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Monday, January 27, 2014

Picture of the Week: Downtime

Someone came up with a pretty epic fake tweet troll about the fight in B-R today:

Needless to say, downtime is not being canceled tonight. And the killing in B-R is going to go right up until the last minute before downtime. My current guess: this will push Pandemic Legion out of the war. They'll ask for temp blue long enough to evac their stuff and then sit the rest of the Halloween War out. I could be wrong, though.

Runner up for the picture of the week: on those rare occasions that PL gets their faces stomped, they change their killboard banner to this:

Pretty funny!


  1. PL's killboard just changed back. No longer showing the banner above.

    Heh. Wonder if they're a bit embarassed.

  2. I was pretty impressed that the server held up the entire time. Kudos to CCP for this.

  3. Funny isn't it?

    Especially with all their "Super Capital experience they had"... :/

  4. What I find most pathetic is the number of people who think that as long as the node doesn't crash then fighting in 10% TiDi is AOK. It's not OK and everyone who says it is is giving CCP all the excuses they need to simply ignore their lag/distributed system impotence. It reminds me of people who get a nice new expensive HD flatscreen TV, hook it up wrong, watch everything in stretch-o-vision and think it's great! Oh, it's good enough! Maybe for them, but it's not something I would ever pay for.

  5. How's this for a conspiracy theory... Goons and PL get the word from their CCP inside contacts that EVE is shutting down soon. Better to go out in a blaze of glory and whelp USD 150,000 worth of Titans in an epic fight than sit on them until it's too late.

    In the meantime, looking forward to some lower in-game PLEX prices in the near future!

    1. lol that's epic paranoid delusions there bud. lol

    2. Reasons cited:

      1) Sov is fucked, can't fix it, power projection and super caps without making a lot of people unhappy. Might as well start from scratch.

      2) The POS code swallows programmers alive and thus, needs to be out out of its misery.

      Long live Eve 2.0!

  6. so this was the largest ever supercap fight in eve. like 90% of all 0.0 alliances were involved.
    and still only like 5% of all titans were involved and less then half of them exploded.

    i remember the nc vs drf war 2 or 3 years ago. there were a supercap fight where titans exploded on both sides and next day for next timer drf titan pilots who lost their titans were in new titans fighting again.

    i fear that at least a part of those titans are "already replaced".
    i think the morale hit is what has the most impact on 0.0 warfare

    1. Yup, and a few other things:

      1. If we go by the mantra of "fly what you can afford to lose, how much personal resources do these individuals have to replace a 100 billion ISK ship in a moment? But there is an 80 page thread about how high sec is too rich and must be nerfed....right. The null sec trillionaires want to make ensure their are no high sec billionaires.
      2. This fight was all for show. PL and goons blue blanket agreement last week guaranteed that neither side would mess with the other side's RMT turf. It was a pure thunderdome exhibition.
      3. The null sec cartels are trumpeting how 3 trillion ISK was destroyed. A significant amount of that was scooped up in loot. Now, that little tidbit notwithstanding, 10,000 null sec pilots ratting at 100M/hour for 3 hours grinds up the cost of those losses. This was not even a blip on the radar.
      4. CCP has the mindset, mainly because their entire development team was pulled from null sec, that the only gamestyle that matters is blob-sec.
      But I sure would love for CCP to try marketing this game by making a trailer based on a recording of that fight, at the speed that it was experienced by the players. Put their money where the null sec apologists' collective mouth is. Somehow, I don't think it would work out so well.

    2. Word from Grath, according to posts on Failheap Challenge and quotes from r/eve, is that PL lost 25 out of approx. 130 titans and will only be able to source immediate replacements for ten of them. Note the 130 figure includes inactive ships so however you slice it thats a serious hit to their numbers.

      Having said that though it is going to take time for the alliances involved to reach the point where they cant easily replace the losses and the real question is will supercaps continue to die on the sort of scale needed to do that.

  7. They can't really quit the war. The Russians, who are non-signatories of the BoTLORD accord want their land. Without N3 they have no chance defending it. They can only leave if they abandon all Sov too.

  8. you should also add this :


    Good day for CCP indeed.. :D

  9. "My current guess: this will push Pandemic Legion out of the war. They'll ask for temp blue long enough to evac their stuff and then sit the rest of the Halloween War out."

    dude seriously?

  10. Look at OTEC and the BOTL3rd Accords. Funny how this fight happens so soon after the new accords, in a sytem with a tailor-made excuse for a fight that won't violate the accords. Goons and PL just wanted to throw down in a fight like this because they could, and so they solidified terms with each other that will allow their isk to continue to flow for replacements. This was as close to an arranged fight as it gets.

  11. This battle is interesting for things that EVE doesn’t really need. The biggest issue here for CCP is that, while is a passing curiosity for those who don’t play the game, those most interested already play. There are some issues associated with this that do need to be addressed but there’s little hope of that happening.
    First, the lack of sustained external interest is something that EVE has never gotten around. The only thing that comes out of the videos of these battles is the perception of pretty graphics and colored square boxes. The battles are actually painfully slow and boring thus leading to the idea that EVE is more fun to read about than it is to play. Plus, if you don’t already know how these battles work (aka already play) then this is just blinking lights and pretty graphics with lag. There’s no way to relate to them, and the event falls flat. The battle is a novelty and little else. EVE tournaments suffer from the same limited interest. They only interest those who already play (and not even all of them)
    The next issue is one of the biggest issues with any outside discussion about battles like this. The game is a rich man’s game. You can deny it all you like but the proof is right there for all to see. Any game that touts how much real money is lost in fights tells any perspective player that you need A LOT of money to play this. This works against the game in huge ways. Even if they get past the idea that it’ll be a year of more before you can actually do anything marginally meaningful and that you may need at least a $1000 or more to throw away on pixels, they still have to face the terrible new player experience created by both CCP and the players themselves which are extremely hostile to new players.
    Even though it isn’t listed first, the biggest problem this battle points out in-game is why nothing in-game will ever break the big blue ring short of nuking it from orbit. The fact that these alliances can waste resources like this and just lol it away means nothing external of their existence will ever so much as scratch them. Thus there can be no new conflict drivers in the game since the map is set for all but the leaders of alliances who are more than happy to make non-aggression pacts. This is part of why high sec doesn’t care much about null. That, and null’s shitty attitude to other players.

  12. Sheesh, the AP picked this up. You must have just missed a HUGE party at CCP.

  13. WOW give some of what you are smoking, or lend me your magic crystal ball..lol

    "My current guess: this will push Pandemic Legion out of the war. They'll ask for temp blue long enough to evac their stuff and then sit the rest of the Halloween War out. I could be wrong, though."



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