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Sunday, February 16, 2014

QOTW: Balanced game play

So, there's a fun new meme going around about the 0-W hell-camp, first suggested by Marlona Sky...

...but then morphed into this much more realistic version:

The graphic involved is not intended as a metaphor. It is implied that the vast majority of the players on both sides will be ignoring the hell-camp and will be busy playing other games. Games that are... you know... fun. ;-)

Meanwhile, the CFC members that are logged in in 0-W can keep their EVE Online screens with their attendant Dominixes minimized while a couple of dozen FCs and logi run the camp, kill anything not in the fleet that moves, and make sure nothing major happens to the fleet...
"DRONE ASSIST IS BALANCED! I have heard the words of PGL's wisdom, and I am swayed. I am swayed because sentry assist mechanics mean that tired goons who would love to camp, but need sleep, can simply leave their Dominixes in space with their drones assigned to their FC. As long as the FC has red bull and eyes, he can be the watcher for basically the entire fleet (minus logi).

If you've got to pass out, unironically consider leaving your Dominix in space with drones slaved to your trigger. Remember, N3 thinks this is balanced gameplay!"
Rumor has it that's Mittens's latest order to the troops, and that last sentence is the QOTW.

This, incidentally, is why I disagree with the 50-drone limit for drone assist, and have said so whenever I was asked about it by CCP. Instead, I argued for sentry drone assist to be removed from the game entirely. I was (almost literally) outvoted. So we'll see how this solution works. Myself, the only change I can see that will be needed is another couple of dozen people to stay awake to handle 1000 Sentry drones, so the CFC would need four dozen awake people to hell-camp 0-W instead of two dozen.

I suspect I know the answer to that.


  1. Why not fix the problem instead of the symptoms?

    1. Because fixing the problem would mean firing the idiot fozzie, and reversing out the Domi / Ishtar range bonuses. And we know that neither fozzie, nor CCP, like to admit they are wrong, unless there is a huge sub exodus.

    2. I was thinking more along the lines of fixing the gameplay so people don't want to alt-tab out.

      And got a conspiracy for you: PVE, industry and mining is terrible on purpose to boost PLEX sales. A F2P monetization model inside a P2P game.

  2. So, you were in favour of retaining drone assist (for Incursion/w-space drone-bunnies to remain awesome), but for dropping sentries?

    I can get behind that. I quite like drone bunny-ing, heck, I fly a combat salvager Proteus/Loki in w-space: Drone Assist how I get to do DPS and grab wrecks with a 5-lock limit, but it's clear that being able to AFK most of the fleet and get /better/ alpha than normal is a problem.

  3. Ah yes the old "Hahah you owned us so hard that we quit, LOSERS!" meme

  4. Hey, I was arguing the "just take it off sentries" thing long past viability ;-)

    Still, interested to see how the reduction to 50 works out.


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