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Friday, January 17, 2014

"Picture" of the Week: Drebuchet

God knows that I'm critical of Lord Maldoror's Rooks and Kings videos around here from time to time. As I've said before, while I thought Clarion Calls 1 and 2 were masterpieces, I find his more recent stuff incredibly pretentious, and hugely lacking in both actual EVE game-play and specific suggestions on how to apply the tactics that he talks about. That last was one of the things that made CC1 and CC2 truly great: not only was the game-play video fantastic, but the vids showed how the tactics worked, step-by-step, and more or less dared you to put the ideas therein into practice.

So I guess it's only fair to point out when they get one right. The latest tactics Rooks and Kings video, jokingly called "The Drebuchet" is brilliant, the most fun and clever thing put out by Rooks and Kings in years. It's particularly funny for me because I was prepared to hate it after the first 25 or 30 seconds. Go give it a watch:

So yeah, OK, that was funny and fairly brilliant. Well done!

The real question, though: can anyone actually implement the tactic demonstrated in this video? In particular, can someone use it to save a titan or other super tackled on a POS? Guess we'll see.


  1. The Drebuchet thing looks fun but Rooks' recent pipebombing videos are my favorite. Seeing (and having been on the end of) fifteen guys crush big null fleets is amazing.

  2. Eject other ships that are well tanked and drop a can in the middle of the enemy fleet to gain a warp in. Some practice, aim and luck and bingo, warpin before anyone can pop you as you shoot out of the shield. Bombers shot out can drop bombs on the way out, they will be moving at their speed and the bombers shoot past and through the enemy fleet without harm. With practice, you could shoot any ship a long way very very fast for whatever nefarious purpose you want.

  3. Rooks and Kings are one of the few groups in EVE who are entitled to be as arrogant as they wish. They pioneered a fair number of tactics now common in EVE. LM has a very dry and British sense of humor, which can be off-putting, especially to Americans.

    Suspect that this will be nerfed sooner rather than later, sadly.

  4. When You have POS fully bubbled and about to be destroyed (and capitals in it) You can traige/siege and revoke corp access to pos / change pos password to hurl everything at 10km/s and logosky safely after leaving grid (5 minutes later when siege/traige cycle ends)

  5. I'm not an expert on eve mechanics, but what would happen if there was another shield in the path of the dread? Can we get a situation where the dread is bouncing between two shields?

  6. Immagine they would do that with a Titan :D

  7. First test of this will probably be us screwing around with caps and supers during a drunken night...


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