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Friday, February 14, 2014

POTW: Sociopath Simulator

Another brief funny, this one from Steam, who have started to let their users tag games they have listed. Similar to Twitter hash-tags, the intent here is to allow players to find games that are similar to other games that they enjoy. It's a smart move: it combats the accusations that Valve is going quantity over quality when it comes to making games available. This way, if you like a game with particular properties, you can use crowd-sourcing to find other similar games.

Anyway, EVE Online has been on Steam for a while now and the tags EVE players are choosing are pretty funny!

As Henry Kissinger put it, they also have the added advantage of being true. ;-)


  1. "Fuck Goons" got edited out by Valve pretty quickly, but "sociopath simulator" seems to have met the acceptable level of tagging.

    1. maybe its the F word and who is jonathan holmes btw?

    2. "Grr Goons" might be more acceptable...

    3. Oh yes, "Grr Goons!" I am submitting that tag right now.

    4. Steam is run by the nullsec cartels! AHHHHH!!!



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