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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Best of 2013: 15 - 11

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm combining a "Best of 2013" retrospective with a good old-fashioned pledge drive.

If anything you've read on this blog this year has made you smile, made you laugh, saved your ship, gotten you a ship fitting you like, made you some ISK, or otherwise gotten you through a boring work day, gate camp, structure bash, or fleet op, I'm here asking that you throw a little ISK my way. It doesn't have to be a lot; just whatever you can afford. Alternately, if you have assets or experienced characters scattered around that you have been too lazy to get rid of or don't want any more, those are just as valuable to me. Contract them over or contact me about a character transfer and I'll find new owners for them or I'll put them to work myself.

Either way, send your contributions or your contracts to Ripard Teg in game. And let me know in an EVE mail if you want the fact that you contributed to be public or not. Contributions started coming in last night, and I've been really humbled by the response.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! Public shout-outs to Freelancer117, minorfreak, Kestrel Swainson, Msia Boleh, Xurr and Mark Zhepron (both of whom were particularly generous! thank you!), and MrTheGeoff, who sent me a couple of ships, one of which is in G-0Q in Curse. Sigh... that brought back memories. I haven't been in Curse in far too long. Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far!

I'll be shaking the tin cup over the next four days in the "Best of" posts, concluding with what I thought was my best post of 2013 on Saturday.

#15: Best in class 2013
This one's becoming an annual tradition, and it's kind of fun! Every year, I go through every class of ship in the game and I pick what I think is the best ship in that class. They're always really widely-read posts, they draw lots of comments, they're fun to write, and it's great to get the perspective of other players on my choices. So win-win-win. This year, I mixed it up with an obvious add-on: what I thought were the worst in each class in 2013. That one drew nearly as many comments, and they came from everybody and I do mean everybody... CCP Fozzie wanted to argue a few of my choices with me. ;-)

#14: Don't get too attached
When I first met Hilmar and was introducing myself, I joked "I'm the guy that blogs about how you run your business." This piece was an example... it focused on the GM team and how they make their decisions and the (lack of) visible oversight and process associated with those choices. These are some of my favorite posts to write and this one was a particular treat. It combined interviews with a lot of people, pulling player opinion and data on the matter, plus a slight dash of opinion that resulted in a nice tight journalistic piece. I was really pleased with the response it got.

#13: Inside your own head
I was impressed by Valkyrie at Fanfest when I tried it there but when I got to EVE Vegas this year and had time and leisure to really get into an improved version of it, I was completely blown away. This is the killer app for the Oculus Rift as far as I'm concerned. It certainly convinced me to buy the hardware when it's available! Valkyrie is going to be a quite literal game-changer. This post where I gave my impressions was one of the most-read things I wrote this year.

#12: CEO update hack
I was really pleased with a post Garth wrote earlier in the year, but when the last couple of Goonswarm CEO updates started to look to me like something written by committee, Garth came out and demanded satire with the sarcasm dialed up to 11. The net result was the most popular, "Garthiest" post of 2013. There are lots of people that wished for more Garth this year; one prominent group in the community offered me a weekly highly-visible column... if Garth would write it. I had to politely decline. ;-)

#11: Things could be worse
This post came out of a promise made to EVE player Marc Callan, who asked me to give a direct response to the proposals of James315 during his CSM run early in the year. Originally, I wasn't going to do it. I'm actually not in the business of doing take-downs, by and large. But as I read more and more of his proposals, the idea grew on me because James was directly attacking some of the support columns on which EVE rests, but using populist pandering and hypocrisy to under-emphasize the game breaking elements of those proposals. The net result is one of the pieces of writing I'm most proud of in 2013 and something I've referred to frequently when people ask me how I really feel about high-sec. I'm convinced this post went a long way toward driving James315 out of the CSM8 election.

Tomorrow:  #10 through #6.


  1. #11 after clicking through to James's blog I noticed that one of his wishes came true!

    Alternatively, for 48 hours the moongoo flows into an unsecure container next to the array, so anyone can start taking from it. This idea isn't polished, but I think it would be hilarious if defenders and vultures attracted from afar started fighting around an out-of-control moongoo spigot.

  2. #12 ... and you're telling us you're no role-player?
    You're only fooled when you fool yourself.
    what logically follows is - "Who's more foolish? The fool or the fool that follows the fool?"

  3. How can you be on the CSM, rubbing shoulders with the people you are, and still not understand why 315 was never going to go through with his election campaign? Do you still really and truly not realize who he is?

  4. "I'm convinced this post went a long way toward driving James315 out of the CSM8 election."


    Sorry Jester, but I don't think that you can take credit for that. James' short-lived CSM campaign was pretty clearly a publicity stunt from very early on. Honestly I'm surprised that you haven't picked up on that yet.

    1. I think the interview he gave with Xander Phoena is an argument against that. He sounded pretty serious about it in the interview.

    2. Having no clue which is true, all i can say is that he would sound pretty serious either way

    3. He sounded pretty serious in the CSM posts outlining his absurd CSM goals, too. He sounds pretty serious when he claims to be the saviour of highsec rescuing miners from their own dangerous actions. I'm sure he sounded pretty serious when he persuaded players to give him all their ISK for his ponzi scheme way back when.

      He's not dumb, and he's certainly not delusional enough to think that his stated goals for highsec were realistic. You writing down that they weren't realistic didn't change anything.


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