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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blue doughnot

As part of the run-up to The Mittani's announcement on Saturday, the following rather interesting thing was posted on EVE News 24, presumably by one of the CFC corp CEOs or other alliance leader. I don't know who wrote it and would welcome information about who did in comments. But to me, what it says is actually more interesting than who actually put fingers to keyboard. Here's the relevant bit (sic here and there throughout).
I’ve had a few folks come to me with concerns lately about whether or not the CFC is ruining the game for ourselves by taking over the galaxy. I would like to put that to rest with some explaining. :)

First off, the CFC leadership talks often about how NOT to ruin the game for ourselves. A lot of people have the misperception that the CFC owns half of the galaxy atm. That is completely false. PL/N3 currently own MORE systems than the CFC and our Russian temporary allies in the south COMBINED. Obviously that disparity in income is bad for us (most of the sov is renter space, unlike CFC sov). By destroying a majority of what N3 owns and then letting the southern russian coalition move in, we hope to set up a 3rd powerbloc in the game to balance out the remains of N3/PL as well as the CFC. This will make the game more interesting, and thus funner to play. At that point the CFC will go home and deal with problems like the Fountain Core residents which are poking hard at the CFC’s side.

So don’t let your folks get discouraged that we’re ruining Eve. We’re aiming to make it better without getting the CFC killed off in the process.
On FHC, Marlona Sky put out an updated version of his light blue/amber/green/white map over the weekend. Here that is.

And another one is promised for next weekend. Needless to say, I'll share it here when it's posted.

But both the written statement and the map simplify a lot of points that really deserve more nuance. If I were to modify Marlona's map, I'd make it look more like this:

When we have elections in the U.S., there are invariably "fact-checkers" who put the statements of candidates into some scrutiny, looking for statements that are true, false, misleading, or some combination. There are some things in the written CFC statement that deserve the same sort of look.

A lot of people have the misperception that the CFC owns half of the galaxy atm. That is completely false.
This is true, but misleading. This statement is built on the false assumption that all null-sec is created equal. Ever since CCP Greyscale got his hands on it, that is not the case. Deklein, Delve, and Fountain are premium null-sec regions each of which is worth much more than the average region in the galaxy. What would you rather own: three small flawless diamonds or a dozen larger pearls? I thought so. Unsurprisingly, the CFC feels the same way.

PL/N3 currently own MORE systems than the CFC and our Russian temporary allies in the south COMBINED.
First part: true, but misleading. Watch for the CFC to continue to combine "PL/N3" into one entity for a while to come. In the world of A Song of Ice and Fire, upon which Game of Thrones is based, a captured or beaten enemy is made to "bend the knee", which includes a pledge never again to take up arms against the victor. PL isn't quite in that situation, but after the embarrassment of B-R and the agreement they made with the CFC to evacuate after it fell, they're damned close. Don't expect to see PL and N3 acting in concert any time soon.

The second part of the statement is true, but still misleading: the east is much more dense in terms of the number of systems than the west. But again, not all null-sec regions are created equal. Detorid, where the hell-camp in 0-W is going on, for instance, is one of the most dense regions in null-sec. But most of it is -0.34 sec or worse; there is not a single -1.0 system in the region. Later in the statement, it's stated that "most of the [eastern] sov is renter space." That is a true statement. It's also code for "it's not space that anyone who is ~relevant~ would want to live in."

By destroying a majority of what N3 owns and then letting the southern russian coalition move in, we hope to set up a 3rd powerbloc in the game to balance out the remains of N3/PL as well as the CFC.
True, and also quite telling. Look at my modification of Marlona's map again. That's where we're headed: light blue for CFC, dark blue for the southern Russians, and cyan for entities that have formal treaty relations with the CFC such as the B0TLRD Accords. You might even call them Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia. The writer is stating that the CFC's expectation is that once the hell-camp is done, cyan and dark blue will finish the job of crushing the orange of N3 between them (with maybe a few refugees allowed to remain either with PL or in Stainwagon).

Why do these two power blocs get to live while N3 does not? Because neither of them are existential threats to the CFC. N3 theoretically is, or at least publicly declared itself to be so. In so doing, they signed their own death warrant.

The PL bloc doesn't have the will to press a major campaign to conclusion. The southern Russians don't want anything the CFC has. And both of these power blocs have now shown through their actions that they are not serious threats to the CFC. Only with CFC willpower driving them have they been able to mount successful super-massive scale campaigns the likes of which it would be needed to dislodge the CFC. So they get to live so that the game can be "better without getting the CFC killed off in the process."

