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Monday, February 10, 2014

CSM8 Status Report: Week forty

The CSM has had a very busy week this week and I'm pleased to report that as far as we're concerned, the Winter Summit Minutes are now done! Here's a repeat of my list of contributors from last week (officers first, then mynnna, then alphabetical):
  1. Tournaments. DONE. Trebor Daehdoow, Jester.
  2. CSM Localization. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Malcanis.
  3. Feature Plans Alpha/Bravo. DONE. Trebor, Jester, mynnna, Malcanis.
  4. Team Superfriends. DONE. Trebor, Jester.
  5. Team Game of Drones. DONE. Trebor, Jester, mynnna.
  6. Null-sec. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Malcanis.
  7. EVE Legacy Features Update. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Ali Aras, mynnna, Chitsa Jason, James Arget, Malcanis.
  8. Plan Echo. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Ali Aras.
  9. Feature Plans Foxtrot/Golf. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Ali, mynnna, Malcanis.
  10. Ship Balancing. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Ali, mynnna, Malcanis.
  11. User Interface. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Ali, Malcanis.
  12. EVE Leadership. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Ali, Malcanis.
  13. EVE Community. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Malcanis.
  14. Future of Big Fights. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Ali, James, Malcanis, Mangala Solaris, progodlegend.
  15. Team Space Glitter. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Ali, Malcanis.
  16. New Player Experience. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Ali, Malcanis.
  17. Art. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Ali.
As I said last week, please remember that Mike Azariah contributed transcription to all of them except Future of Big Fights as well as his own notes on several. And CCP Logibro provided the initial outlines from which about 85% of the sessions were built so he deserves huge kudos; CCP Dolan did the other 15%. CSM members not listed may have chatted about particular Minutes sessions in the Skype channel but did not contribute to the actual text.

So Trebor and I provided our notes on all of them, Ali Aras on most, Mike Azariah and Malcanis on most, mynnna on several, and after that, participation dwindled rather rapidly. So if you're looking for accountability in terms of CSM members running for reelection, there ya go. ;-) The Minutes are now in the hands of Dolan, who will be going out and getting the approvals he needs to publish them. Needless to say, we're going to be nudging him to move this along. But do keep in mind that the contents of several of those sessions are likely to be NDAed at least until CCP can announce the theme behind the summer expansion. That should be soonish... probably mid- or late March I would think, based on experience with past summer expansions.

While Skype is staying pretty casual at the moment, the private section of the forums has been quite busy with four or five active threads at the moment crossing a lot of summer feature ideas, plus follow-ups to conversations we had at the Summit. There's little or nothing I can talk about regarding those conversations, I'm afraid, but the promise I made when I started writing these updates is that I'd let you all know what was happening.

I'm looking to schedule another Town Hall around the time the Minutes get published, which I hope will be before the end of the month. That means I'll want to get busy scheduling it in the next week or so. As this gets firmed up, I will let you know our plans. I'm also planning a sixth Town Hall to take place during the election cycle. If number five takes place at the end of February or the first week of March, then the last one of CSM8 will take place in mid-April. The final "official" responsibility of the CSM is for seven (and perhaps more) of us -- including myself and mynnna -- to make ourselves available to all of you at Fanfest for both the CSM Q&A and the CSM Roundtable. mynnna and I don't know yet who will be joining us at those tables.

I continue to gently prod CSM8 members to make their intentions with regard to CSM9 known, and I'll be writing a post regarding non-incumbents who have stated their intention to run this week. I know of two major non-incumbent candidates so far: Steve Ronuken and Sugar Kyle. But I'm also hearing rumors of some quite interesting possibilities for others... Jita Park is remarkably empty of other declarations as yet. By this time last year, we had eight or ten, including mine. If you're running, now or soon is the time to declare your intent!

Fanfest is 80 days away and counting, and I expect voting to close about ten days prior to that...


  1. Sounds like CCP Dolan will come out with the Perfect Summit Minutes!:


    Total length: 15 pages, of which 3 will explain why the Minutes are not meant to peek at the future development plans before they're set on stone and fall on players' heads like a barrel of bricks. ;)

  2. Genuine praise to everyone involved. Dolan is a quick learner and is going to do well. You need to make sure he stays put and is not tempted away elsewhere.

  3. Is there any plan to run another "little things" campaign? Or if not, what's the best way to submit a bunch of little things where they will actually go onto CCP's list and not be forgotten when the forum thread ages off the front page?

  4. So it looks like 5, maybe 6 of the CSM actually do anything. Surprise, surprise. Pretty much human nature there. Though it is interesting at least 2 of those that did a lot of work are not running again.

    As for who is running again, don't think it matters a whit. goons and the other cartels will simply get whomever they want on the CSM, again.

    The null sec cartel power blocs are even more entrenched, larger, and more powerful than last year. goons have, what, 36,000 members now, plus the rental empire, plus alts to vote in whomever they choose?

    I am sure the goon leadership will make sure there is majority of the CSM under their control to continue their anti high-sec campaign, if there is much high sec left at all in 6 months. And no doubt, one of the inner circle like mynnna will be on the CSM to ensure a direct pipeline of inside information to the goon ISK printing machine. Have to maintain and enhance those RMT flows.

    The game would be better served if 24 names were drawn randomly from the player base, and with those 24 names, try to convince 12 people to serve on the CSM.

    At least that way the bias that is so prevalent would be lessened.

    1. Clearly, you must run for CSM9, Dinsdale. Only you can defeat the evil plans of the nullsec overlords.

      I would be happy to work as your election consultant for a low, low 10B ISK fee -- your money back if you are not elected!

    2. and I will hold it escrow, free of charge.

    3. There might be a line Easy...

  5. My theory is that publication of the minutes was delayed last time not because Dolan was lazy, but because CCP told him to sit on the minutes until they were good and ready to allow them to be released. In other words, a lackey does as he is commanded by his superiors.

    If the latest round of minutes is really essentially complete then the elapsed time between now and when the minutes are released will add or detract support from my theory. I stand by my prediction that they will not be released until April at the earliest.


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