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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Escape with treasure

Just a quickie... kind of a tip, really.

One of the potential gifts from the Yule Lad Pot Scraper today is a pair of Warp Core Stabilizers.

Here's the tip: don't be in a hurry to scoop those out of your redeeming system, particularly if you're a PvP'er. There may come a day when you're chased into or trapped in some distant station with enemies just outside. Wouldn't it be handy to be able to log out, log back in, redeem those stabs, claim them, fit them to your docked ship, and get out of harm's way? And all of it courtesy of CCP!

Granted, there's probably an end-date before which those items have to be claimed but in the meantime, you'll have a handy "get out of station camp free" card.

Consider it a freebie. Happy Monday!


  1. no need to relog, just hit ESC and click Redeem at the bottom of the menu.

  2. You have until the end of January next year to claim the gifts at their website. Once you've got your goods in your redeeming system, they won't disappear.


  3. Ahh... even in the season of good will, New Eden capsuleers find ways to exploit the tiniest of opportunities. A truly marvelous community :)

  4. I'm sure this is considered to be an exploit and will get you hit with the banhammer...

    1. Is it considered an exploit to not redeem a PLEX until you get to the station with the best buy price?

    2. No more of an exploit than having blue/black frog ship you some.

  5. lucky bugger...all i got were scan probe launchers on all my accounts. =p

  6. Let me just fit these two warp core stabs, now to undock...and they put up a bubble! #*&@!!!

  7. "no need to relog, just hit ESC and click Redeem at the bottom of the menu."

    +1 on this one

  8. Worst and most unimaginative X-mas gifts yet. Just random (cheap) crap that you can buy off the market. They couldn't even be bothered to custom skin a ship.


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