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Monday, December 2, 2013

CSM8 Status Report: Week thirty

Not a lot to share this week! It was another pretty quiet week, all in all. Really, just a series of snippets...

Dierdra Vaal, a past CSM member, asked the following question of CCP Rise during his "Ask Me Anything" thread on Reddit.
Hey Rise, loving Rubicon so far! Two questions:
1) What has your experience been with the CSM? Specifically:
1.1) Have you found their input and feedback to be useful?
1.2) Can you give an example of the kind of contact and communication you have with the CSM?
And Rise's response...
I love the CSM. This is the only CSM I've interacted with, so I'm sure the experience may vary, but it has seriously been invaluable. In my 8 months or so here I've seen them prevent or predict several whoopsies by us and they've helped guide design on almost every major feature. 1.2) We have a chat channel with the CSM and many devs which is busy around the clock. We constantly go to the them for feedback on design work, they constantly come to us with concerns or developments from the ground in EVE. We also have a private forum for longer discussions on feature work or long-term projects like the crowd-sourcing the CSM recently did.
They work really hard and I love them. Even progod
Blush. We didn't even pay him. Thanks, Rise. See? We are useful.

Rise's AMA post and a couple of the presentations at EVE Down Under did spur us to start chatting internally about a few matters. But I'll have more to say about that in a week or two.

I have to admit that this post at The EVE Onion made me (and every CSM member I saw who saw it) laugh. Well played! Well played, indeed.

CCP Dolan got on my case this week about something minor, and I was able to immediately get back on his case about the minutes. That was entertaining. I have no other update on the minutes, though. Needless to say, I've already started trolling him that he's going to have even more minutes on his desk if the Winter Summit comes and he hasn't published the minutes from the Summer Summit.

No meetings with CCP this past week. Our next meeting is tomorrow morning, and our regular stake-holder meeting is also this week. Things are pretty quiet on the CCP communications front overall. We've been asked to participate in a brain-storming session on one of the major summer release features and I've been quite active on that thread. But the Skype channel is pretty quiet overall and really, other than Dolan's announcement about bump-tackling ships on log-in, so have the forums.

As I write this, it's December 2, which means exactly six months to the announcement of the members of CSM9! If you're planning on running, now's a good time to start your planning process, by the way. Think about what kinds of issues you'd like to champion, where your voting base is going to come from, and which other types of CSM candidates you'll want to make alliances with. The STV system makes that latter bit particularly important, as we discovered this year.

And honestly, that's all I can think of. What with it being Thanksgiving week for the CSM members in the U.S., we didn't get much done. It will probably be a bit busier update next week...


  1. Would it be quicker to just edit the summit recordings or something and do cutting/bleeping for the winter summit?

    since the minutes are so late now i fear they will be irrelivant old news.

    1. Well, as I said a couple of weeks ago, I still feel like there's a lot of value to many of the summer sessions, notably Valkyrie, the intro session, the marketing session, the economy session, and a number of others. The intro session alone will be invaluable to anyone who ever wants to run for CSM again, I think.

  2. Pretty appalling that to get on the CSM you have to make alliances with other members. Yeah, that definitely leads to good candidates on the ballot, interested in the well-being of the game, as opposed to voting blocs pre-established.

    Are the goons going to to try to run the table this year with a 37,000 plus CFC members, and a year of experience with the STV? Or are they going to be less brazen and disguise their people as candidates for other blocs. I am reasonably certain, given the PoCo deal the RvB candidate was goons all the time, and Azariah has been useless as a high sec candidate, so not sure he was ever anything but a null sec cartel plant.

    1. Hate to break it to you, but this kind of alliance system works for the benefit of NON-bloc candidates, not bloc candidates. It directly benefited me by putting me in one of the two permanent seats in Iceland, for instance. No matter how well they coordinate, bloc candidates will only get a percentage of the seats based on the percentage of the votes they put up.

    2. RvB candidate isn't a Goon, just doesn't make a lot of sense for RvB and Goons to fight over the same POCOs when there are so many to go around. RvB's aim over POCOs is to get more things to shoot - and I've never seen so many targets available!

      Nothing saying that the status-quo won't change in the future if RvB feels like it needs more content...

  3. Ripard, any thought given to the minutes coming out piecemeal by session rather than all at once? We're used to hearing from CCP a session at a time with devblogs, and seem to be able to handle that just fine. If the delay is coming (as I suspect) because eating an elephant takes an awful lot of bites--well, that's why feasts are often served in courses. Completed information sitting and waiting "for the rest" isn't nearly as appealing as completed information out and being discussed closer to its timeframe of relevance. If that highlights specific people or groups that are dragging their feet? I see absolutely nothing wrong with that becoming evident. ;)

    All my best,


    1. We've suggested this, yeah. Hell, it was one of the first things we suggested.

  4. Tbh, I don't really care about meeting minutes from 3months ago. Just shelf them and get the next batch out in 2 weeks. I don't need to know who said what, just what was said overall. If I care about what a specific CSM member said, I can ask them directly.

  5. Since you guys seem to have nothing else to do, please fix the glut of meta-modules, so that T1 module manufacturing becomes viable again. Our noob industrial players would appreciate it. Thank you.

  6. This.

    And, you can also fix the fact that BPO material research doesn't affect "Extra materials". With the year's large increases to ship BPO materials, to up the ship costs, "Extra materials" now makes up the majority of those BPOs.


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