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Monday, November 25, 2013

CSM8 Status Report: Week twenty-nine

Stake-holder meeting canceled this week! No big surprise there with the release of Rubicon. Everyone's pretty busy watching over the servers, the changes, and the bug reports as they come in. So unsurprisingly, there wasn't a lot of chatter on the Skype channels this week, except for the occasional devs plaintively asking "Any CSM members around? Are any of you seeing [X]?" where [X] is some esoteric rare bug that a dev wants more information about.

All in all, though, it feels like Rubicon is having a smoother release than Odyssey did at the same point in its life cycle. I don't have any hard data to back me up on this feeling, but the devs that are chatting seem quite cheerful and relaxed about how things are going, a few server node crashes here and there aside. ;-)

The stake-holder meeting was replaced with a heavily NDA'ed meeting this week. More about that meeting in the fullness of time.

CCP-CSM's private section of the forums is starting up with questions directed to us about the summer expansion. We've been briefed on CCP's plans for this expansion a couple of times, once in an overview meeting during the summer summit and before, then again in more detail more recently. For obvious reasons, that's all I can say about that. But the planning process is rolling along nicely and CCP should have some exciting stuff to show us come the winter summit. We've now been told when that is but I'll let CCP Dolan make that announcement.

Speaking of Dolan, he continues to have the minutes in his hands and the CSM continues to press him on it and I encourage you to do the same if you have the opportunity. That's literally all I can say about that this week, too. I don't really have anything to add what I wrote in last week's update... or the one the week before.

Xander Phoena had his November interview with two CSM members over the weekend. This time it was mynnna and James Arget in the chairs. The interview is quite good! Go out and give it a listen. It's very much worth your time. Incidentally, if you run a pod-cast or blog or the like yourself, this is probably a pretty good time to request interviews or request CSM guests. As I said above, there isn't too terribly much going on on the CCP side so I feel like we're going to be turning more toward talking with the players more over the next month or so as CCP works through their planning process.

The "Reasonable Things" initiative was so successful during the first six months of the CSM's term that I think I'm gonna pester Trebor Daehdoow to run it again soon. It was quite fun having a whole list of little things to put in front of CCP during one of the summer summit sessions and I'd love to have that opportunity again come winter.

Remember, csm8.org is still out there and is still linking to both the previous Reasonable Things initiative and CSM8-releated blog posts and the like.

And that's all I've got for this week's update! Pretty quiet week, all in all.


  1. I once jokingly predicted the minutes wouldn't be released until Haloween. As that day neared I upped my release date prediction to Thanksgiving (US). Do I need to change my guess again to New Year's?

    The last comment I see from CCP Dolan is on the EVE-O forums where he says he's got no more fires to put out and expects to be able to devote some attention to getting the minutes out.

    That was 2 weeks ago.

    They insult our collective intelligence with this shit. Normally I keep my DPTFH (Dinsdale Pirhanna Tin Foil Hat) in reserve for emergency use only, but nobody who thinks that maybe CCP Dolan is just following orders and dragging his feet could ever be accused of paranoia. It's gotten to where what should be a paranoid conspiracy theory is actually a logical position to hold with some evidence to back it up! Thanks, CCP.

    1. there won't be any minutes.
      CCP believe it's a loss of time and want something else.
      So they'll say the don't have time until next summit where releasing these would have no sense anymore.


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