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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kill of the Week: Blueprint

People's dumb never ceases to amaze me sometimes:

Here we have an individual that's been playing the game for ten years. And what does he do? Loads a random assortment of everything he owns into an untanked T1 hauler and flies it right through Niarja. One of the pieces that made it into this random assortment? A Tech 2 blueprint original for a Shield Boost Amplifier II. The dude probably won it in the original T2 BPO lottery for Heaven's sake. In any case, it belongs to the Goons now -- it was confirmed dropped and recovered by the ganker. Nice going, Cronos Ubi!

It was actually kind of hard to pick this week's KOTW because there were lots and lots of amusing possibilities. So let's get to the honorable mentions, shall we? And there are a lot of them. This was a crazy week.

That opens with only the second Chremoas loss in the history of EVE Online, lost by DHB WildCat of HYDRA RELOADED to... a bunch of T1 fit Atrons and one T1 fit Kestrel. Hee! Well, in his defense, WildCat got the Kestrel before dying. TMC has a tiny bit more on the story of this one if you want to read it.

Not as expensive as the Chremoas but just as impressive nonetheless was this 18 billion ISK Charon loss, this one to a Goon Talos gank in high-sec. This one was arguably carrying everything this pilot owned including a Tengu, Loki, Golem, Rattlesnake, three T1 battleships, and enough T2, faction, and T1 cruisers to keep me in PvP ships for a year. With it, he seems to have lost fittings for all the ships, a few implants, a large pile of BPOs, and an unholy number of faction mods of seemingly every type in the game. Whoopsie!

One tiny step below that and you have this idiot in a Caracal, also ganked in high-sec, also ganked with 18 billion ISK in his hold, most of it in implants. Presumably this guy was cashing out his FW take and figured a Caracal might not get scanned in every system it passed through. He's learned otherwise at some great cost...

Next up is this special type of moron in a Rhea, who was apparently evacuating most everything he had of value in null-sec back to high-sec in a single JF run. That included 216 19th Tier Overseer Effects, worth a collected 20 billion ISK, plus what looks to me like half the minerals and PI products in null-sec. 43 billion ISK in all, and he brought it into high-sec while under a war declaration from Freight Club who kinda specializes in separating this kind of dumb person from their stuff. Happily for the ganker, nearly everything in this ship dropped.

Those kills make this Fenrir look kind of sad and paltry. All it was carrying were eight blueprint copies for Asteros and Stratioses... on Rubicon launch day! Because clearly a freighter is the best possible choice you could make for moving BPCs and nothing else...

Rubicon launch day also featured this murder of Crows. That just makes me smile: the Crow is shaping up to be my favorite Rubicon inty, even outpacing my beloved Taranis for some uses. This smart-bombing Abaddon is my favorite out of the bunch. Not sure what he was thinking about when he tried this but clearly it didn't work out well for him.

This POCO kill from the day after Rubicon launch day might have you wondering "what's so special about this?" On closer inspection you'll find the POCO was killed by "the Bloodtears", which I have it on good authority are represented by two actual EVE players and a lot of faith in ISBoxer...

This I-Hub kill just made me smile. I asked mynnna what happens if Goon renters go out and claim sov on their own recognizance. He was amused by the question. ;-)

Finally, this Stay Frosty Loki loss-mail is pretty incredible if you go out and look at the kill-board comments. I'm quite sad that he didn't get any kill-mails in return for throwing down this hard, but that's the way EVE sometimes is...

Whew! That was a lot going on. As I said, it was a busy week and that doesn't even mention the battles in the RUS/CFC/N3 war in the south and east. Let's move on to...

Number of dead super-caps last week: 0

Oh, okay. So it wasn't a busy week for everyone...


  1. Love to see how the victims are dumb, idiots, and morons.
    How about the gankers are sociopathic assholes?

    You really are a null sec fanatic.

    1. At some point, actual common sense has to be brought to bear. A smart man doesn't walk down the street in downtown Detroit wearing a biggie with a diamond bracelet dangling from one wrist and a Rolex from the other.

    2. Oh. And you realize the vast majority of high-sec ganking is done by people who live in high-sec... right?

    3. @Jester:

      Really? At least 2 of those kills you love so much were done by goons. If I remember correctly, seems they do most of their work in null sec, unless they are taking control of high sec PoCo's handed to them by CCP and an eager CSM.

      Just because the kills occurred in high sec, don't conflate that with high sec players doing the killing. I have lost track of how many times you null sec propagandists keep saying on the forums that most of the high sec player base are actually alts of null sec players.

  2. Those Bloodtear guys assembled over 500 POCO kills in the last days. Someone is trying to build a little empire.

  3. re: I-Hub, no surprise its Aurora Armaments pitching in.

  4. The bloodtears killed 655 high sec POCOs since patch day, or so it seems going by the killboards. But of course, this is not automated gameplay, they would have done it just as fast manually, controlling 25 clients each for days on end. Right.

  5. Ok if anyone ever needed proof of RMT from Goons this is it. A 10 year old player does not in fact stuff an original blueprint in the cargo and fly through Niarja to be killed unless it's part of a real life money transfer.

    1. Yeah, of course, because a 10 year old player would never think of creating an alt to hide what he was doing.

    2. why should they? what's to hide? noone will call them on it. would look far more suspicious for a little used alt to drop it.

  6. You missed the T2 BPO in the Charon, for Large Algid Energy Administrations Unit II rigs.

    Not a good week to be a T2 BPO owner, apparently.


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