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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kill of the Week: Adding insult to injury

Is it just me, or are suicide ganks on the rise lately? Certainly, this Nightmare pilot probably thinks so...

You go into your mission, drop a Mobile Tractor unit, and start doing your mission and before you know it, your ridiculously over-engineered Nightmare is scrap metal. Now of course suicide ganking is a profession built around profit: nobody wants to throw away BCs or destroyers in bunches and get nothing. They're in it for the money. Complicating matters in this continuing quest are the Mobile Tractors. You can see them being anchored in increasing numbers around gates where suicide ganks are common. And it's amusing to watch them pass the wrecks of ganks from one to another like a bunch of stoners passing a joint around.

But suppose you gank someone without noticing the MTU nearby and the MTU loots your hard-earned suicide gank wreck! What do you do?!

Add insult to injury and hope for the best? Hee!

So yeah, those two kills made me laugh this week. Should be entertaining to see how MTUs change the tenor of the suicide ganking profession as it applies to mission-runners.

Kill of the week runner up goes to this Machariel for which there's a really amusing story. There's currently some friendly (and occasionally, not-so-friendly) competition going on right now between the TVP and ISN incursion communities who sometimes quite literally fight over the high-sec incursions. I'm hearing reliable rumors of suicide gankers paid to go after one group's fleets or the other's and such tactics in addition to the more routine contesting sites to see who can win them. In this particular case, word has it that the FC of an ISN fleet noticed that one of the Machriels in a contesting TVP fleet had an available kill-right that could be activated by the public. So the FC in question activated it -- turning the Mach suspect -- and then ordered his fleet to kill the Mach! What can I say to that except "well played!"?

Thanks to a couple of you who sent me that one! It wasn't a move without risk, though. Look at this KM and see if you can say why.

Just a few honorable mentions this week. They start with this... It's just possible this Stratios wasn't really up to the task this pilot had in mind for it...

The SMA loot pinatas continue to be a good source of fun kill-mails. Pity the loot fairy wasn't in a more generous mood for this one.

Solo PvP is not only the province of human players. Sometimes towers like to get involved too.

Here's a pair of Nulli ratting carrier losses that are entertaining. This one's fairly routine, but still kinda made me laugh: cloaky-sentry-ratting carrier. And sometimes if you're really really patient you can solo a ratting carrier... with a bomber. Good thing he was carrying enough torps, I guess... Nice kill!

Number of dead super-caps last week: 3

Only three supers to cover this week, the same three that I mentioned in last week's update. They are this Hel, this Nyx, and this PL Avatar, all lost to a combined Black Legion/Goonswarm/RAZOR fleet as part of the battles going on in the southeast. TMC has the story on this one plus a video of the Avatar kill and a few screen-shots of way too many capital ships. EN24 has a pretty good piece on what this phase of the war means.

That was it this past week, though. Normally, I would expect the next couple of weeks to be pretty quiet. But last year, people use the excuse of "quiet systems" to pull out their supers and reinforce POS mods and POCOs with them without any sub-cap support. Last year, eight supers were killed in the last two weeks of the year this way. We'll see if 2013 is a repeat.


  1. In my humble opinion, I'd have to nominate this as a runner-up for KOTW as well.


    Mostly due to the fact that Saftsuze rushed in with his Kestrel, got point and THEN called for help to kill a dread. Sure, it was afk on a high sec gate, but still gotta give props for pointing a dread in a T1 frigate without knowing he was afk.

  2. "That was it this past week, though. Normally, I would expect the next couple of weeks to be pretty quiet. But last year, people use the excuse of "quiet systems" to pull out their supers and reinforce POS mods and POCOs with them without any sub-cap support."

    Solid prediction, seemed like a good idea to MAPTEC ;) http://killboard.nullisecunda.com/?a=kill_related&kll_id=95289

  3. Suicide ganking is at ridiculous levels.

    There is a Russian Thrasher crew operating in the Minnie SoE area atm, and you can set you watch to them killing a ship every 15 minutes for hours on end.

    Suicide ganking is risk-free. That's right, risk-free. A ganker goes in for a kill knowing precisely what his cost will be, and only has to worry about the RNG gods limiting his payout, but he has a very good expected value of the kill, over the long run.

    And he also knows that given the existing game mechanics, there is zero chance of kill rights being executed successfully against him. A ganker runs around in a pod fast fast fast, heads to a neutral Orca in the middle of a busy system, then moves really fast to the next victim that has been found, also by neutral chars.

    And given the huge wealth being generated in null sec, these clowns can finance this behaviour forever , because not all suicide gankers are in it for the money.

  4. I was in fleet with that mach when he went pop... running with a killright on you is seen as one of the ultimate bonehead moves, to the point that people were laughing at his confusion over TS and there's more than a few of his fleetmates on that mail, I'd bet

  5. Disappointed you didn't include the first ever DUST merc killmail in the list.


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