This will make the game more interesting, and thus funner to play.
Now then, you tell me if this is true.

I revert back to my previous statement: once this war is done, the CFC will be doing everything necessary to ensure that any potential existential threat will be strangled in its crib long before we see another super-massive scale war or another risky huge super-cap fight. Sure, Eastasia and Oceania might ally to attack Eurasia, or Eurasia and Eastasia will ally to attack Oceania. But just as in Nineteen Eighty-Four, the B0TLRD Accords will ensure the home regions of each of these powers will remain inviolate as they squabble in carefully partitioned "buffer zones"... far from the income-generating lands of any of the three powers.


  1. The blob blobs with drone assist and thinks they have accomplished something other than wrecking the game. If they really had any brains in their head, they would have contacted every renter out there in N3, not hard to find, and asked them politley if they would leave, fight or change sides during the invasion, instead of cloaky fag camping the systems and saved themselves a LOT of sov grinding. But no, as of last word, they are running around reinforcing everything because they are too stupid to realize that carebears pay their dang way and someone has to pay the sov bills.

    I would love to see a renter corp union in Eve. Have an outside of game agreement among most all the renters who are paying the bills for the self ascribed PvP bad asses to control rent and renters. Demand better terms, help filter renters and assure space management, stop the BS harassment of the people paying the bills and in general to raise the level of indy types. On the China server people who rat and do indy work are honored and not looked down on nearly like here. They know who pays their bills, just like in real life. Would be great to reign in the borderline sociopath neckbeards who are too good to get their hands dirty most of the time with PvP. Unlikely to happen in Eve since most people are too self centered to work as a group to improve their lot in life.

    1. Your comment has several presumptions. First, you assume that there is no contact with N3 renters trying to get them to switch. Second, you assume that the same players that join these fleets are not carebears.

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but the CFC has some of the largest carebears in the game. Just take a look at Deklein NPC kills/day statistic and you'll consistently see it as one of the largest ratted regions in all of null sec. While these players sit in fleets, drones assisted, they're ratting or mining or doing these "carebear things". One guy was bragging about getting a system to mining level 4. That's some serious ore love.

    2. TL;DR: I want more respect. If only someone would re-organize society for me and put me on top so I can be somebody for once.

      Stop whining and man up. If you want respect then you have to earn it, it's not something that's handed out for free.

  2. Let's be real, I doubt that there will ever be a coalition or outside force capable of dislodging the CFC at this point. While it is possible for them to collapse due to internal failures/sabotage (a la Band of Brothers) I don't think they can be destroyed by outside influences in the current meta. A "use it or lose it" SOV revamp and/or force projection revamp may change this (Marlona hit the nail on the head with this blog post) but we're talking about a situation that directly requires CCP to change mechanics. That's pretty bad for anyone who has aspirations of owning SOV without joining one of the existing parties (which, I might add, is a fairly big draw to the game for many newbros).

    As for whether or not a third russian powerblock will make the game more interesting, well, maybe it will for people who like fleet fights over strategically unimportant objectives, but certainly not for anyone trying to break into nullsec. But that's just my opinion as someone who is in a 60 man corp and is watching this from the outside.

    1. One thing that hasn't really been mentioned with respect to Marlona's PPP power projection nerf is that it doesn't just nerf long distance travel it massively nerfs local travel as well.

      Imagine that I'm attacking a region with PPP in place. An individual cap pilot regenerates 12 ly/day of his PPP. So I'm reduced to 12 LY/jumps. How many systems can I hit in a day? Half a dozen? And you have to hit the same system 2-3 times over the span of days to flip it. So 2-3 systems/ day conquered?

      It's going to take a long, long time to unseat the existing behemoths (who got their systems with far fewer man hours of work) at that rate. That's a long time to get your shit together, potentially many months, and stage a comeback.

    2. I was more talking about the generality of Marlona's blog, specifically that a carrier can travel 99 gate jumps worth of space in 7 mins. Rampant force projection keeps local Sov from changing hands, since everyone can come from everywhere to form up on a timer. I was simply making an argument that a drastic decrease to force projection is required for smaller entities to take bites out of the bigger ones, and also that said smaller entities probably aren't doing everything with caps. BS fleets and the like are more then capable of grinding structures (albeit they have a far harder time then say, dreads do) locally.

