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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fixing past missteps

While I'm thinking about things in upcoming EVE expansions that have been mentioned or spotted on Sisi lately, I'd like to point out a couple more. I love love love both of these things.

Here's one, on Sisi with an animated GIF courtesy of themittani.com:

Squeeee! The video I posted the other day may or may not have more information about this hidden somewhere in it.

Here's the other:
We are removing it, hopefully for Summer.
That's CCP Affinity, one of my favorite devs, quietly announcing the death of the "lootsplosion" mechanic, that carpal tunnel inducing mechanic that I enjoy so much. The very next forum post sums up my position admirably: "best early Christmas present ever." I'm a fan of hacking sites and their follow-ons for a number of reasons but the lootsplosion has been a major downside for me since I first started messing with them.

When I heard about this being a possibility, my immediate reaction was "Yes, please!" Glad it's happening.

As upcoming EVE Online features get officially announced, I will be doing my standard "here are the ones I like, here are the ones I don't like" posts. But these two little leaks deserved special mention. You gotta love it when EVE devs listen to the players and undo their past missteps.


  1. "lootsplosion - that carpal tunnel inducing mechanic"

    You've been told before and I will tell you again, the hacking mini-game is considerably worse than the lootsplosion for inducing carpal tunnel.

    lootsplosion = around 5 to 7 well timed clicks assuming you placed your ship well.
    minigame = anywhere from a few to 60 or more rapid succession clicks.

    Your continual failure to grasp this surprising.

    1. Other than ghost sites, the hacking game is turn-based and the only time restriction are those that you put on yourself or that other players put on you. In that way, the hacking game is no different from virtually any other aspect of EVE. You could make the same argument about PI, for instance. It also requires a large number of mouse clicks.

      I would recommend that people prone to RSI not play the ghost sites, yes.

    2. The difference with PI is that most of it can be conducted while you're not worried about someone scanning you down and dropping on top of you. The game mechanics ensure an inherent sense of urgency for the hacking game, and so there is a need to be quick about it.

    3. Wait, does anyone think that the number of retarded and redundant clicks you do in PI is a good thing? Saying a mini game is about as good of a click-fest as PI should pretty much condemn it to a fiery death.

    4. Jester,

      Your response is rather flippant and implies it's the players' fault if they get carpal tunnel from the minigame. A shockingly poor response from you.

      Lootsplosion = 1 click every 5 or 6 seconds.

      Time to complete 1 minigame in nullsec using the same click rate would likely be > 6 minutes assuming you don't fail your first attempt. To complete 1 site you're looking at over 45 minutes or more.likely 1 whole hour.

      This is what you are implying Jester and it's absurd. Not to mention you even stated why this isn't feasible in your response i.e. "other players". You then compare it to PI. *facepalm*

      As if that isn't bad enough, if we take what you said as being feasible (which it is not), the minigame is still more likely to induce carpal tunnel syndrome than the lootsplosion due to volume of constant sustained clicks required over what is now a much longer period.

      Regardless, the lootsplosion is being canned(!), possibly for all the wrong reasons if CSM8 vice-chairman Ripard Teg had any influence over this decision.

    5. So what's the alternative? I'm hearing a lot of bitching at me here and that's fine -- I can take it. But you're not saying what you would do differently. Ditch the mini-game and go back to watching a spinner go around and around for two minutes? That doesn't sound like much fun.

      Sustained clicking and APM ARE a part of gaming whether you like it or not, and no matter how much you bitch at me. I don't play competitive StarCraft because there's no way I could sustain a high APM. If you can't either, then avoid those parts of EVE that you think require it, that's all. There are other ways of making ISK in this game.

      In the meantime, killing the lootsplosion was a good thing because of how frustrating and ultimately pointless it is. You have to go through a gaming mechanic to even GET the lootsplosion, then you have to burn your hand up to actually profit from it? Plus it was simply not meeting the goal of its design, which was to encourage cooperative play. We were seeing a single player get an almost 100% scoop rate by just using 2-3 clients and cycling through them.

    6. i will try to evemail you an alternative to the minigame, its a bit long to explain here.

    7. If the lootsplosion is being removed due to not meeting game design goals, that is fine. Removing it due to its CTS inducing nature is not, given how closely linked it is to the mini game. Fix the major contributing factor, not the minor.

      The minigame is OK in principal, it just needs a more user friendly UI. An example:

      Mouse over a node and get a shortest path highlighted from you current position. Click the node and nodes along the path begin revealing themselves, stopping as soon as they hit a node that requires further player input. The rate at which nodes are revealed could be fixed or linked to a skill. You could still play it as now by mindlessly clicking 10 nodes in a long line if you wish to.

      This would drastically reduce the number of clicks required, should be easy to implement and doesn't break anything.

      Do you see any issues with this idea?

  2. With the removal of the "lootsplosion", what becomes of the 2nd bonus to the Poteque 'Prospector' Environmental Analysis Ey-1005?

  3. Comet is getting a buff.

    Video in question is called 'Harden the fuck up'. So either that, or hardeners are being buffed.

    c/d jester?

  4. I fully expect that Comet model/skin to either be 1) an NPC ship 2) a limited edition giveaway ship.

    "About bloody time!" to the loot vomit removal. Maybe I'll start radar/mag site exploration again.

  5. Are you kidding me? Police lights on a cylon raider Comet? It's awesome with a cherry on top!

  6. Limited edition ship or more widely available comet?

  7. Hey Ripard,

    Next time you want to take my gif that was specifically made for TMC and use it on your blog you can just ask. Also for someone who complained about journalism, you did a poor job citing the source of the gif, which I'm requesting you do.

    1. 1. I'm not a journalist, something I've said often. I'm not claiming to run a news site here. I'm a wretched autistic blogger or something like that. :-*

      2. And done. Thanks for the pointer!

  8. Jester, please let CCP Affinity know that this is the most awesome news I've heard in months. I do a fair bit of exploring, and the lootsplosions... made me quit exploring entirely. to the point where I sold off my fully kitted out scanship. (which I had, until the exploration revamp, flown daily, sometimes multiple times)

    THANK YOU! seriously!


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