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Saturday, December 7, 2013

PLEX for GOOD charity stream

Just a quickie, more later today.

As I write this, CCP is broadcasting their charity stream for the PLEX for GOOD efforts for Philippines typhoon relief. It's a fun bit of random events: a cooking competition between CCP Bettik and CCP karkur (Bettik's food was judged by CCP Bro to be "slightly less horrible"), a demonstration of close-quarters fighting by Icelandic mixed martial artist Gunnar Nelson, and an ummm... "brawl" between CCP Dolan and CCP Guard. Just a lot of fun one-off activities. I guess CCP Dolan will be shot by paint-balls later in the broadcast.

The good news: lots and lots of PLEXes were donated today! The total stands at:
  • SOMERblink: 4000
  • Chribba and Amarr Citizen 155: 3325
  • Everyone else in New Eden: 4587
...for a total of $178,680. Big thumbs up to the two big donations and to everyone else who is contributing! Quote of the event (after Bro looked a little uncomfortable at the food...):
alvatoredimarco: I hope CCP Bro has an updated clone

Go give it a watch, and if you haven't done so already, please donate a PLEX or two to CCP PLEX for GOOD.

EDIT (7/Dec/2013): Dolan ended up being pelted with 90 paint-balls. And pelted is the right word. Even those of you that wanted Dolan to be hurt probably feel bad for him if you have any soul at all:

The front is reportedly worse. o7 Dolan! You're a hero.

EDIT (7/Dec/2013): Final donation count at the end of the broadcast: 12345 PLEXes (really!), for $185,000! Wow!


  1. Must say this was epic by CCP and very generous by the community. Bravo!

    Now, WoD on the backburner, right - didn't seem so backburnerish in that last trailer...

  2. At least the prevention of Somer's RMT means that he has nothing else to do with the vast ISK stores... So something good came of that debacle.

    However Chribba and Amarr Citizen 155 :adore:

    1. Wow, because 4000 plex to help people in need suddenly doesn't mean anything because "I personally think they are RMTing" How about you fucking smile for once and think about all the good this money is going to do instead of making it political.

    2. Wow. Some people are so stupid. If CCP stopped them from offering ISK for cash then we can all believe that it's RMT.

      I donated a plex. My game time, my ISK. A company reaping the ISK off of a player base who is no longer able to sell it for cash so donates it is pathetic at best.

      Fuck 'em. Somerblink has been hurting the game since it was set up/

  3. How or why is Somer able to contribute so much if he is just a self-serving RMT shop that shut down after CCP changed their GTC referral policy?

    1. er....... because he had VAST amounts of isk stored up to use in promoting his service through sponsorship of events etc. This would drive more people to his site. He could then encourage them to buy any GTCs they were planning on buying by giving them 200m credit for using his referral link. Each time someone did that he made a few Dollars.

      From the information we have to hand he was making over $100,000 per year. All staff were paid in isk and his server costs (someone worked out where he was hosted and on what package) were under $5000 per year. He was making a VERY nice wage out of Eve.

      He is still making a nice wage, as I am sure plenty of people are still using his referral link. He is still making isk hand over fist and so still has plenty to spend on promoting his site. As he did by donating to the Plex for Good drive and having his name scroll along the bottom of the screen most of the night.

      Happy I could help.

  4. I liked " We have to touch the meat."
    But it was interesting that their production budget and broadcasting skills have gotten a lot better. (except for switching to the right camera) But their barber budget and skills..... SUCK. :) I don't think CCP Mimic was crying because she was loosing her hair, but that most of it was being pulled from her scalp by a Viking.

  5. Just a thought? Where did the 12345 PLEX come from today. Some in game personalities were taking and matching isk donations. One for 3325 Plex. I watched Jita and the price went up, but it didn't seem like the sales spiked.

    1. There are people in game with MASSIVE stockpiles of PLEX.

      The PLEX market goes through a cycle each year. We are currently coming off the annual high. Over the next few months the price will fall to 500-550M again. I am sure that some of the big holders of PLEX were quite happy to sell them on to Chribba in bulk to get out of the market while it was high.

      Dam, I wouldn't be surprised if Chribba could have sourced all those PLEX in about 5 Evemails. Some people in this game are so rich it would make your brain hurt. Just think Amarr Citizen 155 was able to sell off a trillion isks worth of stuff in a few days behind the scenes with Grendells help.


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