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Thursday, February 13, 2014

An uncomfortable place

And now an important message from Jester's evil twin, Garth. The opinions of Garth are not the opinions of Jester (unless they are).

Hail, minions! As all of you know, I am the gentlest of souls, with charm and tact that Emily Post could only envy. Thus, it pains me from time to time to be forced to express myself in the coarse vernacular of the common unwashed when I find something truly irksome. Of course, I hesitate to do this because I truly do not wish to offend.

CCP has announced with some fanfare that the new EVE Source book is available in two editions: the book itself, and a much more refined Limited Edition suitable to persons of taste and distinction such as myself. Availing myself of this offer, I proceeded to the EVE Store only to find that to some parts of the United States, Musterbrand has chosen to charge $32 U.S. for shipping of this item.

To this I say: Fuck Musterbrand. Fuck them directly in their collective asshole.

Oh my! In my haste to express my disdain I seem to have stumbled into the coarse vernacular of the common unwashed. Pray forgive me and allow me to rephrase. In the charming and much more gentle words of the poet Kevin Smith, screw Musterbrand in an uncomfortable place.

My dissatisfaction with the EVE Store generally and with Musterbrand specifically has been increasing since they were announced as the operators of the store with great enthusiasm at the last Fanfest. The selection was initially limited but we were informed it would be greatly expanded in the weeks and months to follow. And for months we have waited. And for months the selection has not been increased despite the fact that additional products are available. As it stands today, you cannot buy so much as a fucking mouse pad, coffee cup, or ball-point pen with the EVE logo on it.

This insult, however, is the final straw. $32 for shipping of a book is not just excessive but is outright robbery. I point it out less because of the mundane counting of pennies but simply to point out that one can buy the entire EVE Source book -- granted, without the Limited Edition extras -- for less than Musterbrand is charging for fucking shipping alone to some locations.

Dissatisfaction with the EVE Store has caused the entrepreneurial among you to produce your own EVE-branded products for which CCP and Musterbrand receive no revenue. And far be it from me, as a true paragon of evil, to deny you your hobbies. But perhaps this situation is not ideal and should not be the only recourse available for those who merely want an EVE-branded t-shirt, hm?

Let us hope that at Fanfest this year, CCP announces that the EVE Store will be removed from Musterbrand's hands with equal enthusiasm to the announcement at which it was placed into them. That would truly be something worth celebrating.

The preceding has been an important message from Jester's evil twin, Garth. The management apologizes to any and all whom Garth may have offended. Garth has been known in the past to put an overly large importance on mere money.


  1. Agree totally Garth. All of it.

  2. Garth!...

    Oh Verily how thee hast missed thou and your complex but witty parables! Yea, doth tell us further of thy anger directed towards an enterprise seemingly run by knaves and malcontents simply for the furthering of a fattened purse.

    Pray tell us more of how thy minions may move forward mightily and smote the greed from the minds that most-recent and in great-haste bequeathed us a veritable pile of a Granite monstrosity and the employ of new companions from EA, a known scallywag of negative embrace from the audience.

    Doth move forward Garth and spew thy venom at these simple-minded denizens who hath taken the path of greed over quality.

  3. So basically Eve's official offerings are not generally available and when available they are overpriced. Meanwhile, third-party offerings that might fill the demand are hit with cease'n'desist letters. (*cough* *Rixx Javix*) Yeah, I'd pay for a Eve t-shirt and maybe coffee-mug, and I'd sure put them on my Amazon wishlist. Take my money!

  4. Totally agree with you there Jester

  5. Good post, Garth. I want to know why the hell these shirts aren't already a thing: http://cdn1.eveonline.com/www/newssystem/media/65464/1/sistersofeve.jpg - they obviously exist in the real world.

  6. The store is in a sad state. I'd love some more Eve related goodies. I really am happy to give CCP money but not 90 dollar + 30 dollar shipping for a book and over priced hoodies. That is money I can put towards next years Fanfest.

    I pre-ordered the regular hardback book from Amazon for 28.01 and free two day shipping.