      A force projection nerf by itself isn't enough though, Sov needs to be changed. There has to be a point where it's detrimental to hold any more space, and that point should hopefully be at a lot smaller scale then we currently see for Sov distribution. If I had to spitball, I would say that an alliance holding an entire region would be a pretty big deal. But that's just throwing out hypotheticals.

  3. CFC's primary fear is that CCP is going to change the game, in such a way that will make it impossible to maintain the current status quo of stagnant mega-entities in null sec. Thus, they need to spend their time trying to convince everyone that they are not as dominant and game-breaking as they truly are. The others - PL, N3, etc - are in similar positions, and the null mega-entities have been successful in presenting an united "we only make the game better" front to CCP. It is nothing but a scam of epic proportions.

    Truth be told... noobs and noob corps have very little opportunities to play in null, except under the rules set up by groups like CFC. If you don't play our way, then go play in high sec, is the most common theme these days.

    So much for the sandbox, when it is already occupied by bullies with guns - and all CCP gives to new players is a toy shovel and bucket.

    1. This comment I always find strange. The idea that smaller corps stand no chance. They do, and that's what renting is for. And I know, people complain "Why should I pay for my space!" but they would have to pay anyway. Sov is not free. You don't just leap in, conquer a system and that's that, it cost ISK to hold. Renters are just paying that usual sov bill, plus a fee to ensure that if a large group tries to conquer their space, the landlords will step in and stop that or move them to another system.

      If people don't want to pay a sov bill, there's NPC null. NPC null is just like regular null, except there's no bill, and anyone can dock in the station.

      What people seem to want is a way to take space, but not be able to be flushed out by a larger group. Sorry bud, it just doesn't work that way. If you aren't willing to grow to a competitive size, and you aren't willing to diplomatically work out a solution, you can't take sov. If you could, you'd get stomped over by some random bigger or better group and you'd be back to complaining.

    2. The CFC hopes that something drastic comes along and dramatically alters null sec. Nothing is more glorious than going down in a ball of flame. Right now our tool to do that is uncheck the autopay setting for sov.

      Newbies are very much able to join null sec entities. However, I do agree that newbie corps (i.e. corps led by newbies) have it tougher. CEO's that don't understand game mechanics usually result in poorly run corporations or, even worse, targets for saboteurs and thefts. Null sec alliances tend not to recruit newbie led corporations.

  4. I would just point out that while CFC and Solar Fleet seem to have fairly good relations, the RUS-block internal politics are ... complex. I don't fully understand them, but I believe they are far more likely to have infighting problems than the CFC or N3 ever would. Because of this, they are no true threat to the CFC, and don't "balance" anything. Furthermoe, animosity of some of the RUS-block towards PL mean an alliance between RUS and PL vs CFC is very unlikely - again, no balancing there.

    And what will happen to Provi-Bloc in this new world order?

    LR (man, I should create a blogger profile or something)

    1. Someone might conquer the Provi-block then rent it back to CVA. Or they might continue to leave it alone. It's hard to say.

      You're absolutely right about RUS internal politics. I suspect they'd rather fight each other than PL or the CFC.

    2. Nothing will happen to Provi-bloc. The space is too shit for anyone to really want, and there are so many stations that grinding the region would take forever, nobody can keep morale up that long.

  5. And with the big blue donut in place eve's end is near! Just in time for star citizen!

    1. "Blue donut" is such a crude expression.

      I prefer the term Pax Mittanica.

  6. From the CFC update, it sounds like they want a RvB Null with three sides instead of two. This can only end in heartbreak and boredom for whoever is left in null. Null sec dwellers like fights with consequences while playing the great game. Without the possibility of power blocs being annihilated thanks to diplomacy, how will null be any different than faction warfare?

    Indeed, null is perhaps the most unique feature of EVE but if this vision of the future comes to pass, there will be little separating EVE from other games out there.

    1. It does sound a lot like the thunderstone idea put fourth back when hbC had a chance.

      Honestly, ccp looking at this like a process would help. Until you can create something from the ground up a LA bni, and have it take SOC, and showing the process just as well as you could show someone going from a drifter into a faction battleship in incursions...

      Until that, they don't even know the nature of the problem. There needs to be a tradeoff between adding more people into the blob, vs another metric that's just as important as the DPS. Until then, no one can compete p

  7. And now, a funny thought:

    EVE's Next Big Thing are player owned stargates to previously unknown/unused space, a content which is explicitly aimed at large alliances who can destroy enemy gates on the build -or after they're built, thus locking their enemis away from the current map. Also that content's lore is totally against the NPC empires, which very likely means it will be a nullsec only business.

