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Thursday, January 2, 2014


It finally happened!

CCP Dolan's dev-blog about the CSM8 Summer Summit Minutes is available.

The CSM8 Summer Summit Minutes themselves are available!

And finally, a forum thread to bitch about what we forgot to talk about at the Summer Summit is available!

(Well, that's what that thread seems to be about so far...)

That only took about three months longer than I wanted it to... Thank you to all of you for your incredible patience!


  1. So, you guys had two sessions on EVE Economy and never talked about the utter failure of the T1 module market and manufacturing.

    Why even bother having T1 modules in the game, if you all clowns ever think about is fitting T2 modules to everything? Let's introduce T3 modules next, so that we can make T2 modules obsolete, too!

    1. "... utter failure of the T1 module market and manufacturing."

      This. I brought up the subject, too, in a comment to an earlier Jester CSM post. Ignored, of course.

      "Why even bother having T1 modules in the game..."

      I've also previously brought up the fact that you cannot even find anyone posting ship fits with T1 modules within the past seven years. Again, ignored.

      So, Jester, when was the last time you fit T1 guns to any ship?

    2. T1 guns are actually fairly useful on tornado/naga since they both fit better and dont add 30-40m of non-insurable cost to the ship

  2. "Ripard brought up the "WXYZ" meme at this point: "I think long term, I should be able to
    log into EVE with a single sign-on and have it tell me, 'You have W character slots, X of
    which are full, Y of which may train concurrently, and Z of which may be logged in

    Yeah, that is pretty exactly what we need.

    "Mike Azariah and Ali asked about the possibility of getting the display out of game."
    (about isis)

    Imagine what a great advertising tool that could be. Let people look at all the ships in eve before even buying it.

    "In response to the many concerns about multiple launch behaviours, CCP revealed that
    the final goal is that every player has a single master account. The Launcher would sign
    in to this single account, then launch multiple clients for different characters,
    remembering preferences for each character."

    Some actual date rather than maybe sometime in the future would be nice. It is nice to see the intention is good but holy shit the current launcher sucks.

  3. Happy to see you still pushing on two-factor authentication. That is my personal #1 feature request, and I'm happy to see it hasn't been forgotten.

  4. p 17: "It is impossible to estimate the scope of the Botting/RMT problem"

    They obviously have never met Dinsdale who seems to know everything about these things.

    On a more serious note, half way through and every single page has something on it about upcoming features that have already been released. There's virtually nothing interesting to read about (other than NDA'ed Projects 1 & 2). Because of that I'm going through the second half a lot faster, spending maybe 10 seconds on each page looking for something new or interesting. What a waste. If CCP spent as much time developing for the damn game as much as they seem to spend re-arranging the deck chairs on their different internal teams - Team 5-0, Team Kuromako, Team Super BestFriends, etc - we'd all be a lot better off.

    All in all, I'm not impressed. I might have been impressed if the minutes had been released in early November, but this late date is just sad.

    LOL page 45 - info about the Eve/DUST link should be expected soon after the new year. So that means in August?

  5. This should have the "Garth" tag...

  6. My favorite quote so far:

    Ripard Teg: The social relationships that Trebor says don't exist. [Editor's note: Ripard Teg is on drugs]

    1. Trebor and I inserted a lot of in-jokes aimed at each other. ;-)

  7. Looks like dust held up the minutes considering it was cut entirely.

  8. I loved Dolan's comment on reddit to a comment about the minutes: "I was a complete scrub at it."

    That about sums it up, I guess :P

  9. Did you pay up?

    "Mynnna asked if CCP plans to implement warp speed changes. CCP stated that it is definitely on the release plan. Ripard Teg pledged to deliver a bottle of brandy when this actually hits TQ."

    1. Already purchased and will be hand-delivered at the Winter Summit.

  10. I wanted to read it, went through few pages... Is it even worth reading, if you want info and not only funny moments? As we basically have all concrete info there alive already due to 3 months delay in releasing the minutes and rest is vague and NDAed anyway?

    1. Not worth reading. Don't waste your time.

  11. Skimmed through those minutes, “tanks a bottle” to everybody involved.
    I always seems a shame to me that so much effort is put into something that I know I'm only going to dedicate an hour or so's time to analysing.
    The same is true for the data collection being used to categorise players. It's meaningless and only serves to comfort CCP in it's angst against offending the player-base. With an established system like the EVE universe, the simply read bottom line is; that if they don't know us by now they will never never know us. Maybe that is a good thing.

    My questions:
    PVE. No mention of the TALE system. Why are live events listed under PVE? I really don't understand the classification. What is preventing the AI load testing tools on Singularity being used to populate PVE support on Tranquillity live events. How much effort is being put into multi-purpose back-end / live-event tools? Why is is there a movement away from dedicated live events staff? That's just dangerous to my eyes, but what is the reasoning behind it? Why Does Abraxis feel he needs to shout to be heard? He needs our (CSM) support promote him and give his voice the gravitas it needs to get stuff done.

    Abraxis has the kind of mind that can link seemingly disparate systems together, use it, do it! Even if the back-end is inelegant in the interim (like POSs) the integration will collide player groups and cause delightful friction of interests.

  12. In summary; Summer Summit was a nice getting to know you session. Sleeves will be rolled-up for the next one right?
    Try and write a twitter string for each session to be approved by all before meeting end for immediate publication. Not sure where I read that suggestion but it's a good one.

  13. Lovely to see Dolan apologise, or give any kind of reason whatsoever for the six-month delay.

    Wonderful to see where all our hard earned sub fee's are going.



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