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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

QOTW: He starts arguments and belittles people

OK, just a quickie, but it made me laugh.

In my presence, a prominent EVE player just described another with this phrase:
He starts arguments and belittles people
My response? "...said the EVE player." You get 600 tries to guess to whom he was referring to. Because you'll need them. Because that phrase should be on all of our Show Info windows. Including mine. ;-)

I'll have more to say on this topic before too much longer.


  1. "… said the human." There, fixed it for you.

  2. I'd run this one: "A short and sturdy creature, fond of arguments and belittling people..."

  3. Was it me?

    Because if it wasn't I'll try harder

  4. Are you certain it is 'he' who is inciting the argument? All ye supercilious, sanctimonious language defiling trolls; look what y'hast created-
    Behold, a monster!


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