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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


A story told in pictures...

Ike quite visible just to the left of Enterprise, did a close flyby

Shifting all the science mods to the top of the lander

Cutting loose the two outboard fuel tanks to save mass

Aerobraking to get Enterprise back into her parking orbit

Completely by coincidence, hit the smallest target on Kerbin

Not counting the orbital science transmitted from Enterprise

What can I say? Enterprise performed superbly. The mission couldn't have gone more smoothly and I'm very happy. That said, this was definitely my last manual mission. Those transfer orbits were a stone bitch, particularly the one to get back to Kerbin.

Time to start playing around with some mods! After I get Enterprise's crew home, of course.


  1. Congrats! Your transfer orbits are very interesting. Since I've MechJebbed from the start, I tend to do my nearest approach refinement about half way back from another planet. The maneuver brings the entire orbit within Kerbin's SOI. Once in Kerbin's SOI, I can adjust the periapsis to for an aerocapture. Your's appear to be more like a more standard Hohmann transfer. Is that what they are? I see you did use aerobraking - it's the only way I figure you got such a nice only marginally elliptical apoapsis before circularizing. Anyway, cool beans and good job!

    1. Yeah, those are standard Hohmann transfers. Stock KSP is so fiddly with transfer orbits that I try to simplify my life by doing a single burn when the orbital inclinations match. I wasn't successful on the Duna transfer orbit (it was about three minutes long) so I had to do a second short burn after Kerbin escape to adjust the orbit some. That second burn was what convinced me I'd have to cut the two outboard fuel tanks loose when I got to Duna.

      And yeah, I was really pleased with the aerobraking maneuver. That saved me a LOT of fuel.

  2. It's quite the addictive game, isn't it? If you want to MechJeb is quite handy, and you don't even have to use the autopilot-you can just set the nodes then execute manually although auto is very useful for long burns. My list of favorite mods:

    KSP Interstellar- Adds prototype parts: microwave energy transmission, fission/fusion/antimatter reactors, Albercurie drive (warp drive), other advanced engines. Some resource mining as well. You have to earn the science though, the tech tree adds several 1k, 2k, a 4k, and 10k science unlocks. Some argue this is an OP mod.

    B9 Aerospace- More aircraft parts than you can shake a stick at. great for building SSTO's. just update the firespitter and ExcurgentEngineer.dll files to bring up so 0.23 compatibility.

    Ferram Aerospace Research (FAR)- Adds realistic aerodynamics so all those nosecones and flat parts of your rocket actually make a difference.

    KW Rocketry- extra engines and fuel tanks, up to 5 meters iirc. makes getting large ships into orbit MUCH easier.

    Perhaps most importantly: Kerbal Joint Reinforcement. part attachment strength scales with size, meaning Parts 2.5m and up don't spontaneously detach and high thrust engines don't unglue from their tanks. Docking ports and decouplers are fairly weak though.

    Kethane is very popular, though I've never tried it.

    1. After getting to Duna I restarted career with Deadly Reentry, Ferram Aerospace, Remote Tech 2 and TAC Life Support. It's almost a different game, there's so much more to think about.

      If you go with Ferram you'll probably want a fairings mod so your upper stage equipment doesn't give you loopy aerodynamics. I use Procedural Fairings.

      Also echo that Interstellar is a nice mod to give career mode more longevity. The stock tech tree is really too short, I filled it out easily with a few trips to the Mun and Minmus. Interstellar also adds some Kethane-style remote mining. The stuff after the end of the normal tech tree is indeed OP compared to standard parts, but then I guess that's the point - if it wasn't better there wouldn't be much reason to keep gathering science for it.

      I also run with Kerbal Attachment System, which allows your Kerbals to do more (but realistic) stuff on EVA, like move small components and string fuel pipes between ships to transfer resources (very useful when using a mining type mod). It also has things like winches and cranes, which I haven't tried yet but I understand you can use to build a more complex base.

      By far the most interesting mod was Remote Tech 2. It only makes a difference when using probes, so won't affect you if you use manned missions all the time (though with TAC Life Support that also becomes problematic), but it requires you to dot space with relay satellites to get science and probe control signals around, and handling signal delay when controlling probes at interplanetary distances is an interesting challenge.

  3. Hey, Jester...

    I know there are plenty of guides out there, but I would be interested in one from your point of view. For example, would you be willing to do a guide on building a optimal rocket designs for specific purposes (short vs long range missions)???

    1. Hm. That might be worth doing. Sort of a KSP "fitting guide." I'll consider it.

  4. Replies
    1. What can I say. I like other types of Internet spaceships. ;-)

  5. Yeah .. thank you and Mabrick I'm addicted also .. but I don't get the docking right .. a guide here would be great ^^ since your duna ship is just docking stuff etc this would be nice ...


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