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Monday, January 13, 2014

CSM8 Status Report: Week thirty-six

One week to the Winter Summit!

As announced by CCP Dolan this week, the Winter Summit will be taking place January 22-24. The focus of the summit will obviously be the summer 2014 expansion. But the CSM had a vote this past week on a number of topics that we would like to discuss with CCP in official sessions. Two that almost certainly got a lot of votes were a session on "The Future of Big Fights" and "Community Fansite Support". But there were a number of other possible summit topics as well, and CCP will of course have their own agenda for topics they want to cover with us. For instance, I suspect Dolan will want to talk about the future of the summit minutes...

As I did at the Summer Summit, expect daily blog posts from me while in Iceland covering each session in a paragraph or two where the :nda: doesn't prevent it.

Also announced this week to correspond with the Winter Summit is CSM Town Hall #4, which will take place:
19 January 1900 EVE time
The focus of this particular Town Hall will be the Summer Summit minutes, the upcoming Winter Summit, the current Rubicon expansion, and of course, general questions from EVE players on any topic they desire. For this meeting, in addition to live questions from those of you on the EVE University Mumble, please submit your advance questions to me either on the forum thread, on the comments for this blog post, or directly to me via EVE mail. Check the forum thread above for information on how to access the E-UNI Mumble, or you can listen on EVE Radio!

With the Winter Summit so close, the private section of the EVE Online forums has been pretty quiet this past week: only two topics really being discussed, both of which related to new anchorables intended for Rubicon 1.1. For those of you who were concerned about the Mobile Scan Inhibitor, all I can say is that a number of CSM members shared your concerns with CCP and the continued balance passes on this particular anchorable are improving things, in my opinion. This is yet another example of the CSM having more influence when YOU as the players get involved in the test server and on the F&I threads to make your voices heard! Test server process: working as intended!

Other than that and a lot of fairly informal chit-chat about ship balancing in the Skype channel, things are actually fairly quiet for the CSM right now. It's the calm before the storm.

I'm pleased to announce that UI goddess CCP Punkturis has finally returned from her maternity leave and will be available to us at the Winter Summit! This will be another chance for me to spring my idea about the d-scan range bar on someone new... ;-)

Finally, Ilania Ongrard provided a lovely service to CSM watchers this week: a text-to-speech audio version of the CSM Summer Summit Minutes! This is pretty freakin' cool and should be pretty handy for those of you who may be interested in the minutes but want them in a more podcast-like format. Very cool stuff, Ilania, thank you!

That's all for this week. Hope to talk to you all at the Town Hall this weekend!


  1. Have they lined up a fricking Stenographer? Honest to goodness, you people are f*ing retarded that you transcribe these things from memory and notes. Stop the manure, get it done in a timely manner with professional help.

    1. Uhm... Deth? They transcribe them from video/audio recordings (which were occasionally buggy last time). This was only mentioned a few dozen times when talking about the minutes.

    2. There have been multiple accounts of recordings having issues and other such manure. Get it done professionally, have the professional hand them over to CCP, get the redaction done, then get CSM once over and bingo, publish. It shouldn't take more than 2-3 weeks and yet waiting around for people to try and do this mess is just inane. I am 1000% sure that the money spent would generate far more well being than the damage control and lost good will over the stupid long delays.

  2. D-Scanner overhaul! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  3. Glad you're feeling better and glad to hear CCP Punkturis is back. I thought she had left. 10 month maternity leave in the US and your job is long gone by the time you're ready to return to work. Anyway... Intel. Not the company, but the gathering of intelligence. This is an area that needs a comprehensive study. From local to dscan to probes to scouts to locator agents to spies. I think tinkering with one aspect of player intel without taking them all into account as a whole would be a huge mistake. I would put that whole effort behind a couple of other things, but seeing as how CCP probably isn't going to get around to re-imagining 0.0 gameplay any time soon, I just feel it would be premature and counterproductive to change any current intel gathering mechanic until the broader goals are defined and well understood by everyone involved. So yeah TL;DR please put the kaibosh (sp?) on those voices who want to rid New Eden of the local channel, at least until the bigger picture is clearer.

  4. Ripard, What did you guys on the CSM have to say about these new modules?

    Because the playerbase generally hates them. These things should never have seen the light of day.

  5. Regarding the MSI's and similar new things for EVE: could you please get CCP to do a better job of explaining what they intend for a new item?

    For example, as a non-fleet guy, MSI's looked like a great thing for ninja'ing nullsec content. After you guys and CCP finished whispering in the back rooms, it is clear that the MSI was not intended for that (srsly? not able to scan while inside it? then what is it FOR?). Had CCP provided any sort of information about what they envisioned MSIs would be used for, we all could have avoided 40 pages of bickering. Why can't they release things along with a quick explanation, like, "here's the MSI. WE built it for hiding your fleet while you assemble for an op but not for running content." or whatever.

    srsly though... what is the MSI FOR? Never before have I seen something turn out to be so useless before its release. Given the prevalence of fleet doctrines and fitting doctrines, simply looking at alliance tags and local chat will tell you how many people are there and what they're flying.

  6. How about, for every day CCP Dolan fails to publish the minutes beyond the appointed date (a reasonable amount of time, of course), he gets shot with five paintballs.

  7. I'd like to know what thinking was behind the ESS deployable, and what the CSM contributed to the discussion(s) surrounding it. I understand that it's supposed to be a small-scale conflict driver, but I can't see a sufficient reason why a ratter would ever use one of these things. If they're used offensively, the ratters are just going to dock up, wait for the deployer to leave, kill the ESS, and continue ratting. The response will be functionally the same as the response someone looting your mission wrecks in high sec: you shoot the wrecks.

    The result seems like a (rather convoluted) gimmick to me. I'm willing to be persuaded otherwise.

  8. Damned deployables littering up highsec. Eyesores. Could they change this to lowsec and null only? Maybe at least not in trade hub systems? Just causing more lag?! I think we could all do without playing light brite with the five year olds.


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