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Monday, December 9, 2013

CSM8 Status Report: Week thirty-one

Short one this week because not a lot is going on!

First, minutes. CCP Dolan was sick much of this week, so CSM8 is walking around assuming that not much has been done on this front though we continue to ask him about it every time we see him. Dolan's himself has plans to return home for the upcoming Christmas season. I've made it clear that I'll be adding him to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security No-Fly list if the minutes aren't published before then.

Yeah, Dolan is a hero for keeping his word regarding the PLEX for GOOD gag. But that was days ago. What has he done for us lately? ;-)

There are two major threads raging in the CCP-CSM private section of the EVE-O forums, both pretty firmly related to summer release planning. Even saying what the threads are about would spoil the surprise so I'm not gonna. But I'm really pleased with how seriously CCP is taking the topic and once we can start talking about it I suspect I'll have a lot to say. Of the two threads, I've been really busy in one and really quiet in the other. Why will become perfectly obvious as these things go public.

We had our regularly scheduled stakeholder meeting this past week, and other than asking Dolan about the minutes (again...), it was about 50% focused on metrics on how key Rubicon features are being used. The other 50% was focused on Team Five-0's plans for Rubicon point releases and into the summer expansion. The general gist of what Team Five-0 has been working on for Rubicon and beyond is more or less public knowledge so feel free to speculate on the exact topics of discussion...

We also had a meeting with several key members of the Community team this week regarding a promise made by CCP at this PAST year's Fanfest and how plans for that are going. I'm looking forward to seeing CCP announce this project for everyone to know about once it's firmly happening. Most likely, they'll save it for a big moment at the 2014 Fanfest.

Overall, we're pretty clearly in the build-up to the holiday season and so there aren't very many devs around. CSM members are also turning their attention more toward holiday plans than EVE. So I'm not sure how much more busy the next few updates are going to be. My own holiday plans start about ten days from now, so expect the week 33 and 34 updates to be very light indeed...

Unless, of course, I'm busy making sure Dolan's on that No-Fly list. More to come!


  1. Right. I watched the Plex for Good and around the 8 hour mark I had to look away. That much sub dermal hemorrhaging to the torso (or any place) isn't health. I really hope he had a doctor give him the once over. That being said I would like the minutes. (once the Doc gives him the ok)

  2. Not a lot going on. So, CSM minutes are imminent, what with you having all that time on your collective hands. Or are we still scrubbing them of meaningful content?

  3. Well, let's speculate on what the 2 CSM-CCP threads are about that are "raging", and the one that you are involved in, one you are not.

    The one that you are not must involve altering current null sec mechanics, which pertain to the current sov null sec. This you have said before you don't care much about. Clearly, whatever the particulars, they don't impact non-sov null sec. They might impact on high sec (conquerable high sec stations), because you don't care one whit about high sec either.

    The other thread, well, that is likely one that impacts, everyone. That might also include some huge overhaul of high sec, beyond just handing the high sec stations to goon et al. Likely fundamental changes to high sec income (massive nerf) and huge changes to security zones. Same with changes to low sec, giving the stations to the cartels. Or making those NPC null stations also conquerable by the cartels, essentially wiping out non-sov null sec. Now THAT would get your attention.

    I guess the RMT lords are not happy with Eve just paying their utility bills, but want them to pay for their second car now.

  4. Instead of 'minutes,' you should start calling them 'months.' ;-)

    Otherwise, it sounds like there's good stuff in the pipeline, and CSM is deeply involved. Excellent.

  5. The only promise I remember is that we would have EVE mobile by next fanfest.

    1. Did they say something about the 10 year Vet station too?

  6. Spin the Minutes delay any diplomatic way you want, the duration is ridiculous, disrespectful to players, and should be embarrassing to CCP. Despite the mentions in your weekly updates, no GOOD reason has been given for CCP's failure to perform. Makes me wonder what content in the Minutes is being contested, because it is diffucult to imagine any other legit reason for the delay.

    -- Mynxee


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