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Monday, February 3, 2014

CSM8 Status Report: Week thirty-nine

Let's see, what week is it? The day of the week thirty-seven update, I was waiting in various airports to fly to Iceland, or in aircraft flying to Iceland. The day of the week thirty-eight update was the day of the B-R fight and I'd only been home for about 12 hours. What the CSM was doing during week thirty-eight should be obvious. That makes this past week number thirty-nine! CSM8's term is now 75% complete!

As you might expect, the bulk of this week was spent devoted to minutes writing. As I mentioned during the daily updates and in the wrap-up post, we were provided excellent notes from Stenographer-in-Chief CCP Logibro for most of the Summit sessions. As a result, most of the work this time in terms of drafting the minutes is actually more in line with editing work, style work, and making sure the information we present is as accurate as possible. Mike Azariah handled the chore of transcribing Logibro's notes into the tool we're using for group editing and individual CSM members took over from there. So since the CSM has the capability to do this, I'm going to give the Minutes status in a slightly different way this time. Here are where each session stands along with who contributed to each one (in addition to Mike):
  1. Tournaments. DONE. Trebor Daehdoow, Jester. I did the bulk of the writing on this one.
  2. Localization. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Malcanis.
  3. Feature Plans Alpha/Bravo. DONE. Trebor, Jester, mynnna, Malcanis.
  4. Team Superfriends. DONE. Trebor, Jester.
  5. Team Game of Drones. DONE. Trebor, mynnna, Jester.
  6. Null-sec. DONE (or close to). Trebor, Jester, Malcanis.
  7. EVE Legacy Features Update. In progress. Trebor, mynnna, Chitsa Jason, Ali Aras, Malcanis.
  8. Plan Echo. DONE. Trebor, Jester. I wrote about half of this one.
  9. Feature Plans Foxtrot/Golf. DONE. Trebor, Jester, mynnna, Malcanis.
  10. Ship Balancing. DONE. Trebor, Jester, mynnna, Malcanis. I wrote about half of this one.
  11. UI. In progress. Trebor, Malcanis.
  12. EVE Leadership. DONE. Trebor, Jester, Malcanis. I did the bulk of the writing on this one.
  13. EVE Community. In progress. Trebor, Malcanis.
  14. Future of Big Fights. Not started yet.
  15. Team Space Glitter. In progress. Trebor, Malcanis.
  16. New Player Experience. In progress. Trebor, Ali, Malcanis.
  17. Art. DONE. Trebor, Jester.
So we've got 17 sessions to write minutes for. Of those 17, 11 are in a state that I'd consider them done... ready to be sent back to CCP Dolan for review. We've got a couple of CSM members who were there for the Winter Summit who have asked for a bit more time to read through and add their notes but I think we're making really good progress this time. Particularly compared to last time...

Of the remaining six, five of them are shaping up nicely but still need some tweaking. And only one -- Future of Big Fights -- has not yet been started. I expect that will get rectified this week. As a result, though, I would expect fewer direct attributions to individual CSM writers in the "credits" this time and much more of a group attribution. This has very much been a group effort with lots of different people diving in to help get this document in front of your eyes as soon as possible. As you can see, Trebor and I have at least touched the bulk of them so the CSM8 work-horses are still working. ;-)

Still, I want to give a shout out again to nearly the entire team. For one day of the summit, we had 13 CSM8 members participating and for the other two we had 12 for most of the sessions. I keep describing us as a "divide and conquer" CSM and it's really been true. Each member has brought their strengths to bear on the work that we've done the last two weeks. It's a great group and I'm proud to be a part of it!

OK, what else. The stake-holder meeting for this past week was canceled; we hardly needed it having met with Team Five-Oh pretty extensively last week. Skype activity is ramping up big time as we get into the heavy-duty work period for the teams as they turn the visions from the summit into working ideas and then ask our opinions of them. This was still pretty high level this past week but you can start to feel high-level become low-level. And in particular, we've also been quite active working with CCP this week on various bugs players have been experiencing in the most recent patch. I myself was struck down by the AMD DirectX bug.

Similarly, the forums are also starting to heat up with specific ideas for the summer release so we're being kept pretty busy keeping track of that.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, CSM8 members have begun announcing who among them will be running for reelection to CSM9. You can keep track of how each CSM member is deciding at my post on the subject, which I'll keep updated until everyone has announced one way or the other.

And finally, I'm continuing the process of starting to beg Trebor to run a second Reasonable Things effort for the summer expansion. We have really good reason to believe that there will be a little bit of slack time in the schedule to clear away some of the more popular player ideas off this list. I've suggested a sort of "best of" or run-off election of ideas that were voted fairly highly from the last effort but we'll see how it gets run.

And that's all for this week! Lots going on! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a few more Minutes sessions to look at...


  1. "This has very much been a group effort ..."

    Except where you point out that you did most of the work on a particular session. In which case it's a Ripard effort with some contributors.

    1. Well, I appreciate the success' of the group and the individual efforts that have contributed to it.
      CSM9 will be poorer to the lack of RT, but once he's over the Mun I'm sure New Eden will swallow his soul once more.

    2. He's not running. He can be a bit gracious.

      A direct statement on who is doing the heavy lifting isn't needed. We know Jester is taking care of business.

    3. I'm still about accountability.

  2. I'm disturbed there was a separate session for nullsec but not one for lowsec or wormhole space.

    1. Hopefully it's because CCP realizes nullsec needs much more attention than lowsec or wormholes.

  3. No launcher session eh? *shakes fist*

    Anyhow can you get ccp to give us an update on this?



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