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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Campfire stories

I get anywhere from 20 to 25 EVE mails a week, about two-thirds of them related to my CSM duties, the remainder stories from blog readers. These latter are the best thing about my EVE mail.(1) In particular, I thought it would be fun to share a couple of stories sent to me by reader Kelon Darklight of EVE University. Normally this kind of thing would be something I'd put in the junk drawer but the stories are fun enough to deserve their own post.

Story number one. I'm not a big fan of the Coercer myself, but I've written about it a time or two. A previous alliance mate of mine had really good success with it in particular and swore by not even bothering to fit a point to it. He claimed he got more kills that way, mostly people desperate to finish him off and confident in the knowledge that they could warp off at any time. He'd use the second mid slot for a web instead so that he could dictate the range of the engagement. He went into every fight more or less guaranteed to lose that Coercer but he was happy if he got a lot of kills out the bargain.

It's actually quite Zen, if you think about it: he wasn't trying to get kills. After all, if he were, he'd fit a point. But by not trying to get kills, he got dozens of them.

"I remember reading a thing you wrote about Coercers not needing a point as much as one would think considering their DPS," this story from Kelon starts.  Here's how it ends:

Yup, that's three kills to zero against Stay Frosty, the third of which being Rixx Javix himself in a Harpy. Hee! Somehow, this loss slipped Rixx's mind when he did his "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" post that week... Why yes, I am trolling Rixx. Anyway, here's the rest of the story, edited slightly:
They came after me in a plex and I managed to use range control to dictate the fight, first with MWD speed then closing into web range to keep them interested. Then I used the web to keep the Harpy from closing in long enough for me to kill the Hawk. Then I stayed close enough to the Harpy to keep him interested and not thinking about getting out. I just thought you would enjoy knowing someone followed that advice quite successfully!
And that's very smart flying. Blaster Harpies are incredibly dangerous if they get close to you but with a web you can hold them at arm's length while you deal with longer-range opponents. This is a tactic I love to use myself whether I'm flying a combat ship with a web or in my beloved Rapier.(2) It was really fun to hear about the tactic being used successfully by someone else.

Story number two is just as interesting and it also involves a kill-mail:

E-UNI wasn't there to gank freighters, but a small group of them were there to harass the gankers by adding themselves to CONCORD kill-mails and catching pods before they could warp off. Harmless fun. You understand. In any case, the gankers intended to profit by their exploits and warped their own freighter to the wreck. The EVE University group immediately locked the freighter. Now the instant the ganker's freighter scoops the loot, the freighter goes suspect and the E-UNI group can shoot it down.

As a result, the gankers now have a problem: how do they profit from their windfall? The standard solution is to bring in suicide e-war ships like Griffins. The Griffins can jam off the E-UNI group either before or after they point the freighter -- dying in the process -- but they theoretically buy enough time for the freighter to warp off. This still ensures a tidy profit for the gankers.

Meanwhile, the gankee had his own ideas: he warped in in a new ship and blew up his own wreck!

By my count, that's three types of emergent game-play you'll only see in EVE:
  1. the deliberate suicide ganking, of course;
  2. EVE University deliberately preventing the gankers from profiting by their actions; and,
  3. the gankee himself using full-on scorched earth tactics to deny loot to everyone.
Gotta love this game sometimes...

Thanks for the stories, Kelon, and thanks for sharing them with me!

(1) The worst thing about my EVE mail are the "Jester, make CCP..." demands.
(2) Interestingly enough, it's a tactic that's also taught in the Advanced Military tutorials introduced by CCP last year. If you haven't tried this string of tutorial missions, you should do so. On a lark, I tried them for the first time this weekend and found them quite good!

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