    Eve:Source through Amazon

  7. If only there were some sort of box from some sort of large mailing service that had a fixed rate.

    Ah well.

    It would be pretty funny if there was a place that shipped books over 35$ for free tho.

    Are they shipping these from the north pole or what?

  8. Welcome to the prices the rest of the world typically pays.

    1. 'ken oath.

      Welcome to the joy of regional availability & pricing.

    2. This.
      If you're in the US one thing you should not complain about is shipping fees and added taxes.

    3. Indeed.

      One of the main reasons I stopped pledging for physical items from US Kickstarters or ordering things from US companies is the extreme shipping fees and taxes (and the fact I get to pay taxes on those shipping fees if you go over a certain limit).

      Wasn't so bad a few years back. Welcome to the global economy :)

  9. All Hail DHL*!

    6€ to germany


  10. Garth should experience Canada Post shipping rates.

    $32 be cheap up this way, eh?

  11. But at least downtime still comes while those in the US are mostly asleep. We still have that going for us.

  12. Wow, 32 $.... how much does that book weight? Is it printed on stone or what? XD

  13. Alas, CCP Games' continued bungling of their merchandising makes me sad. So much potential, so much ineptitude. Double face palm well deserved here.

  14. After looking at Musterbrand's website itself....

    FUCK Musterbrand. This is some overpriced crap that only has a license.

    You know what I miss? I miss having the old EVE Store... You could buy coffee mugs, mousepads, POSTERS OF THE GODDAMN STARMAP...

  15. Is this the official CSM 8 reply to this forlorn thread in Jita Park: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=278738

    If so, I'm pleased. I'm completely unimpressed with this, and with Musterbrand generally.

  16. Hear hear!
    I really would pay for the starmap shirt, but they don't even ship it to this side of the world.
    Big thanks to Sugar, Amazon.ca saved me 5 bucks on the book, down to 26.30 with free shipping in Canada.

  17. ...and yet the special edition was sold out in a matter of hours after the presale started vOv

    1. Expect to see a brisk business on eBay, people making back the shipping cost on one by selling two or three others. Ah, the joys of evil.

  18. Musterbrand can go and die in a fire! When I wanted my own original Deus Ex 'Adam Jensen' coat (lovely piece of clothing I tell you, ballistic nylon ftw), I had to ship USA -> Germany and then friend in Germany to ship it over to my place, even though Germany is my neighbour, but some effing reason they don't ship here!

  19. Caveat: I do ot know how much that EVE sourcebook weighs

    Let us compare it with RPG sourcebooks, that should be approximately the same class.

    Going the other way (from the US to Germany) and using air mail (because standard mail will take weeks on the ships), I will usually pay between 20$ and 30$ shipping and handling.

    If you know the weight, I might be able to look up how much DHL/UPS and so forth actually take for delivery, but I know for a fact that even a small parcel kann easily be 15 bucks...

  20. That is OUTRAGEOUS! $32?? Mind you I have a buddy ordered the Collectors Edition on the last availible day to get the in game codes-thet fucked up his CC payment & told him he didn't then qualify for the codes, he naturally went apeshit, & didn't let it drop till they relented(after he'd also gone to CCP, who ofc said it had nothing to do with them lol). He got his codes, but he had to fight for 2 weeks to get them.
    The Evestore prices are ridiculous-I designed & had printed an FA diplo hoodie thro Cafe press for about £40 ic postage(there are cheaper companies out there, but its a quality item, nice & snuggly & great for Iceland!)

  21. The other stuff from them ships for $15. I'm wondering if they're isn't some sort of insurance cost being added since these are limited items that can't be replaced

  22. Garth talks about musterbrand shipping and not the monument backlash?


    1. What backlash? Operation Monument(al) Money Grab is performing as intended, I just received the reactivation offer: 9.99 for 30 days and eternal glory by everyone who just started an alt account yesterday so his buddy Trac Aspetado haves a place in EVE history...

      (With 500,000 potential jerks hailing from 79 countries, what could go wrong with names created ad-hoc for the monument? Nada!)


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