    Put this two facts together, and what we see here is CCP devoting three years worth of development plans to the greater glory of the Goons and nobody else getting anything dramatic, game changing or just worth to keep playing the game.

    CCP Seagull's stargates would be a bad idea even if nullsec was a thriving business rather than a stagnating monopoly on the build, but in its current goonification state, it turns that CCP's development plan for the next years goes beyond being bad and becomes straight suicidal.

    The failure to implement Incarna properly was a serious blow for EVE and CCP, but this stargates business will be the last nail in the coffin even if it succeeds, unless there's a lot more to it than what we've been told.

    1. Yup. To get to the new space you need to belong to Blue Donut.

    2. I think the fact they need 3-5 years to implement it means there is probably a whole lot more to it than can be explained in the internet video equivalent of an elevator pitch.

      A lot of that 3-5 years is probably CCP wanting to get the game in a place where they feel they can do stargates without upsetting the apple cart. And who knows what their version of that is. But some of the changes in the last two expansions give me hope the current sov system is about to be hit with a sledgehammer.

    3. the "stargates" will not be opening up into new null space. they are the means to get into Valk. they need "special ships" to use...ie small fighters (they will explain away in the lore why bigger ships cant go through to the new space)

      and dont assume that will be restricted to large null entities. these gates will exist all over new eden and i wouldnt be surprised to see some npc controlled gates in high sec.

    4. Incarna was destined to fail at the design stage, the implementation fiasco was just the icing on the cake. The fact is that today's technology is incapable of full-body avatar gameplay with dozens of characters in a small space, each being controlled independently, with full lifelike rendering of all the personal details. Everyone wants to go to a bar or casino to show off their monocles, bionic arms, facial piercings and tattoos. Not gonna happen any time soon. CCP massively failed to realize this ahead of time. GPUs were overtaxed and overheating with ONE toon sitting alone in his Captain's Quarters.

    5. @Halcyon:

      Wormholes belong to players. There is no NPC competition to what players achieve in WH space

      Profitable nullsec space belongs to players. NPC nullsec is no competition to player owned nullsec.

      I just figure that the whole point with devoting X amount of time and effort to build a stargate is that what you as a player will achieve through that, will not face any meaningful competition from the NPCs.

      Why bother with setting up a stargate in nullsec, if that can be done in hisec?

      As much as hisec is the trade hub for the whole universe, that would be the consequence if the new space was accesible from hisec. Imagine hisec stargates as free roads wereas nullsec is a heavily tolled road.

      The reward with player stargates is access to previously unaccesible resources/content/mechanics. Making that space easily accesible to Joe Carebear and Total Noob straight from hisec would negate all value of that space.

      But then, the people who leave the game faster than they can be replaced are the Joe Carebear and Total Noob types. Right the last guys you'd want to have tinkering with high-end, worthy new space content.

      And that begs the question: what else, aside from more nullsec/wormhole style content, is in the plans? If the answer is "nothing", then that's EVE future.

      Incarna at least was a universal concept; everyone could use it. But CCP Seagull's sales pitch didn't said that about stargates. Mistake? Oversight? Or a deadly truth?

  8. Gee Jester.

    From reading your post, and from some of the replies, guess I will need to share some of my tinfoil. All my posts about how goons run the game, well, looks like I was right. Maybe they did simply by playing the best meta-game of anyone, plus brilliant in-game work. Maybe they got inside help. It matters not anymore. goons have won Eve.

    Now, the real question: Is CCP going to do anything to break up the goon dominance of the game now that they have won Eve? Or are too many libertarian crackpots still in charge at CCP that think what has evolved is just great for CCP in the long run?

    I can only imagine of what the game will look like if CCP follows through with Seagull's Ayn Rand vision of the "empires losing their grasp" . Let's see, by the summer, N3 is gone, scattered and absorbed into CFC, PL, factional warfare, maybe wormholes. PL has morphed completely into a slum landlord to support RMT, terrified of pissing off the goons. The Russians will invariably start hammering each other, constantly weakening each other. And playing into the "empires losing their grasp" theme, in some way known to ONLY to the CSM , the high sec NPC empires are weakened, for the benefit of the human player base.

