knowledge for freighter pilots to never carry more than 1B that wasn't double wrapped? I get edgy carrying 1.5 billion. Is math really that hard for these guys? Is Red Frog really that expensive?

  7. it took more than that group to bring the freighter down. they were using the technique for limiting the sec status hit. the first group hits the freighter outbound. They get the sec status hit for agression, but since they don't actually kill it, they don't take full sec status hits. The secondary group finishes it off in the second system. Instead of a full 20 man crew taking the sec status hit, a much smaller group does.

  8. heh. i have a PVP Skiff fit myself... still need to use it.

    Also, overreactions are hilarious

  9. Well this is further depressing. Now I'm bad famous.

    The proteus. Their bait was good. They de-cloaked a rapier at 15km and falcon at 50km off of a retriever or whatever it was in a grav site. I have a personal hatred of sitting around while people take their time to kill, and there was no way to accomplish anything further as I was perma-jammed. Ejecting was bad for the spite angle but I didn't want to sit around for three minutes dying and lose the 4 days of training. It was only t2 fit anyway. Those three pilots deserve credit, especially because they were keeping the trap up while I wasn't in system as I would afk next door, dip in check the grav sites and then leave. As my pod was leaving constellation I was amused to see a stream of 20 or so provi-derps coming to whore on the kill.

    I still killed around 2.5b worth of ships in their constellation before getting bored and leaving.
    This one was the highlight:

    1. That's all well and good, but the real question is this: Why in the world were you carrying that much crap in a Freighter?

    2. Because I had made the same trip, oftentimes with more cargo, 30-40 times before with no trouble.

      Of course now that business is finished. Might as well never fly a freighter again.

  10. Mad props for speaking up bro, you aint that bad at eve. Don't be depressed.

  11. Tell those assholes to clear concord when they are done ganking next time.


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