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Friday, December 20, 2013

Duke of Vvardenfell

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I'm starting to get enthusiastic about the Elder Scrolls Online MMO, which prompted a lot of reactions from a number of people. These were probably encapsulated best over at the Hardcore Casual blog. Short version: why oh why am I buying into an over-hyped generic theme park game?

Answer: lack of options, really. ;-)

No seriously, I'm going to be giving the game a shot for three reasons, all more or less compatible:
  1. I'm an Elder Scrolls fan-boy from way back; and,
  2. I've got an itch to try some new things lately; and most importantly,
  3. there's a chance, however small, that ESO is going to fulfill a need that I'm definitely not getting right now from EVE.
One of the things that drew me to EVE Online in the first place was Verite's influence map. I was quite intrigued by the notion that one could lead a group of gamers and quite literally make a mark on the map of the game. Once I was in EVE and joined a null-sec sov alliance, I found the fights that led to the taking or losing of sov quite engaging. Of course, this was 2008 and those fights tended to be 200v200 or so. For me, those were fun fights! But those days in EVE are clearly over. Sovereignty in EVE has pretty well solidified to a game for groups where you and your 9999 friends can play, but anyone smaller isn't welcome.

But that doesn't mean that five-year-old itch is gone.

Those days for EVE might be over... but they might just be starting in ESO. If I can have a 200v200 fight over a castle there that makes me Duke of Vvardenfell or whatever and there's an ESO influence map that shows that? ...yeah. I might endure a little bit of theme park to get that kind and size of game play back.

So yeah. Gonna give it a shot. Bring on April 4!


  1. What's this I hear on twitter about the minutes possibly coming out by Christmas?

  2. Well I say good for you bro! It seems that these days most pilots that fly for giant nullsec alliances get all sandy vagina when ever you even hint that nullsec blob warefare has pretty much taken 90% of the fun that the game used to have! at least in relation to the pvp - sov aspect of eve. As much as those die hard super nerds claim NO game is better than eve online... The fact is eve is over 10 years old and it is definitely showing its age, and not just in the visual sense but more so in the posabilitys within its major gameplay mechanics. I do still stand by eve online as one of my favorite games of all time, but I have as of recently found myself HOPING that CCP take all this into account with this next round of significant "upgrades" to try and really take the direction of the game into new and refreshing territory. Now don't get me wrong here, I love many of the things that make eve what it is, I am a dedicated pvp pilot and have bin playing since the beta with very little breaks. I don't want to see eve turned into a space WoW or anything along those lines lol. But rather I would love to see CCP take this new space thing they have bin talking about and create an area that maybe functions in a different way. A place where "blob warfare" has no rule on the level of fun we the dedicated pilots can have within. Here's hoping they at least try somthing with even a hint of significant diffrence. As I am sure they are aware, the subscriber base is getting older, and we are looking for just a bit more

  3. We were in the same boat initially on ESO; I looked at it because I need an MMO to play, and ESO looked on paper like the least-terrible option for the reasons you listed. But after collecting some post-beta reactions, I believe even if ESO is the least-terrible, its still firmly in terrible country.

    At some point someone is going to release an MMO even a shade as good as EVE. 2013, much like every year since 2004, is not that year. 2014 ain't lookin' great either.

  4. Going to be playing TESO myself, and while its generally pretty themepark, the 3 way pvp thats the real centerpiece... isn't themepark or generic. Maybe not as brutal as EVE, but its going to have, in a more limited way, that same factor of "influence the map." Frankly Im tired of hearing naysaying about that game. Its really going to be innovating in a lot of small areas, and it seems that theres a contest of outrage between those mad that its not mmo themepark enough, and those mad its not the single player game with more people.

  5. I've been an Elder Scrolls fan since Arena so I can't help but look forward to this. A little co-op is the only thing that I think has ever been missing form past titles. I'm on the fence about the longevity of my interest in ESO though. As you mentioned, the MMO trend to race to endgame is killing the genre. It's the primary reason I've left other games like WoW. I like storyline and immersion in an MMMO... take that away or just skip it outright and I'm get bored with button smashing pretty quick.

  6. The size of the brawl is limited by server capacity more than anything else. And the players will always find a way to reach that cap. It's like highways and traffic. The more highways you build, the worse the traffic becomes. Unless ESO pvp is instanced, the game will quickly become like EVE Online. Large zerg guilds will dominate the field, while the small-scale "elite pvpers" will be resigned to flaming on the forums. It is like this in every game I've seen. For me, the latest example of this comes from an unlikely place - World of Warcraft. While it is a pve game, it does have a couple of servers renowned for world pvp. I used to play on one of them until recently. The story there was very EVE like - the pvp guilds got bigger and bigger until the fights started to crash the server*. Now both sides accuse each other of blobbing and crashing the server, while also lamenting about the good old days when you could roam and get good fights (yeah, EVE is not that unique). I bet the same will happen in ESO.

    *incidentally, the size of fights is about 200-250 players, so maybe WoW is the pvp game for you :3

    Ironically, these WoW players also tried making their own version of what in EVE is known as the Thunderdome. All of those attempts largely failed to break the normal routine of zerg pvp, just like in EVE.


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