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Monday, December 30, 2013

CSM8 Status Report: Week thirty-three-four

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, this one is standing in for week thirty-four as well. As I also mentioned, it's going to be very very short.

My prediction about the minutes not coming out this year is looking pretty good despite a last rush effort by CCP to get them out in 2013. They might be out tomorrow... they might not. At this point, I just don't know. That I know of, there's literally nothing stopping them from being published. I'll be very very happy when they are, but besides the obvious reason I'll get into the other reasons why I'm happy once they're in front of your eyeballs.

Other than that, almost nothing happened in the last two weeks. Just before I headed off on vacation, I sat down with the guys from the Cap Stable pod-cast! Feel free to give it a listen. Lanctharus and the rest of the guys were very gracious. Questions on this one were very newbie-friendly stuff (they run a more newbie-friendly pod-cast). So if you're looking for a single interview to point someone at who knows absolutely nothing about the CSM (or if that description matches you), this is the pod-cast to listen to. Matter of fact, I'll probably point at it again when the CSM9 elections start and for the same reason. Thanks to Cap Stable!

The next day, after I was no longer able to use a microphone, Xander Phoena interviewed Mike Azariah and was quite a bit tougher on him...  ;-) No points for guessing what Xander wanted to talk about. Thanks for taking the bullet, Mike!

Pretty much everyone at CCP has been on holiday the last couple of weeks so describing the Skype channel and the private section of the forums as dead is understating by a good deal. Still, the CSM has started a private thread about a new issue that's sure to come up at the winter summit. We also started putting together a list of the topics we want to talk about there. The announcement on that should be very soon.

Which brings me to the task I will be looking to complete this week: scheduling the next CSM Town Hall, which I'd like to take place the weekend before the summit. Expect an announcement very soon!

That's all for now!


  1. This will hurt mostly multiboxers. I was doing pve pvp sites with 1 gunship and 3 domi combo. Drone assist was only alternative to isboxer. Now i will have to "bot" to get same results.

    Also i don't get it why they cant leave assist for pve atleast. In lowsec drone assist does not work if pilot is not flashy,eve with the safety off (atleast didint work before). Point being, drone mechanics are so shitty, with recent aggro changes and removal of assist they will be far inferior main dps income compared to guns. All this shitstorm started because of nullsec blobfest. Should be better solution than just removing mechanic alltogether

  2. just make sure to tell malcanis hes a loser :-)

  3. Tell me Jester, why hasn't the CSM devoted as much effort on the sov blob problem which has produced a semi-stagnant & poorly populated null sec?

    I can't help but think this is all too convenient. Afterall, the biggest tears on drone assist have come from CFC in their failure to make headway in the current conflict.

  4. Redux non-combat issues:

    Fix market & industry for T1 module manufacturing. Simple fix: remove glut of meta module by nerfing NPC drops.

    Fix CSM voting mechanics. STV didn't work any better at diluting large voting blocks ability to place candidates in multiple seats.

    Fix click-fest UI for research, invention & manufacturing. This stuff hasn't been tweaked since it was first released.


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