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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Quote of the week: 3200 word update

A CFC diplomatic update written by Draghkar was leaked to FHC yesterday. It's a really interesting, well-written post covering nearly every conceivable player in the on-going war going on in the south. Certainly it's written from the CFC perspective and you have to filter for that but if you have some interest in null-sec politics but are not quite sure who's who in this massive fight, it's very much worth ten minutes of your time to go give it a read. You won't be an expert on null-sec politics afterward or anything but at least you'll know who all the players are.

Following the post itself though are various reactions from the FHC crowd, including a few disparaging comments about the (rather lengthy) list of allies in the CFC sphere and explanations of what each is doing for their side of the war effort. To these comments, FHC poster Tetsuo sarcastically and profanely replied:
Oh come the fuck on guys, who among us hasn't been in an alliance with so many fucking blues that we needed a 3200 word update to keep track of who they were?

Anyway, just something that made me laugh this morning.

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