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Monday, September 3, 2012

Quote of the Week: Bad mouth

Last Monday evening, I was invited to NinjaTurtle's Declarations of War pod-cast, which is (as far as I can tell) is sort of the officially unofficial pod-cast of Noir Mercenary Group.  It was the first time I've been invited to participate in a pod-cast since my CSM6 run a couple of years ago.  The topic of the invitation was similar: Alekseyev Karrde and Hans Jagerblitzen from CSM7 wanted to debate me about my recent CSM7 posts and I was happy to oblige.  I didn't even mind getting blobbed when Seleene showed up, too.  ;-)

Anyway, QOTW honors was going to go to something said in that pod-cast but it hasn't been posted yet.  I'll let you know when it is.  In the meantime, I'm going to go with this for QOTW because it made me laugh:
Editor’s Note: The opinion of this article is that of the author and not reflective of the view of Ten Ton Hammer.
The Mittani has written 82 pieces for Ten Ton Hammer now and I can't recall any of them ever getting a disclaimer at the top before.  But the latest piece has this disclaimer.  What's the topic?  themittani.com, of course.  Why did the piece get a disclaimer?  Because the majority of the piece bad-mouths the competition... including Ten Ton Hammer, by proxy.(1)

I can't imagine why TTH might have a problem with that.  ;-)

Here's a really basic negotiating trick that you can use as a buyer whenever you're buying an expensive product.  Tell the salesman that you're thinking about going with competing product X.  It doesn't matter what it is.  Ask the salesman if he's aware of any problems with the competing product.  When I ask this question, I like to ask it extremely bluntly: "Want to say some bad things about X while I think about this?"

A smart salesman will politely decline to bad-mouth the competition.  If the salesman indulges in this opportunity, know what you're going to learn?  All the weaknesses of the salesman's product!  Listen to all the ways in which the salesman bad-mouths the competition.  The things the salesman doesn't mention?  Those are the weaknesses in his own product.  Suppose you're buying a car, and your salesman says the competing product has lower gas mileage, less cargo space, and a lower safety rating.  What wasn't mentioned?  Those are probably the weaknesses of the car you're looking at... things like price, engine power, and interior amenities.

A salesman that is willing to bad-mouth a competing product isn't going to neglect to mention these important factors if he's in the middle of bad-mouthing the competition.  Since they weren't mentioned?  Yeah.  Those are his own product's weaknesses.

Trying to sell something expensive?  Here's a tip: don't bad mouth the competition and don't let yourself get drawn into doing so.

So, it's kind of fun to read Mittens's piece with this negotiating trick in mind...

In the meantime, once the DOW pod-cast is up, I'll have a few things to say about it.

(1) Quote from the piece: "Meanwhile, the very same crisis [last year's summer of rage] demonstrated conclusively that the 'official' , 'mainstream' or 'professional' gaming media fundamentally misunderstood core aspects of what Eve was, what the community cared about, or even the English language."


  1. "So, it's kind of fun to read Mitten's piece with this negotiating trick in mind..."

    So, what did you learn?

    If The Mittani were to say that EN24 has bad editing (which I believe he did), then by your logic, that means that everything else not mentioned is a weakness of TheMittani.com and a strength of EN24.com. That's a fallacy and a half.

    If you don't like TheMittani.com, why not just come out and say it, why beat around the bush with this bit of limp logic?

    1. Matter of fact, I'm cautiously positive about themittani.com, as I said a couple of weeks ago:


      That said, Mittens using his TTH column to blatantly self-promote while also blatantly bad-mouthing the competition was an uncharacteristically crass move.

    2. The Mittani is dead. It was TheMittani.com braintrust that wrote the Ten Ton Hammer article. :)

    3. Poetic, you've committed a fallacy yourself I'm sad to point out. You state, "that means that everything else not mentioned is a weakness of TheMittani.com and a strength of EN24.com." Actually, it only means they may be a weakness of TheMittani.com. It says nothing about EN24's strengths. The negotiating tactic Jester references works because the sales person is most knowledgeable about how their product is better than the other guy's. You cannot infer the strengths of the other product from that. Both products may be equally poor in certain aspects. The sales person will still skip over those aspects.

    4. I wouldn't say that this was "an uncharacteristically crass move" by Mittens. In fact, it is about par for the course for him, esp. since his fall from the CSM.

    5. "The Mittani is dead" - no, he's just drunk, as usual.

      The difference between 'drunk' and 'dead' is that Mittens' mouth spews both nonsense and drool when drunk, but only drool, if he were dead.

    6. @Poetic - I'll say it:

      I don't like TheMittani.com.

  2. Nice one. I read your page. Went to TTH, and read that article, and read your post again. Good catch.

  3. Replies
    1. ya on what planet does the guy who says three lines a show take ownership of the show

  4. Go to Sins of a Solar Spymaster #77. This leads the article:

    (Disclaimer: The Mittani's views are his own and do not reflect those of the Ten Ton Hammer network, but his allegations have triggered a review of those who are consider to be objective and factual first tier news sources.)

    Looks like going after the competition will always get a disclaimer. Some sort of professional courtesy going on?

  5. I don't think it's crass. He's explaining why it's necessary to create competition. What's wrong with that?

    And what exactly are the comparative strengths and weaknesses of TheMittani.com that you can glean from the article, Jester?

    1. If he'd stuck with saying "There needs to be some competition because of X, Y, and Z", that would have been fine.

      If he'd stuck with "I'm starting my own news site because I'm awesome", that also would have been OK.

      It was combining them that was crass. It turns what's supposed to be an informative column into politics and advertising. I myself normally have advertising blocked on my browswer. ;-)

      And from the article, I glean that themittani.com is:
      * concerned about their traffic over-running their hosting agreement;
      * having trouble with their writers meeting deadlines; and related, is
      * having trouble with the journalistic aspect of balancing accuracy with the maximum possible amount of information in articles.

  6. Now I can't get the image out of my head of the irishman from Braveheart.

    "It's MY island!"

  7. I've already been banned from posting comments on TheMittani.com because I didn't agree with something that was stated in one of the articles: The author was clearly making up a quote to express his own butt hurt about the mining barge changes (risk adverse griefer tears are the sweetest). So much for the alleged increase in journalistic integrity :)


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