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Monday, January 6, 2014

CSM8 Status Report: Week thirty-five

The Minutes are out, the Minutes are out! I think I mentioned that. ;-)

And bloggers and pod-casters and news sites and players are reading them and commenting on them, which is nice. And so far, few or nobody that I've seen has said the Minutes are bad or of low quality, which is even better. Everyone says they took too long, which I completely acknowledge and agree with but if they'd been late and low quality, I think ritual suicide would have been the only viable option.

I'll have more to say about the Minutes (and the sessions behind them) myself in the next week or two but I do want to mention one recurring theme: CCP let a lot more through the :nda: gate than I quite frankly expected them to. As a matter of fact, I'm really surprised that the Minutes did take so long given the relatively benign changes that were made to our original text. In some cases, I can't find any changes to what I wrote. Credit goes to Trebor Daehdoow here: when giving us tips on how to write the Minutes, he advised us to write everything that happened and let CCP decide what they wanted to filter. That's what we did and so you got a lot of information out of it.

So even if you're not a Minutes person, take a few minutes and read the sections that seem interesting to you. There's some gems hiding in plain sight. But yeah, I'll be hanging a lantern over a few of them in the coming days.

Of course, the last minute uncertainty about the minutes caused other CSM members to cheerfully troll people about them... Here's mynnna suggesting that we sell copies of the Minutes. I knew there was a reason he's so rich.

In the meantime, now that the Minutes are out, Ali Aras has started a thread asking for suggestions on how they can be improved for the next iteration. If you have suggestions along those lines, please feel free to post them to this thread!

Other than the Minutes, though, things have actually been fairly quiet for one more week. We're definitely starting to see CCP employees come back from the holidays and the Skype channel and the private section of the forums are starting to heat back up, but it's happening fairly slowly.

In the meantime, with the Summer Summit Minutes out, seven members of CSM8 are preparing for the Winter Summit. The date for that should be announced any time, but those of us who are going have received our travel arrangements and so forth. So it's off to Iceland again for me. One thing we're busy with is a list of topics that we want to see discussed during these sessions. Our list there is done and we'll be sending that to CCP Dolan shortly. Once he has that, I'll let Dolan announce the dates since it's his job to do so.

I had hoped to announce the date of the 4th CSM Town Hall today but I'm waiting on final confirmation from one more party before I do so. With any luck, look for that tomorrow.

And that's pretty much all I can think of for this week. More to come soon!


  1. "And so far, few or nobody that I've seen has said the Minutes are bad or of low quality, which is even better" the writing is excellent. The sustance is chaff at best. Seriously you expect us to be "WHOOO HOOO" over this? There is absolutely nothing in here that wasnt presented by CCP during fanfest and that came to light with the Rubicon expansion. All the gnashing of teeth about how many pages were written and how many times it was reviewed and how it was on the final legs of review and on and on. Jester please dont become part of the process.


  2. Awesome news, finally! I only wish CCP (and the CSM to be honest) thought logis being on killmails was a more important issue.

    Thanks for your hard work Ripard.

  3. Will you be publishing the list of things (minus NDA'd stuff) CSM8 wish to see discussed with CCP at the Winter Summit, prior to the meeting?

  4. CCP's editorial approval isn't so much about NDA'ed material as it is about control and sending a message. There are some gems in there, indeed, but my supply of vitriol for the month is almost used up.

    Nobody talks about what used to be called Project 1 anymore. What was Project 1 finally revealed to be?

    1. Project 1 was personal deployables.

  5. It is so nice you were showed pretty graphics of the Eve economy. Would it be too much to ask, if Dolan were convinced to increase the number of CSM seats to, say, 500.000 so we can all have a look at them too?

    Because, you see, that's pretty much the ONLY way we will be granted access to that, EVER. That liar of Eyjog have been saying for some three years that economic data will be shared to the players, maybe, somehow, someday. Watch what they do, and so far they didn't budge an inch.

    1. EyjoG isn't a liar - he is just lazy and CCP doesn't really care. CCP originally hired him for PR value, so they could say they had an economist working on building the EVE economy game mechanics. In the past recent years, CCP's PVP-only focus has resulted in less interest in developing the economic side of the game. EyjoG has gotten bored with EVE and moved on to other things. He still collects a paycheck from CCP for PR purpose, but not enough to actually make him do anything substantial like producing quarterly economic reports.


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