    And the goons, ah yes, the goons. Well, after consolidating their multi-trillion ISK monthly streams, and with no one to kill in null, the goon leaders will be looking at high sec to entertain their restless minions. Plus, they will have a fiduciary responsibility to hammer high sec as much as possible. When you have as much ISK flowing ins as the goons do, (and it will only get so much bigger), you can't possibly sell it all off at the given demand levels in the game. goons will have to stimulate demand for ISK. Yes, the Russians beating the hell out of each other will still buy ISK. But the standard goon line member won't need any. Pl members won't need any if they are not fighting. Renters are not even ALLOWED to fight.

    So that means impoverishing as many high sec and wormhole players as possible, who might still need ISK. Coincidentally, we have a huge nerf coming for T3's, which will drive down demand for T3's, one of the wh folk's income streams. And we of course have the omnipresent "high sec is too rich, nerf high sec" campaign driven by several goon notables. Things just have a way of working out for the goon's huh?

    So the question is still stands. I watched Sean Connery in the Untouchables tonight. He got it right: "CCP , what are you prepared to do?"

    Jester, a couple last things:

    1. You are on the CSM. You know what is coming down the pike in the next 3-4 months. Yet you post up a pretty gloomy picture of Eve, and what null sec is going to look like. I wonder if you would post like this if you knew of big game mechanic coming in May/June that would stop this madness.

    2. Oh, and about drone assist: The problem was NEVER, EVER the drone assist mechanic. That mechanic has been around forever, with no issues. What the problem was the total fucktard raivi, who is too stupid and proud to realize he made a huge, huge mistake when he gave the Domi's and Ishtars range bonuses, turning them into murder, death, kill machines, coupled with CCP's desire to have as many people on grid at once as possible. If CCP did the right thing, and fired raivi, then reversed out the Domi and Ishtar drone range bonuses, most of the drone assist issues go bye bye.

    1. I was under the impression that RUS were responsible for the SELLING of isk, not buying it. Reason being, it's probably easy to make USD 200 profit a month selling isk which isn't a lot to many Westerners but it's a fortune to someone living in RUS or some other eastern EU pov zone.

      I have long thought that forcing RUS to play with the Chinese on their own server or splitting them off to their own RUS server completely would end 90% of the RMT that goes on in EVE.

    2. Dins, really, great tinfoil hattery there, mate...just one slight problem: If goons have control of this game it is not the fault of the fanbois of Something Awful.
      You're old enough to remember how Domis were before the great drone nerf (you know the one...it was when 10 drones were commonplace)...things are nerfed and nerfed again.
      Do you think the goonies would have faltered one iota had Raivi (CCP Fozzie), bless his cotton socks, been given the boot to the curb long ago?

      The game has serious flaws that haven't been addressed ...ever...things that make it almost impossible to appeal to customers in a social way. Why is it impossibly easy to grief in this game so that any knuckle dragging moron can ruin someone's 'fun' in the sandbox?

      Why is there dueling popup spam allowed, yet corp fratricide has been ignored for so long?
      Why are there so many abilities given to lowly corp recruits by default? Why is there even an option to 'view corp members in space' on the map?

      Yes, i agree with you that CCP Fozzie is no shiny exemplar of truth, but he's more the worm nibbling at the rot in the core of an apple that fell out of a dying tree.

      personally, i think they should (a) make corp fratricide a criminal act (b) prevent any duel popups in starter systems (and their associated career agent systems)

      oh, and fix the damned exploration mission disappearing acceleration gate bug FFS

    3. @MinorFreak.

      A small thing: The 10 drone mechanic I think was a little before my time, The Guardian Vexor was essentially priceless when I hit the Eve scene. Not sure exactly when CCP nerfed that.

      Do I believe that drone assist made the goons unstoppable? Absolutely not. You are correct, goons would have prevailed in Eve, regardless of how drones have been handled. That is just a blip for them.

      And do I believe the game has huge flaws, including the ones that you very accurately pinpointed? Of course, these should have been fixed long long ago.

      That is why my deal with drone assist is such a small part of my post.

      My main thrust remains: "CCP, what are you prepared to do?"

  9. I don't have any solid data to back up this theory at the moment, so grain of salt:

    Sov Null turns into a mild sort of larger FW with mostly meaningless :goodfights: between the big coalitions and happily blobbing the shit out of anyone else they can, kind of akin to what has been happening in Minmatar/Amarr FW where the systems that no one really cares about are plexed back and forth, but no one really going for control over opposing militia home systems save for the occasional attempt that sometimes meets with success.

    Tin foil: the major alliance/corp leaders realized they can make bank when their WZC tier hits T4, let it wane to cash out, and repeat the process, never going for the jugular because of :effort: and drying up potential :goodfights:.

