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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let my army be the birds in the sky

Another quickie that almost went in the junk drawer, but it really does deserve its own post.

I'll have more to say about this in another context soon(tm), but Destiny, the noted professional streamer and StarCraft II player, has started playing EVE. Once some initial... ummm... interesting developments associated with his joining the game had been sorted out(1), he or someone working with him set up a corp for him to join. And this is the part where it deserves its own post: that corp is rapidly filling up!

Lots and lots of the new members are brand new alts clearly created so that they can be in "Destiny's corp." But there's enough veteran players joining as well to add a hard core of PvPers. The corp is approaching 400 members now, all of them having joined in the last week or so and most of them created minutes or hours before joining. This results in some rather amusing fleet metas: three or four battle cruisers being escorted by large fleets of Atrons, Rifters, Kestrels, and the occasional destroyer.

But from time to time you see a battleship or two.

It's turning out to be a pretty fun group to fight when they visit your neighborhood! The corp is certainly approaching the game with a refreshing lack of risk aversity. With the 15 minute delay on Destiny's stream, you can fight him, go visit the restroom, have a beverage and come back. Around that time, you can watch the fight from his perspective. And watching his face when he gets caught out by something he hasn't learned about EVE yet is kind of entertaining...

Welcome to EVE, Destiny!

(1) Those will be included in the other post.


  1. So they're refreshingly risk averse... for the time being. Like the Brave Newbies.

    But as soon as they leave the nest and start refreshingly losing Battleships and T3 cruisers, they will become not so risk averse unless they've got some nice deep pockets IRL.

    Because all in all, we didn't joined EVE to fly frigates forever, right? The more we learn, the more we can do and achieve, with increasingly harder to replace equipment, until some day when you've learned TOO MANY things and your loses are TOO HIGH as to just don't mind none of it.

    Then you become a veteran and stop being silly.

    Then you look into a mirror and fancy the good old days when EVE was big, misterious... and fun.

    And then you leave.

  2. Jesus Christ their killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98287908/history/
    779 kills, 5063 losses. Brave newbies looks elite PvP compared to them.

    1. at least they shoot at someone who can shoot back

    2. As usual Goblin, you're failing to understand the nature of the sandbox, and why people play the game.

    3. On the other hand, they destroyed 40.56b worth of ships while losing ships worth 35.30b.

  3. At least they're out there doing stuff, way too many pilots who just sit around doing nothing rather than getting stuck in. Besides if they're having fun who gives a shit about killboards


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