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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kill of the Week: Super week!

Let's go straight to the fun bit:

Number of dead super-caps last week: 10

It was a fairly busy week! So busy in fact that TMC actually published a piece covering all of this week's and last week's super losses in one piece (incorrectly calling it a "bad week" for supers in the process of covering two weeks worth of kills). So for a change, I don't have to go digging under every rock to try to find the stories for this week's losses. Quite a nice change of pace for me, I gotta tell ya. ;-) Hendrick Tallardar has written a fine article here and you should feel free to go read it for additional detail on any of the kills below that interest you. But as is my custom, I'll sum each one up briefly.

Anyway, first up was this NC. Nyx, knocked down in Impass by that ol' shambling zombie Against ALL Authorities, oh and around 250 CFC guys too. This one is entertaining mostly because it shouldn't be dead. It successfully jumped out twice only to remain trapped and killed. And there's even video proof of it, so call this one killed by :ccp:. The alternate argument is that because of server ticks, the super never jumped out at all and the jump animation is no proof of a successful jump (whatever that means...).

Next up is this Nyx probed down by The Marmite Collective while it had an aggression timer active. For various reasons, Nulli Secunda formed up to protect the Nyx and successfully saved it from the gank. However, they were unable to contact the pilot (who had logged off, remember) and ships kept showing up to keep the Nyx aggressed. So the Nulli pilots were ordered to kill the Nyx themselves rather than wait for someone to bring overwhelming force to bear on it (and their rep carriers brought in to save it). Kind of an unusual one! Since it died when it should have lived, I think I'm gonna call that one the kill of the week.

Next up, yet another Nyx, this one belonging to DARKNESSdot. This one died to the pilot being AFK while being part of a fleet of supers bashing structures. An N3 dictor appeared on grid and this guy missed the order to warp off and died for it. Pretty straightforward.

The next day, this Nyx was brought down by a SOLAR FLEET group. Story on this one appears to be a client disconnect issue causing a safely cloaked super to decloak right where SOLAR could take it apart in short order. There's a huge number of Scythes and Scimitars involved because the Nyx was apparently cloaked near a POS that the SOLAR fleet decided to attack. They got a nice side bonus for their trouble...

Next, four supers belonging to The Kadeshi, two Aeons and two Nyxes, were brought down by a Black Legion/SOLAR/DARKNESSdot fleet. TMC has a whole article on this one. But the short version is the Kadeshi supers were baited by a particularly large bait group of four carriers and were operating without notifying their allies of the intent to use supers and an insufficient subcap support group.

On Friday, this RAZOR Aeon went down in Scalding Pass to an N3 fleet. This is another example of a group of supers operating without sufficient subcap support and one pilot paying the price. There's some amusing detail in the TMC article about the CFC learning about the tackled super from their N3 spies rather than their internal communications!

Finally, on Saturday, this TrimvirateDOT Nyx was taken out by a DARKNESSdot fleet in Feyth. Again, there's a whole article about this one's death written by Angry Mustache which is pretty good and goes into this particular Nyx's entire history and its nearly 100 capital kills. But the short version is that everybody and their brother has been trying to bait this Nyx and this was the bait that finally succeeded. ;-)

Anyway again, if you'd like more detail on any of these, feel free to read Hendrick Tallardar's full article! And kudos to themittani.com for covering all of the super kills this past week so well! Now if only they'd do that every week, I could stop with this section of the KOTW posts... (hint hint!)

This post has been going on too long already, so I'm gonna limit myself to one honorable mention this week, this XLSMA, killed in w-space along with a bunch of other POS mods by a small Blue-Fire group. The pay-off? Four capital ships as loot! And for the guys who can't fly capitals, the same group also killed a standard SMA that included five Lokis and 15 Fed Navy Webs to share around as well as piles and piles of other loot from both kills. I'd say that SMA loot drop thing is working as intended. Nice kills, Blue Fire!

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  1. well at least the nyx that die to the bug got reimbursed


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