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Friday, November 22, 2013

Emergency Responder

Just a quickie.

As you know by now, CCP is running another PLEX for GOOD campaign to assist those affected by the awful typhoon that struck the Philippines. I urge all of you to drop what you're doing right now and go donate at least one PLEX to this effort. Not only will you be doing some good and building up some real life karma to replace all the tears you inflict on others in EVE Online, but you get a special edition in-game t-shirt for yourself on December 10. Stop reading this for a second and go take care of it.

Back? Good.

In the dev-blog, you'll find hints of a second surprise coming up from CCP Bro of the community team:
CCP Bro will also have another Dev Blog lined up for you next Wednesday, November 27th, with more details of a surprise that will hopefully make this the most successful PLEX for GOOD drive to date.
There's a Reddit thread out there with a really nifty suggestion: make the surprise a raffle with a Stratios Emergency Responder going to the lucky winner or winners. As you may know, the Stratios Emergency Responder is a upgraded version of the Stratios created specifically to be a prize to be given away in the recent SOMERblink giveaway.

Why should SOMER have all the fun? Let's get a few more of these out there. The name alone merits this being a good idea, and would make this PLEX for GOOD campaign memorable and successful.

Let's make this happen, CCP! And to all of you who are donating or have already donated, thank you.


  1. It's time for a new 'Gold Magnate' of sorts. Make it a raffle to a single, one time only ship. Like a 'red cross' Stratos. Let's make some more EVE history.

  2. Was I the only one cynical enough to think "Oh god, they're going to repeat the Somer fiasco AGAIN" when I heard about the "surprise" coming Nov 27th?

    1. If they held a raffle for people donating PLEX, I very much doubt anyone would complain.

  3. While I generally agree that CCP should do these kinds of things to promote charity, do they really want to go back on their word again? CCP has already stated that there would be only 3 or 5(depending on grand prize winners) of the eve vegas giveaway ships .https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=3660642#post3660642 After the Golden Magnate brouhaha I can't imagine them screwing with the players expectations again. Then again, perhaps I'm misunderstanding their reading of "unique." Time will tell.


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