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Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter Summit Day Minus One

Back to Iceland for the first time in 2014! A few hours after I post this, I'll be flying from California to Colorado, then boarding an Icelandicair flight to Reyk. Projected arrival, 6:30am or so on Tuesday morning. So unless something remarkable happens, this will be my last post for a bit.

Weather for this trip seems mostly cooperative: 1C/33F with light "winter mix" toward the end of the week and surprisingly light winds. So if all goes well, the very same kit I brought for Fanfest last year (when it was colder with more snow!) should work fine. It's serving to keep my suitcase fairly light. It'll be lighter still on the return trip since a fairly significant portion of my kit is gifts and thank yous for various CCP devs. Yes, the bottle of brandy is in there. ;-) I'll try to remember to get a picture of it before or as I turn it over to its proper recipient. But there are a few other surprises as well that I'm bringing along. The devs don't have to deal with us -- lots of them don't! -- so it's nice to recognize those that do with brib-- er, nice thank you presents if one has the ability to do so...

Speaking of that, thank you to everyone who showed up or sent in questions for CSM8 Town Hall #4 today! It went really well, a productive meeting, I thought. Lots of the questions were really good, and there was a minimum of sniping at us for the minutes fiasco. I appreciated that quite a lot. CCP Dolan showed up to talk about some of his plans to speed up minutes production for the Winter Summit, notably a CCP employee -- he didn't say who -- who will be transcribing the key portions of each session as they happen for conversion to Minutes. That ought to speed things up quite a bit though we'll see how it goes in practice.

Thank you again to Neville Smit of EVE University and DJ Wiggles of EVE Radio for their technical support of CSM8's Town Halls! Outstanding work and assistance from both of them, as always!

A couple of CSM members including myself noted that it's time for people who are running for CSM to start their campaigns in earnest. Two CSM members (Chitsa Jason, progodlegend) took the opportunity to state in public that they will not be running for CSM9. Right after I get back from the Summit, I will be doing my annual traditional post listing who from the current crew is and is not running as they make public announcements about it. Notably, the CSM8 Chair Trebor Daehdoow did not take the opportunity to announce his retirement...

Next Town Hall will hopefully correspond roughly with Rubicon 1.1's release and the release of the Winter Summit Minutes. I'm aiming for the first week of March. We'll see.

As with the Summer Summit, I expect to do daily posts from Iceland giving my impressions of the process, the attendees, as much information as I can reveal briefly about each session... same stuff I did in August. Things that will probably not happen this week are my regular weekly KOTW and FOTW posts, nor is there likely to be a CSM update for the obvious reason. I'll catch up with the super kills in next week's KOTW post.

That's all for now, I think. Next post will be on Iceland time!


  1. Safe trip mate! You're doing God's work.

  2. Which CSM members are due to attend the winter summit?

  3. >It's serving to keep my suitcase fairly light. It'll be lighter still on the return trip since a fairly significant portion of my kit is gifts and thank yous for various CCP devs.

    You realise this sets you up perfectly like in Top Gear where the presenters bought each other the biggest, ugliest, most difficult to transport gifts possible just so that they would have to try and look after them. Here's hoping that someone someone at CCP read your post and has a massive wooden galleon model waiting on their desk for you!

  4. If you could pass along a request to CCP:
    The forum needs a place where former players can post requests/feedback. As someone who only intended to take a break from Eve, it still matters to me what direction they take. I would understand if an unsubbed account mattered less than a currently subbed account, but if they want the player base to grow, an easy source to tap is the people on break or who left Eve because of a small dissatisfaction. (I'm assuming that small dissatisfactions can be addressed in game development/improvements, but large dissatisfactions are from fundamental incompatibility.)
    Maybe the special forum could be mostly just polls. Or limited to 1 post with limited characters per thread. Something. It shouldn't be just as big as Features thread, and it shouldn't take up nearly as much of their time. But it's an available market, and it should be more routinely polled, somehow, than simply the little form we fill out when unsubbing our account(s).

  5. So. I played during Castor and RMR, from '06 to '07, and from March of '13 to now. I've seen the game evolving, and when I got back in lately, I was surprised at how regular, how systematic, and how pervasive ganking and weird HS wardeccing (invisible members, etc) had become. Is there any feeling within CCP or within the CSM that these mechanics are in need of fixing, a tune-up, or anything like that? Or is the consensus that this 'works as intended'? Additionally, does CCP have any stats on CONCORD kills/gank volume and value over time?

  6. You're not running again, are you? Makes me a little sad.

  7. "Notably, the CSM8 Chair Trebor Daehdoow did not take the opportunity to announce his retirement…"

    Obviously, he's willing to do a bit of work just to enjoy your company for a couple of weeks each year ;)


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