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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kill of the week: Going all in

Well, there's really one thing that needs talking about, isn't there?

Number of dead super-caps in and around B-R last week: 90

Here are the numbers, straight from CCP Fozzie. 59 N3/PL Titans, 16 CFC/RUS Titans (+1 RAZOR titan), 14 super-carriers (11 N3/PL, 3 CFC/RUS), 370 dreads (121 lost by PL alone), 123 carriers. The single most expensive battle in EVE Online history with 11 trillion ISK in ships destroyed over a 21 hour period. Titans started dying at 17:17 on Monday and the titan bloodbath didn't stop until 09:26 Tuesday. then the CFC started on super-carriers. CCP has written about it, themittani.com has written about it, EVE News 24 has written about it, the AP has written about it, and half the news media that follows gaming has written about it. And of course, the stories get progressively worse the further you get from someone writing who knows anything about gaming.

But I'd say EVE is getting some coverage about it, and that's the important thing, don't you agree? ;-)

Here's one final amusing postscript on the fight. It's a bit of iPhone text messaging:

It's prompted all sorts of entertaining propaganda imagery. This is my favorite, which I link but I do not thumbnail because the damn thing is huge, about 4MB. Click on the link if you want to see it and you probably will because it's entertainingly wonderful. Onward.

Number of dead super-caps NOT in B-R last week: 3

After the B-R battle was over, it was time to try to kill the stragglers. One that was caught was this Nulli Erebus, killed in Tenerifis. According to progodlegend, this was another example of a misclicked "bridge" turning into a "jump." The heroic thing is that the titan landed about 20-30km from a friendly POS and the Nulli fleet was ALMOST successful in bumping it into the POS shields. But the Russians led by a large Darkness of Despair/SOLAR FLEET group were able to destroy the titan before it could make the shields. Needless to say, that added some salt to the wounds.

Next up, this Wyvern and Aeon were lost by Brothers of Tangra in The Spire to a Kill It With Fire Ishtar fleet. It's kind of a sad story. As far as I can tell, here's how it goes. Kill It With Fire fleet goes roaming. They catch a ratting carrier. It's a smallish fleet, so a  second carrier comes in to try to save the first carrier. But sooner or later, the attack group's tackle will have to be broken, so a few sub-caps come in to try to kill the tackle to save the carrier. That isn't working... so the two supers warp in and what we've got is an impasse. Kill It With Fire picks up the bat-phone and soon Black Legion are on their way to deal with this little infestation. Once BL arrived near the system, the two super-carriers chose honorable suicide rather than let anyone else whore on the mails. Have I got that right? Hee! Nice job, Kill It With Fire!

And that was all until Monday, where one super has died so far but I'll cover that one next week. 93 supers dead in one week! As the joke goes, "that's a good start..."

Honorable mentions? How about one last B-R kill? It's a Mobile Tractor Unit that someone put down late in the B-R proceedings. And someone lost a 10B freighter in Uedama. Someone else in Niarja. And just to make it three for three, here's a wormhole XLSMA. Soloed by a Drake. That dropped 12 billion ISK in loot. You, sir, have just won EVE.

With the routine stuff out of the way, how about something more fun? Like this carrier. That was following N3 orders and evacuating but couldn't resist aggressing on a frigate outside station. With all of the stuff he wanted to evac in the carrier. Suddenly Erebus. As one of the killboard comment correctly put it, "Forgot to load brain in carrier before undocking. Luckily he remembered everything else."

Finally, let's end with this Vargur. I... just... don't even know what to say. Except maybe STOP LOSING OVERPRICED RATTING SHIPS. *cough* ;-)


  1. That Erebus near a friendly pos would have been a good situation to give a try to the RnK "drebuchet" method

  2. So given the rate of super construction, that's what maybe half a year of super production?

    1. If that. Some of the PL people said the caps were already replaced with a couple days, and the titans would take a few weeks to replace.

      The bets part is that the safest mfg arrays for supers are buried deep deep in cfc space. goons will end up making big coin selling supers back to their "enemies".

  3. How do you loot that XLSMA if you solo kill it with a Drake? Bring an Orca? a Freighter? Seriously. What's the right strategy here?


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