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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

CSM8 Incumbents

This is a tradition around here. Every year in January (usually somewhat earlier), I write a little blog post which I keep updated all through the early election season indicating which current CSM members have publicly declared that they will or will not be running for the next CSM. So here's 2014's version of the post, starting now. Feel free to bookmark this page and come back to it! The good news is that this year, I have unprecedented access to this data. We'll see if that helps. ;-)

Let's start with the obvious one. Am I running again? Er, yeah. I'll get to that in its own post in a few minutes, then update this post accordingly.

That said, here are the current CSM8 members who have said and not said whether they will be running for CSM9.

CSM8 members who have said in public they are running:

CSM8 members who have said in public they are not running:

Unannounced (in alphabetical order):
  • Kesper North
  • Korvin
  • Sort Dragon

This post will be updated as I learn more.  As with last year, I'll also put up a post in the next few days with interesting non-incumbents as they announce their runs.

EDIT (28/Jan/14): Chitsa Jason and progodlegend announced they were not running for CSM9 at CSM8 Town Hall #4 on 19/Jan/13.
EDIT (28/Jan/14): Mike Azariah announced he is running on his blog.
EDIT (28/Jan/14): Ali Aras announced she is running on her Twitter feed.
EDIT (29/Jan/14): I announced I am not running on this blog.
EDIT (29/Jan/14): Malcanis announced he is not running on Failheap Challenge.
EDIT (29/Jan/14): James Arget announced he is running on his Twitter feed.
EDIT (30/Jan/14): Sala Cameron announced he is not running on his Twitter feed.
EDIT (1/Feb/14): Mangala Solaris announced he is running on his blog.
EDIT (18/Feb/14): mynnna announced he is running on his Twitter feed.
EDIT (5/Mar/14): Trebor announced he is not running on his blog and in Jita Park.
EDIT (31/Mar/14): progodlegend has changed his mind and is running, announced in Jita Park.


  1. Malcanis has consistently said he won't be running for a second term on FHC and elsewhere: http://failheap-challenge.com/showthread.php?15285-Devblog-CSM8-1st-Summit-Minutes-Published&p=1011169&viewfull=1#post1011169

  2. Malcanis has indicated he plans not to run again. FHC, minutes thread, page 9.

  3. I understand it's a big commitment to undertake, but your weekly updates shall be missed. You're leaving a big pair of boots to be filled.

  4. It is pretty pointless to list who and who is not running. The intent of anyone who is elected by the cartels is the same: eradicate high sec income, forcing more and more players into null sec, which funnels more ISK into the hands of the cartel leadership, meaning more RMT for them, as CCP is too terrified to actually go after the large organizations doing it.

    1. where is your RMT evidence Dinsdale? You can't just assert it is going on without providing HARD EVIDENCE that it is going on.

    2. Noisehill BarracudaJanuary 29, 2014 at 6:09 PM

      It is pretty pointless to read a Dinsdale post. The intent of any of his posts is the same: drone on endlessly about cartels, forcing more and more players into highsec, which leads to more and more players quitting EVE, meaning more players for Star Citizen, which Dinsdale secretly owns half of.

  5. Mangala is running



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