    Serious hat back on, I think it's more of an unspoken understanding than anything else and the effort involved is simply not something they want to do as plexing a home system is a royal ballache.

    I can see something similar happening with Sov Null.

  10. I used to be in Veto. and knew a few Goon players of various levels who said that they really did just want to try and screw the game over so they could make it unplayable for other people. Whilst I have my hats off to the Goons for what they do, their organisation and meta gaming and so on, I really did believe the people when they said they want to ruin the game for everyone so nobody will play it and then they bring CCP down, a huge meta gaming outcome to bring down a company. Tin foil hats, whatever people want to say, but is it an outlandish thing for some Goons to try to achieve. I would feel sad for the many that rely on CCP for wages and the affect on the Iceland economy, and for a game that I really enjoy and has great potential.

    You have to assume that Seagull, Jon Lander etc know what they are doing. I met some at the UK Eve meet and they are seriously clever people who know the game really well. Of course they do. They know the main dynamics and do listen to others opinions of how things are going, CSM, players in meets etc. With the talk of revamping missions, working on deployables, etc etc - putting something in the game in each expac for different groups I think is more than lip service. I believe Seagull want to keep as many current players happy so they don't go to Elite or SC or Titanfall or Destiny or any of the new games coming out which will take a different demographic from Eve players. Personally I cant wait for stick of truth.

    I am pretty sure that Seagull will run the ideas past the CSM, use the forums and talk to many players and staff to try as best as they can that the null secers dont totally ruin it for the others that play the game, and will patch things if necessary so that everyone will have fun. They have to unless they want to have layoff again like Incarna. So I am hopeful for the future, I think we will all have a place to blow things up, 1v1, small groups, the blob, miners, mission runners, wh's the lot of us. Balance will swing around and flavours of the month appear and disappear like now, but if Goons start ruining the game in large numbers for others who normally have little to do with them, say people trying to get to join the game to conquer a new frontier and goons just come roflstomp everything so people leave, then they will be forced to do something or they lose their jobs. I dont believe anyone would put any group in the game over their livelihoods. I am positive about the future, but I am also in SC and Elite ;) See which one grabs me the most over the next few years.....

  11. I agree that CFC is Oceania, Rusblock is Eurasia and PL is Eastasia. I guess that means we should expect anomalies 1 (N3) and 2 (CVA) to be erased. When that has happened, this game should change its name to more fitting "1984 Online".

  12. Wasn't there a post a while back about the idea of some new NPC threat invading EVE through an exploration expansion? Something like the Jove coming back with a vengeance?

    Seems to me that what's really missing in nullsec is some sort of existential threat to the superpowers, aside from each other. Something like incursions, except that they'll deliberately target sov and POS structures, and drop Titans or worse on the defenders. Spread like a plague unless they're contained and cut off, rather like the Kohr-Ah migration from Star Control II, or perhaps the Shivans from Freespace. Scour away the sovereignty claims of any player organization in any system they seize, laugh at attempts to "farm" them, and leave any defenders with the sense that it was worth losing thirty or more Titans in a single day to stop the advance.

    "Creating content" these days seems to be a code word for creating a threat to something else. And more and more, it seems that what sov-null needs is something to threaten it.

    Something unsubtle. Something apocalyptic.

    1. That would be awesome! EvP would add a new dimension to the game, and help break up the stagnant power blocs that control access to null. Let roaming fleets of NPCs target high value and/or high threat level systems bring "it" to test the strength of these massive alliances.

  13. Jester,

    Do CCP even care about the awful state of nullsec? Are they ever going to address it at all?

    I hope when your time on the CSM is up you will tell us what you really think about CCP and why many areas of the game have remained broken ffor so long. Although I think Jade Constantime nailed it over on Failheap.

    CCP have lost control of their own game, and are too scared to do what is neccessary to fix it for everyone's benefit.

    1. I've seen it before. It's a hard place to be: a referee in a game that went sour.
      Should CCP interfere? How?

      Here how it will go:
      "Folks, you've been so dedicated and resourceful that you made the game boring. We will punish you out of your space fortresses with the finger of god and try to change all the game's mechanics to prevent this from ever happening again."

      How well it would suit you if you were the Goons?
      How well if would sit with wanna-be Goons if they know the finger of God is right there to make their efforts meaningless if they are successful?

      What kind of reboot won't have half the player base leaving in disgust and the other half deprived of motivation?

      Tough nut to crack.

