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Monday, January 13, 2014

Note from the management

Sorry the post count was down over the weekend. I spent the last few days recovering from the flu, which sapped my energy to do just about anything.

There was an Elder Scrolls Online beta weekend over this past weekend but the game wanted me to download approximately 29 gigabytes in six patches before it would let me try it. This is after downloading some 22 gigabytes for the previous beta test weekend. By the time I completed all six downloads, it was 12:43am on Monday morning and the beta test had ended 43 minutes before. So, I pretty much ended up beta testing the ESO launcher... :P

I also managed to strand a total of four Kerbals on the surfaces of the Mun and Minmus. In the case of the Mun landing, I left two Kerbals with insufficient fuel to get back into orbit. In the case of Minmus, I figured since the Mobile Laboratory had a crew hatch, I'd be able to EVA occupants of it back to a primary lander to get them off the surface. Nope. Or at least, not as far as I can find... Anyone know how to EVA occupants from a Mobile Laboratory? At least I also soft-landed a series of three large probes and two smaller probes on the surface of KSP's Eve.

So all in all, my gaming weekend was a partial loss but at least not a total one! Anyway, I'm feeling much better today so I'll get caught back up in my blogging around here. Again, my apologies for the delay.

In the meantime, this feels like a good time to wrap up thank yous from the December pledge drive. So big thank yous to Jean-Mira, Leucy Kerastase, Fenn Herstal, Grythome DrakeAmour, Jai Kedrick, Dead Jedi, Riksma, Darkwolf, Brachah, Ronin Atreides, and Sedul Masterson (who used the blog to stay informed while deployed; thank you for your service!). Thank you all so much for your contributions and your kind words!

Back to work!


  1. Left click on the lab crew hatch, then you can EVA from a menu. Brilliant, since everything else is right click. Science, eh?

  2. Right click the lab's crew hatch to EVA Kerbals from it.

    I tried an Apollo style Moho mission this weekend. Ended up zipping by at 5km/s instead.

  3. How come it took you so long to download ESO? I've let it run (no previous installations), 25GB dowload, was done in 2 hours (~3mb/s). Nonetheless I have yet to see beta (!) such unstable as this, the game was constantly crashing without any error messages, only that boring "ESO quit unexpectedly, Submit report" crap. Over the weekend I've made total of 5 meters in the game and that was it. Beta forums were inaccessible and on FB I've just found other ppl with same issue but no info how to fix it...

  4. As far as ESO beta goes, a lot of issues for a game coming out in 3 months. I don't know how fast deva fix these types of things but it's generally unimpressive. I was more lenient with the beta test I got a few months ago but the one this past weekend should have been more refined, and it actually played worse. I'm still waiting to hear about PVP as it would be the only draw for me but the pvp area was down this past weekend so I couldn't try it.


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