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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kill of the Week: Die BRAVEly

Let's start with the big losses.

Number of dead super-caps last week: 5

Let's see. First was Elo Knight of Black Legion's Nyx, ripped to shreds by a PL super-cap fleet. This one is actually somewhat more complicated than the typical super gank, but EN24 covers the kill in good detail. Short version: this happened because of a fight over station control in 4-1ECP. BL took the station but while they were claiming the system, PL flipped the station with slocats. BL decided to bring in supers to attack the slows, and PL escalated. BL mostly successfully extracted. Mostly. More detail is available at the EN24 story. "The rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated," Grath Telkin of PL joked.

Next up is this -A- Nyx brought down by an N3 fleet in Immensea. Again, EN24 has a good version of the story and again this mostly involves capitals and super-capitals killing structures. This time, the Nyx managed to warp away from the structure grind but was probed down just as it cloaked. A mass of dictors arrived at the scanned-down signature, decloaked the Nyx, and the fleet was brought in to kill it. The EN24 story includes video.

Third, this rather random Nyx caught in low-sec. I hesitate to use the word "dumb" here, but this Nyx jumped in at a cyno, then immediately cloaked with the cyno still up. He tried a couple of ECM bursts just to get himself good and aggressed and when that didn't work, he logged off. So feel free to describe that behavior as you see fit...

Theoretically next is this TriumvirateDOT Erebus killed by its own alliance. I say theoretically because this one hasn't yet appeared on eve-kill so it's possible it's not for-real. Still, nobody seems to be denying it happened. Rumor has it that this guy intended to move himself and his titan to Black Legion and Tri took offense. Yep, that will certainly encourage new titan pilots to join Triumvirate, won't it?

Finally, this Nyx died in Syndicate to a combined I-RED/Psychotic Tendencies/Brave Collective fleet in an attack by the largest coalition currently living in Syndicate. Again EN24 does a good job of covering the story, but the short version is TISHU formed up to hot-drop a battleship gang with carrier support. When the fight started going against the capitals, this Nyx pilot decided to join the fight to help with reps. TISHU invited Brave Collective to come in and provide DPS resulting in a successful kill. I'm told the BRAVE pilots involved are high off this encounter, which I believe is the first super kill in their alliance history and probably the first time many of their pilots have seen a super. Good show to all involved! That's the kill of the week.

Let's do some honorable mentions.

First up, it's technically not a "kill" but I would be completely remiss if I didn't mention the titan that got "killed" this week under very unusual circumstances. Here's the TMC update on the story. Go give it a read.

EVE player Bluemelon is fairly famous for being enormously rich and taking similarly enormous risks with expensive ships of all kinds. This Bhaalgorn died (eventually) despite being under repairs from two triage carriers. He lost another expensive Bhaalgorn a couple of years ago. He's racked up some impressive kills over the last couple of years but didn't get anything noteworthy this time. Kudos for bringing it, though!

I've gotta say I'm entertained by this Chimera fit. It's not up to my usual standard for KOTWs but it's just fun. Not sure what this guy was thinking...

How about a jump freighter killed thanks to kill rights? As the person who sent this to me eloquently put it, "when you know folks are hunting you, perhaps it is time to just stay docked and have a sandwich." Hee! Thanks for the pointer!

Pretty quiet week though, all in all... and the current week isn't improving things with 0 supers lost so far. We'll see if things improve over the weekend.


  1. Maybe one of these days I will be able to smile knowingly when someone posts an incomprehensible capital fit.

  2. So what was the Kill of the week?

    1. The Nyx kill BRAVE was on, thus the title of the post. I say so at the end of the para.

  3. Oh, the TRI titan is real. I was there, I shot it, I saw the wreck. As you can see, the ZKillboard kill is API verified, so I'm not sure why it's not on Eve-Kill. Extra funny when you think who runs eve-kill and what alliance he is in.

    WarGod said that going to BL was not why this was done. WG said he caught him trying to get passwords of our Super posses, there was rumor that he logged off an alt in a Machariel in one of the Super posses, and he emptied the V0LTA corp hangars.

    So WarGod set up a trap and we killed him.

    Afterwards, he apparently returned the stolen goods. Now even in TRI people are not sure if he was actually planning to awox his way out or not. Some people who talked to him said his story was believable.

    Fun fact: a fundraiser has been opened to reimburse the titan.

  4. We do have a titan or several ;p;


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