  14. "Wah N3 has more systems" is Goonaganda calculated to disarm our fears as CFC steadily owns more and more sov. Power and wealth do not surrender themselves, people--Goons wanting a third power bloc is nonsense. The end game is a large Blue pastry frosted with a succession of minor border clashes that never endanger CFC supremacy.

  15. today that if Eve failscaded, then mittans will have to go back to a real job, instead of wannabe journo. The prime readership of his rag are Eve players.

    maybe someone can put this off as a motivational poster. mittans setting before a bank of clothes dryers in a laundry mat paused like Roden's Thinker, "inspiration in the average moment".

  16. At this stage the main interest is who in the CFC will the Goons spectacularly backstab.

    There's going to be some mop up first - remnants of N3, pests like BL and Fountain Core but then in order to generate content for "My People" Mittens will have to turn on some of them.

  17. This news was so much worse to my ears than the fear that the Goons were going to conquer null. Conquering null is one of the grand unspoken goals of EVE and achieving that would be a monumental event in gaming. Whats more after it happens the CFC _has_ to disband. It either disbands voluntarily or through infighting and so the 0.0 game is reset and we can try again.

    This is taking EVE and destroying what makes it special. If no-ones trying, if all wars are proxy wars designed to lack meaning and keep the game 'fun', then essentially you've ended up with a very very large arena game enforced by it's own players. Go big and go home

  18. What's more if we follow this to it's logical conclusion, if the CFC genuinely wanted to keep the game 'fun', then why did they remove a powerful enemy that hates them with a weaker enemy that doesn't hate them (as much)? Trying to keep the game 'fun' ends up with fighting no wars at all, because there's the danger you might win

  19. I noticed you did a lot of fact checking, but then you said something which was well... wrong.

    "Why do these two power blocs get to live while N3 does not? Because neither of them are existential threats to the CFC. N3 theoretically is, or at least publicly declared itself to be so. In so doing, they signed their own death warrant."

    What your are refering to is the mittani's tactic of taking words and changing their meaning.

    PG wrote in a coalition update " The entire reason N3 as a coalition was formed was in anticipation of this war. This is literally our raison d'etre." refering to fountain. He didn't say they reason N3 was created was to wipe goons off the map.

    Source: http://themittani.com/news/we-go-all-or-we-burn-n3-coalition-update?page=0%2C0

  20. You didn't mention that the drone regions don't have NPC space which is a huge plus for renters and supercap producers since that makes harassment considerably harder.

    1. Drone regions sites are considerably worse than other areas of the galaxy though, which balances this out nicely.

    2. Drone region sites also have different spawn patterns from "conventional" sites.

      The equivalent of the "sanctum" sites - "Drone hordes" can spawn up to 10 times in a system with good truesec. Standard Sanctums spawn up to 3 in the best systems. Isk wise, Drone systems can support more ratters/system than pirate systems.

  21. you have BL territory marked as part of the CFC when they are markedly not.

    1. That's true enough. Marlona does as well, almost certainly because they've acted in concert with the CFC in the past. We'll see if BL is the legion that CFC does go to war with when the hell-camp is over.

    2. No doubt CFC and BL. have a NIP in place to secure each others sov as "off limits". Imagine if a non aligned ~1000 man group held Q-CAB or the BL. southern renter holdings of Hub Life .... how long would they last before CFC ROFLstomped them?

      Tbh Ripard, I think you could have pale blued everything but N3 space in your second map. It only took a few warning words for PROVI to bow down and kiss the ring. RUS and PL.are essentially CFC allies (in terms of sov) through meta agreements.

  22. The mail that was on EN24 was a complete fabrication, so you may want to include that since you're building an article around it. Riverini got trolled by someone.

    1. So the sentiment in the original post is incorrect and Goons DO want to ruin the game? I thought Darius JOHNSON resolved that question sometime ago.

      Which part of the original post does not reflect GSF leadership philosophy?

    2. The next statement is false
      The prior statement is true
      Am I a Goon?

  23. ....and thus it came to pass that Shadoo's prophecy of the "Thumderdome" came to pass. There was much rejoicing by the CFC/RUS/PL nullbears for they were free to slaughter NPCs without fear of reprisal or CTAs. A golden age of prosperity was announced by the godhead from his high throne in VFK.

    Yet there was discord and resentment for what the divine leader had delivered unto his followers: "Oh farther, our wallets overfloweth with ISK, our hangers are stocked with war machines for centuries to come but for what purpose? We have no one left to fight".

