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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kill of the Week: Mongoose

What's generally needed around a dangerous poisonous snake is a conveniently placed mongoose. So it was with this Rattlesnake:

Now that's the sort of solo-kill you dream about: taking down a pimp fit faction battleship with a T1 cruiser. Excellent work, Jebediah Beane! How did it happen? I'd be willing to bet it was some variation on someone going suspect when they didn't intend to. For instance, there's a new trick by which people who want PvP with drone-using mission-runners aggress the mobile tractor units those mission-runners have deployed. Attacking the MTU makes you suspect, drones set to aggressive come over and attack you, and suddenly you are in a limited engagement with a mission-runner who probably isn't fit for the engagement.

Is that what happened here? Don't know. But it was likely something like that if not that. Again, excellent kill however it happened!

Honorable mentions? Here's a related one: this Golem makes two weeks in a row with idiotic unbuffered overly pimped Golems dying gloriously and probably quite easily to an insultingly small number of Tornados. Bastion modules work best if you have shields for them to add resistance to, guys.

Always check your corp or alliance war-decs before you undock. It's not that hard.

This just made me laugh, a kill my buddy Rixx Javix was involved in, the ultimate Merlin. Check out the damage taken. I might have to build one of these just for grins.

This Myrmidon loss was sent to me by the victim who thought I would find it amusing. I sure did! Ninja Unicorns have been playing around near my home region of Syndicate lately and we're also finding they believe there's no kill like massive overkill...

That's all I could find for this past week, though. Pretty quiet on the amusing kills front...

Number of dead super-caps last week: 2

Already eight supers dead this week (which started yesterday, the 6th), but for last week there were only two. They started with this InitiativeDOT Nyx in the Scalding Pass war zone, killed by N3-friendly FraternityDOT and Pandemic Legion (including CSM member Sala Cameron (using an alt)). EN24 has the story on this one, but it's a straight-forward case of baiting a too-aggressive super pilot with a tasty-looking likely ratting carrier. Once the hook was swallowed, cynos went up and the Nyx was found only 30km away. There's a vid on the EN24 story, too, if you want it.

Then on Sunday morning, this Aeon went down in The Forge low-sec. This one is also straight-forward: the owner listed the ship for sale on the EVE-O forums, and got a bid that he accepted from EVE player Terrortorix. And through some wildly incompetent process, the owner/seller allowed Terrortorix to show up at his Aeon's location in a Phobos instead of a pod! From there, I imagine it was a pretty straight line to a big pile of loot.

That's all for this week though like I said, already eight for the current week, three Monday, one yesterday, four today. I'll cover them next week.


  1. Joffy had engaged that Merlin 1 on 1 and the fight was taking forever. We actually came about 12 jumps to help out, that's how long that fight lasted. You just never know what you are going to be engaging these days. lol

  2. We had an Orca kill in WH space last night. I am at work and can not link the KM. Look up Posiedan on the kill boards. The Retrievers and Orca didnt even fight back. We left the PODS alone.

  3. Yes, congrats to Jebediah Bean for turning the Lustrevik local channel into his own private tampon commercial every night. His schtick usually involves crying in local about pirates until some noob tries to help him. Elite PVP for sure!

  4. I used to use a nearly identical Merlin fit for doing trade pickups. The only difference was 1 CDFE and 2 CDFPs instead of 3 CDFPs, for just over 1.1K more buffer and about 18 hp/s less recharge.

    Works great until someone alphas you for 10k+

  5. well, at least my corpies will listen to me about keeping your tractor beam out only long enough to loot, implying strongly that salvage drones will be deployed.

    lol. jeezuz. lulz. srsly? that is so messed up, Jester. Please tell me that 'trick' is an exploit and CCP derped that one in.

    1. Its far from an exploit. The only people affected negatively by it are people who are not paying attention, and have drones out, that are also set to aggressive. I haven't hunted any kills with this strategy yet but I'm willing to bet when you get the kill the person was afk. Otherwise you'd have plenty of time to warp out, or atleast atop your drones from firing on a flashy.

    2. thank you, CCP Alim.

      oh wait.

      *shrug* well, hey, look pal i'm all for this 'feature' myself since it weeds out my rivals.

      course, i'll bet CCP never knew this could happen and they'll code it out just as they did that other MTU bug, or whatever they decided to call it.

  6. with that myrm.... "I don't know how many of them it would take to beat the crap out of me... but I knew how many they were going to use"

    as for the merlin I love those ships. I keep one around fit for speed. I use it when I want to either get somewhere pretty quick (actively flying) or as something that is slightly harder to pop and a quick auto pilot.

  7. http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=21224572
    This is the myrmidon loss linked above... tackled by a rapier, which I assume cyno'd in the 3 black ops battleships and 2 carriers that are on the killmail.
    The comment on the eve-kill page there is for sure worth an honorable mention for quote of the week: "Did the dreads miss the cyno?"

  8. Sorry but Jebediah Beanes kill no. He was probably getting healed by like a couple of people and there was no one to help the other guy out. Hes done it before and will do it again.

  9. Yeah he, Jebediah Beane dual boxes with his alt Druken Irony, and when thats not enough to kill mission noobs he brings in his other friends.

    He could not get me that way so he suicide ganked my T1 mission ship.

    I quit the game as a newb mission runner after he had 3 of his buddies and his dual box ganked me in a mission Raven with no kill rights in high sec. They lost some Tornados (were concorded), just for the kill of a T1 fit mission runner.. What a loser.


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