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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jester's a big meanie

This one's for Failheap Challenge readers only, specifically for those who enjoy the War and Politics threads. The rest of you can move on to the next post.

I've expressed my disdain for FHC moderators several times in the past -- they're the main reason I rarely post there any more. Problems aside, I was a big fan of the old Scrapheap Challenge. It had a very rough-and-ready player-driven justice system that mirrored EVE itself. Maybe it was an illusion but it felt self-policing, which is probably in the end why it collapsed so hard. But it was while it was active -- and still remains -- the best forums for EVE Online players. It was just fun to read.

The EVE-O forums are too formal and heavily moderated to be much fun; in addition, the YAF backbone of the forums makes keeping up with threads a horror (I don't know how Malcanis does it). kugutsumen generally has an enormous propaganda to noise to signal ratio and is not really a welcoming environment if you haven't been playing EVE since 2004 or so. The TMC forums are excellent if you're a loyal TMC reader; less so if you are not. And FHC is insular to the point of being inbred, and probably has a higher number of non-EVE players than EVE players. It's also as I've mentioned wildly over-moderated.

As a result, I'm still looking for the ideal EVE forums. I lurk on all four of the ones above but rarely post. Every once in a while, I'll throw a battle report on FHC and these are well-received, or I'll clarify a point of discussion regarding EVE features in my role as a CSM member. But that's usually the limit of my contribution to the current generation of EVE fora.

But that brings me back to FHC War and Politics. The threads there are mainly intended for battle reports but from time to time devolve into back and forth sniping over whose alliance is "better". The SHC moderators were smart enough to let this tendency burn out naturally and be self-policing. If you were a bad poster, you were quickly recognized as such and dismissed. Sometimes the FHC moderators stay out of it. But sometimes instead, FHC moderators feel the need to inject themselves into the discussion as policemen. In no thread is this more common than the War and Politics thread for Syndicate, easily the most crazed W&P thread in the W&P section. Posting in this thread gets so "bad" -- in their opinion -- that the FHC moderators feel the need to shut it down and start a new one every few months.

When the new thread starts, it's traditional for someone to either list the cast of characters or draw a map of the region for newer players to understand who the participants are. I've done it a time or two myself. When a new Syndicate thread was started today, I decided to amuse myself by doing a new, quite tongue-in-cheek list, teasing each of the residents in Syndicate that I know about.

The post was infracted "for stirring the pot" and nearly immediately deleted by an FHC moderator.

So, since I have someplace to post other than FHC, here's the infracted post in its entirety. And tempting as it is not to, I will keep to my acceptance of anonymous comments for this post. For instance, I won't be deleting comments written by FHC moderators so you can't read 'em. ;-)

Judge it for yourself: snarky fun, or mean-spirited pot-stirring?



I-RED. Aka I-BLOB. Dwellers in the East. Caretakers of the Syndicate Moon Empire(tm). Have more Guardians than most people have DPS ships. As if there wasn't enough risk aversity in Syndicate, now bat-phones TISHU from the Elsewhere they've moved to.

TISHU. Lives Elsewhere. We've established that Elsewhere is 7.875 light-years away. But have blued up with I-BLOB because while they ain't the dread overlords Syndicate needs, they're the ones we deserve. With the merger of UA, they're more or less completely Australian but still somehow are led by a guy who goes to bed at 0400.

AGONY. Not sure where they're actually living, but it doesn't matter because they camp the K5 pipe as if their ass were welded to it. Very occasionally drag all-noob frig roams through Syndicate like it was still 2009.

SOUND. They moved into 0LTQ a few weeks ago and Rote had an outstanding "hi how are ya" T1 cruiser brawl with them. Then they went silent. Are they still living in the area? Or did they go back to someplace that has good PvP?

BNI. Barleguet. But they road-trip into Syndicate. To our eternal shame, Syndicate's most common and most successful roamers. They prefer rail Thoraxes, Talwars, and men who aren't afraid to cry. Someday soon will be joining the Goon army.

FIGL. If there are more than five of them in your system, they're probably in bombers. But they very occasionally remember that there are also things called "cruisers", though they can't afford more than T1. If they lose a Rapier, the whole alliance has to belt rat until they can replace it.

GROON. Living proof that you can be too irrelevant even for Syndicate. They were looking really threatening there for about a six month stretch. Then Ivy must have given 'em a bag of weed or something because these days I see Will Clark in space more often.

STUGH. Aka Rote Kapelle. TXW. P.much like Ed in EdTV, 30 years old and still working in the video store, recommending Burt Reynolds movies to people. Occasionally gets motivated enough to let a second corp into their alliance.

Did I miss anyone?


  1. As a complete outsider on that forum, I don't know about mean spirited... I don't get that vibe... and pot stirring is probably only relevant in the context of past threads. Were you digging at old wounds? You probably know, in your heart of hearts, if you were. Be honest.

    But as a helper for new people wandering into that thread, it might have been a bit too far into the insular/inbred corner of things. I hit a few "I bet that is funny to somebody, but I clearly don't have the context to know why" bumps.

  2. EVE has forums?

    Stirring the pot - maybe, maybe not; I don't know those thread participants to make that call. But definitely not mean-spirited - heck, you even made fun of your own alliance.

  3. pssst, hey Jester...