    "Taketh thine Catalysts of destruction and stain the stars red with the blood of hi sec miner vermin and smite the Jita traders by occupying the heathen temple, but do not touch the RvBee, for verily they are my chosen Empire pubbies and a covenent with them I have."

    So began the great exodus of the grubbies to Empire space in search of the promised content ....

    1. Verily, amen.

  24. @ Lucas Kell:
    Sorry mate, but what the hell have you been smoking!?

    Renters will always stay renters because there is a specific mindset and a specific mentality involved. And trust me: that does not involve grand visions of large empires.

    Most renters are small (under 100) corporations that can finally say that they live in 0.0, woot! Yeah, right, whatever. See you in 2 years when you will de renting the same damned space from the same damned people doing nothing for you but occasionally checking by.

    NPC 0.0 is a joke! That is the place "formally known as Switzerland before anyone bigger decided the didn't like that name"... It is just not worth it.

    And the whole of 0.0 has become nothing other than two (ONE to be exact) bullies battling it out over pretend space.

    Mark my words: if things do not change - and change fast - EVE Online will start eating it's own children (us, the subscribers).

    Nerf the travel, own space you can USE reliably, initiate a flux (like I detailed on my blog). Only then we will see more -different- entities enter nullsec. And that should be the ultimate goal for everyone involved!

  25. Just as a sidebar. All this talk on line about the Hell Gate camp made me want to take a look for myself. I took your Tengu Exloration fit and explored along the way.

    Fit worked very well, I was able to go right into the camped system with no issues. System has a crazy amount of ships. I think I counted 700-800 in local when I was there yesterday. Crud loads of Doms and lots of other types.

    I did get scrambled on one gate on the way out somehow by a interceptor but the Warp stabs insured I warped. I think it lagged a bit on that gate for some reason.

    I had a Mobile with me to swap out mods for explorer sites and then to swap back in more tank mods as I traveled. Definitely a interesting trip to see it all.

  26. there are 21000+ vs. 12000+ outer cfc pets compared to goons and inner pets. outer pets being razor, co2, tnt, fcon, etc.. how...er...WHY.. are the outer pets still sitting at the mittani's feet when they have the numbers (and ships?) to grind up the goons themselves and take the rental lands and moon resources for their own use and prosperity? from a financial point of view does it make any sense? if truth be known a free outer pet coalition allied with other enemies of the goons(probably more than i have fingers to count on) could crush the goons and remove them from deklein and make them gypsies if they so chose. why arent they doing it?

    1. Convenience?
      I guess they must be getting exactly what they want from being pets and they don't have the will to setup and run an empire like the goon does.
      Not everybody has the drive to make EVE their actual source of income in real life.
      Most players think of this game as a...game.

    2. Because GSF are a lot better at psychological warfare than they are, and using espionage tactics to to implode opposing organizations and coalitions is what put GSF on the map in its first place, and anyone thinking about going up against them knows this, and is spraining his neck trying to watch his back for knives.

      If the current GSF strategy goes as planned, there are really only two things that can break them: internal conflict ... or an outside-context threat.

      (Dammit, I want to see VFK eaten by eldritch abominations. Is that so much to ask?)

  27. "why arent they doing it?"
    Dear Anonymous, mindset, always mindset.

    Why bother with keeping our system up if we can pay others to guard the borders while we grind the NPCs. The same mindset as I have written about above. There is a chance for renters to usurp the landlord but there is only so much a chance.

    Most renters (some are exceptions) are like sheep and are herded by the landlord as he will see fit.

  28. How I am supposed to count the systems as I get something like +1200 systems for CFC+RUS and +800 systems for N3/PL (stopped counting around under 20 system alliances, but at fast glance it looks that most of the small are also CFC)


  29. So long as force projection remains total (anywhere in the galaxy, with all of your forces, in negligible time) it will be impossible to form a competitive power bloc overtly with any chance of success. Any upstarts can be crushed into dust, long before they present any realistic challenge.

    Force projection is no different than any other linear mechanic that scales without bound. The devs should be made to understand that there is a theoretical threshold at which defeat becomes impossible by any remaining force in the game. Just as resistances are capped so as not to achieve complete immunity to damage (100%), force projection needs to be capped so as not to achieve complete immunity from competition. Linear scaling is a Very Bad Thing, in game design.

    The more ships you move, the harder it should get. As with the philosophy behind skill training, you should need to spend much more effort than your opponent to get a small edge.


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