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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kill of the Week: Red blueprints

Let's see, thanks to the Winter Summit the last super kill I covered was 11 January. Have any died since then?

Sorry, couldn't resist... Anyway, B-R will be in next week's report. This one covers 13 through 26 January, starting with the super-caps. And since I'm so far behind I'm gonna keep things pretty short with just a few honorable mentions per week.

Number of dead super-caps the week before last: 0

And believe it or not, that's a surprisingly short list! Between the 13th and the 19th, no supers died at all. Not even in HED-GP which was of course the major battle of that week between CFC/RUS and N3/PL forces. 250 billion ISK in dreads and sub-caps were killed, but no supers.

Honorable mentions for that week start with these two guys, who help continue to prove that the SMA loot drop mechanic change is pretty much concentrated win. How about four billion ISK in loot... for two guys? Twice? (Two different guys.) I think I need to start hunting off-line wormhole POSes...

Putting ten billion ISK of loot in one plastic wrap? Not a good idea.

But kill of the week honors (for both weeks) goes to something truly amusing. Here's how the story goes, apparently: "Hm, I need a ship that I can put every blueprint I own into to move through high-sec... using my character who is in RvB. I know, a faction cruiser! They're pretty tough and mobile, right? What could possibly go wrong? What does 'war-dec' mean?"

Number of dead super-caps last week: 3

The following week was a little more active and it started on Thursday with this InitiativeDOT ratting Nyx killed in Derelik low-sec, probably doing level 5 missions. EN24 has a short piece on it but basically this came down to a super pilot being too predictable.

Next up is this Goon Nyx, also killed in low-sec and also covered by EN24. And again, the story is a short one. This Goon pilot had travel fit his Nyx and was probably in the process of moving it closer to the Halloween War's front lines... by himself... without support of any kind... while using an obvious cyno character... and without a fit sufficient to tank long enough for rescue in case he got into trouble. You know... a super lost by a dumb person.

And finally, the day before B-R, this FCON Hel was brought down by a BL drive-by of four titan doomsdays. This is another amusing story, a super-carrier sitting on a friendly POS assigning fighters to a ratting alt. I hear it's a good idea to turn your hardeners on if you're going to be sitting outside a POS shield. I hear it's an even better idea not to do this sort of thing. The guy in Derelik low-sec could have told you that... ;-) Again, EN24 takes the prize for coverage with a short story and an amusing video of the drive-by gank. Nice job, BL!

Non-supers? Let's start with this Fenrir. Let's make a deal: if you take a freighter with more than five billion ISK through Niarja, you just save me some time and self-destruct it. If you take a freighter with more than ten billion ISK through Niarja, you self-destruct it, then you take an axe to your computer. Then I wouldn't have to point out how dumb you are. ;-)

And finally, Brave Newbies are getting both some carriers and some dreadnoughts. They're kind of adorable, aren't they?

KOTW returns on schedule next week where I'll have the easiest week ever describing what supers were lost...


  1. That fenrir gets better, Afaik. From what I've heard from ex-corpmates in HK, and from comments on the HK killboard, they shot the wreck after ganking the freighter. (see http://kb.hardknocksinc.net/index.php/kill_detail/12028/ )

  2. Brave getting slammed in carriers and dreads is more interesting rather than adorable. Raised on a no death no glory culture I expect madness from them this year.

    1. We've had caps for a while- who can forget https://zkillboard.com/detail/29699806/ ? More interestingly is the fact that we're starting to get pilots who can support them on the battlefield... expect some silliness out of THAT

  3. On the RvB kill. I know lots of folk don't like zkill. But when there's a load of blueprints on a killmail, it's worth clicking the link to check them.

    https://zkillboard.com/detail/36037182/ - all copies...

    Looks like somebody who joined RvB without realising that from the instant your application is accepted you're a valid target. It happens all the time - new members dying whilst still trying to move in. (and this is despite all the warnings...)

  4. I do have to wonder if those are BPOs or BPCs. I see the api verified saying BPO but holy cow. How would someone get 550 billion isk and not know better.

    1. There's a longstanding issue (maybe just with eve-kill, maybe with the API, I don't remember) where blueprints in cans all show up as BPOs. The storyline BPOs are the smoking gun in this kill.

  5. "Putting ten billion ISK of loot in one plastic wrap? Not a good idea."

    10B ISK is nothing these days. It used to take months to make that much ISK, now you can do it in a single weekend, solo.

  6. This is another amusing story, a titan sitting on a friendly POS assigning fighters to a ratting alt. <-- titan ? You mean carrier.

    1. I mean super-carrier, but yes. Nice catch! Fixed.


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