    The voting system makes it self-policing & it has a pretty good signal to noise/propaganda ratio.

    1. Only forum I keep up with.

    2. It is reddit though so it has a terrible signal to circlejerk ratio.

      Still probably better then FTC or Kugu, though.

  4. Half of FHC's problem is moderators, the other half is the posters. Maybe it's more 70/30.

    Yours is a good post and it should be there still.

    fake edit:
    wait, this is a previous one from sofia

    - Lord's Servant can't make OPs for shit, and is currently under posting curfew.
    - The HindenSperg is in a permanent state of thrust. Regrettably only the right engine is working.
    - Autism is rife in the Syndicate township. Enter at your own peril. Gas mask advised.
    - Infractions will be given until posting improves. "

    I'm just going to sob quietly for what has become of FHC ;(

  5. Moon warriors? Surely we shouldn't miss out? :-)

    1. Hush. I'm just glad he didn't mention us. Silence is merciful.

  6. Heh, the reason SOUND hasn't done more ~honoureduals~ with Rote is because Ripard hasn't returned June's calls. We've literally delegated somebody the responsibility of pestering Rote. :)

  7. Here's something a lot of people forget: FHC's occasionally awful moderation has an emergency release valve, and that valve's name is Entrox.

    For some reason people rarely bother to PM him to contest infractions, which puzzles me because Entrox is very approachable and 100% chill and always comes down on the side of reason.

  8. From the perspective of high sec carebear, that post of yours is tame and cuddly. I think I shall hug it and kiss it and pet it and call it George.

  9. Pro-Brave anti grrr-goons rrrrrrraaaaaageee....

    'Someday soon will be destroying the goon army.' FTFY.

    Not pot stirring at all. Just repost with the names taken out to protect the innocent. :)

  10. To be fair the Syndicate thread is the epitome of worthlessness. The old thread had maybe, maybe, a couple of pages of good content out of over a hundred pages of shitpoasting that had notably not managed to self-moderate.after running for six months.

    I would probably have left your post up, however such a post was almost inevitably going to lead to at least half a dozen pages of fully retarded shit posting given the innate posting combativeness of the general syndicate thread population so I completely understand why it was taken down.

  11. p. much what Steph said, only reason i knew you were infracted was because someone linked me this, sadly i am unable to see infractions unless i un-delete posts and i completely agree that it was uncalled for.

    i have said it a million times and i will say it again, got any problems with the moderation?, hit me up~

  12. +1 for goodpoast, and I say this as a participant in the swindl-- CTA OP where we helped TISHU reclaim an R64.

    My guess is leadership went, "Well, better the devil we know than the devil we don't."


  13. Speaking as a member of one of the entities referenced, I'd say it's both fun *and* stirring the pot at the same time, if that's possible.

    SOUND is still recovering from some hobo we pissed off declaring war on us for a month straight, although we do seem to have cleaned most of the other residents out of the pocket we moved into. The dropping of the war seems to have occasioned wild PvE orgies in hisec, too, for better or worse.

    We're certainly less likely to have 30 Megathrons titan-dropped on us out here than we were in Curse, and it'd be nice for it to stay that way. If you'd schedule another fight not on Monday or Tuesday and after 03:00 EVE time, I might even be able to attend. :-p

  14. FHC mods are shit NBS

    anyway, I've never been a fan of the "delete posts" style of moderation. I've always felt it makes more sense to just infract/ban for people shitposting or whatever rather than deleting whatever was posted entirely.


  16. About this statement

    "The TMC forums are excellent if you're a loyal TMC reader; less so if you are not."

    I'm interested to see if this can be elaborated on, with perhaps suggestions on what can make the forums better for people who are not "loyal readers". Care to comment Ripard?

  17. Does the person who culled this as 'stirring the pot' actually play eve? If they think thats bad, I really doubt theyve ever undocked in new eden.

  18. "The EVE-O forums are too formal and heavily moderated to be much fun"

    They are a disgrace. Plain rudeness from their "moderation" staff cost them five subscriptions from me.

  19. I miss the Moon Warriors, Cursed Few and IVY-league.

    Btw, why not start your own forum?

  20. I would love to hear from the mod who deleted it and hi side of the argument.

  21. Best forums in the game? Here you go.


    Roll an alt, apply into TEST, and enjoy the hilarity that ensues on a weekly basis. No participation in fleets necessary.

  22. You really should call BNI by their alliance name, BRAVE, now. The alliance has several corps living in syndicate and it is our nulsec playground.

  23. Hey, where'e the NHC from E-UNI? Like BNI except with less capitals and a higher turnover rate!

  24. A calm, reasonable argument in defense of your post PM'd to the infracting FHC mod can sometimes get your infraction reversed. Just speaking from personal experience. Also second that Entrox is as Steph said.

  25. Eve-uni forum has a (mostly) unmoderated null-sec section as well as a thriving fitting/mechanics/odd topics section.

  26. To be fair your Blob Kapelle description needed either some gay jokes, a rip on Bacc or a general statement about being terrible at Eve. :D

    Anything else is just disingenuous, I mean you guys a fing awful at this game. :D

    Source: I am ex-Fag Kapelle

  27. 7-2 enjoyed their Syndicate stint, but god', how do I put this, it's the Brooklyn of EVE, basically.


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