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Monday, September 17, 2012

Quote of the Week: Absurdity

I always try to avoid real-world politics on this blog.  It's one of those topics that no matter what you write, you're going to end up being wrong.  Still, I can't help but tiptoe into real-world politics slightly with the QOTW this time:
As you grieve, remember that Vile Rat died doing what he loved, eating Libyan food and enraging people to the point of absurdity by his bare existence.
It's purported that the source of this quote was a Goon, but I've been unable to find him.  If you know the source, please say so in comments.

EDIT (18/Sep/2012): Thank you to a pair of commenters who provided the source of the quote: Hratli Smirks, on the Goon forums.  The full text of his post has been provided in the comments.

I was pointed to the quote by the leader of my EVE corp.  And it sums up the situation admirably: everything about VR's death is absurd.

I've used the words "senseless tragedy" to describe what happened in Libya, and that also sums things up.  From the film-maker to his stupidly amateur film to the reaction that it's causing around the world to the fact that the protests around the film were allegedly used to mask a planned attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, everything about this is senseless and stupid.  I am sad for our species that this sort of absurd chain of events results in the deaths and injuries of good people, and the pain this will cause their families.  If anything shows that we're not yet collectively ready to go into space or converse with those that do, this is it.

Hopefully at some point in the future, we can put this sort of absurdity firmly into the realm of fiction where it belongs.

A fund has been set up for the benefit of Vile Rat's family:

I encourage you to participate and help if you can.  You can confirm its validity here and here.


  1. The quote was either from the TEST or Goon forums. I don't know how much access you have to them; I'd provide actual linkage if I was at my computer. If you do have access, I think it's from the OP in a thread about an op for VR, or maybe an announcement. Possibly the SOTG one.

  2. Saw this quote the other day:

    "As long as there are those who are willing to shed blood and take innocent life in the name of religion, the name of God, the world will never know a true and lasting peace."

    1. Yeah, unfortunately, this includes just about everyone on the planet. Even the atheists, who are as fervent in defending their unshakable belief in no God.

    2. True, some atheists are very vitriolic and even rude about the subject. But I'm pretty sure (though not 100%, there's always an idiot) that Atheists won't go on a killing spree yelling "stop believing in your stupid god or I'll kill you and everyone you know!".

      That kind of absurdity is rare among the non-religious.

    3. Indeed. There's been a real epidemic of Atheists murdering people for not not believing in a god.

  3. The quote comes from the honorable H. Ratli Smirks in his op announcement post for the VR Memorial NPSI Op

  4. The quote is from Hratli Smirks's thread announcing the "Vile Rat Memorial Not Purple Shoot It Diplomatic Disaster Op" on the GSF forums.

    Full quote:

    In the past 12 hours, I've heard many stories about what a good man Vile Rat was, and I expect you've heard the same. He was friendly, even-tempered, sharp and witty, a genuine pleasure to be around. As an internet spaceship diplomat his accomplishments eclipse even DaiTengu, yet despite having reshaped the server to his will, he never stopped being an approachable person, a real chill Sigma. Also he scammed Phreeze out of an Avatar and if that isn't a sign of fundamental human decency, brothers and sisters, well then I don't know what is.

    That is not to say that Vile Rat was perfect: he was fervently devoted to the Chargers, which was undoubtedly indicative of some deeper flaws in his personality, and he had terrible taste in even fake tattoos. He had no eyebrows, which was something he was generous enough not to pass on to his children who thankfully take after their mother. Vile Rat also inexplicably liked solving diplomatic problems, even the massive clusterfuck hell-problems goons instigate on a daily basis. Well, we can't do anything about the Chargers, and Blawrf has already magnanimously volunteered to get a Vile Tat tribute tattoo in his honor, so the best avenue for us to remember this bald D&D moderator with no eyebrows is with a shoot blues of monstrous proportions. To this end The Adj has asked that I post a "Not Purple Shoot It" op from UMI, in which a flotilla of ridiculously expensive ships shall sally forth and shoot anything that is not them, and then, perhaps, thunderdome until not a single ship remains. I have no doubt that such a flagrant and expensive disregard for standings would bring tears of joy to Vile Rat's eyes. As you grieve, remember that Vile Rat died doing what he loved, eating Libyan food and enraging people to the point of absurdity by his bare existence.

  5. Fundamentalism. When weighing life and defending what you hold sacred from an insult the latter wins. It's everywhere.

  6. What is truly "senseless" is Americans blaming all Middle Easterners, and all Muslims - incl. those born in the US - for terrorist attacks caused by a few radical extremists.

    Were all Irish and all Catholics responsible for the actions of the IRA? No, I don't think so.

    This nonsense reminds me of when all US citizens of Japanese descent, living on the US mainland, were thrown into prison camps, incl. women and children, during WWII, without due process and in complete violation of their rights as American citizens.

    Senseless? You bet. Can it happen again? You bet - whenever people let fear, anger and hatred cloud all reason, giving into the mob and to those who will use the mob to their political advantage (Obama, Romney, Hitler, etc.).

    1. Politicians and political parties which use tragedy to advance their election platforms make me utterly sick.

      Just as the Republicans should have prevented the 9/11 attacks (according to the Democrats), the Democrats should have prevented these latest attacks on the US consulates (according to the Republicans). Yeah, right, sure.

      Was Vile Rat a Democrat or a Republican? Does it matter? Probably only to Obama and Romney, since one of them lost a vote.

      What should matter is that he was an American citizen, who lost his life in an unprovoked attack on US soil. This is an act of war, against all Americans, and the politics needs to take a back seat, in order to secure lives, before votes.

  7. Only the first, third and fourth comments are relevant. The rest of you self tought philosophers can take it somewhere else.

  8. Before I get on to my comments I will say that Sean did not deserve to die or suffer in any way.

    I don't agree that it was a senseless act of violence. My reading indicates this was a fully planned, military operation against US sovereign property under cover of blaming a inflammatory video. That video was released about a month before the attack. Other earlier videos have been released that are as bad or worse. I really don't think that video caused this eruption.

    No, I think this is a opportunistic direct attack on the US. I think the video is the cover for both the attacks and getting covering support from the populace.

  9. "Senseless tragedy" and blaming a film maker for this misses the target, IMO.

    AQ orchestrated these attacks. The film was merely convenient for them. If they hadn't brought it forth to whip up mobs, it would have died in internet obscurity as it deserved.

    Vile Rat was murdered, along with a US Ambassador. This is not an absurd chain of events. It was a very meticulously planned assault, down to suborning Libyan police guards at the embassy.

    And yes, this is a political can of worms. Proponents of either of the two main political parties in the US will not see eye to eye on the proper reaction to this.

  10. Probably the best comment I've seen on the current unrest:


    "Someone really needs to sit down explain trolling to Muslims. Flipping your shit like complete retards is EXACTLY what they want you to do."

  11. And it looks like The current administration now believes this was planed in advance:



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