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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Romance is in the air

Just a quickie, but funny.

It's coming up on Valentine's Day which in the U.S. and England has morphed into this made-up holiday sponsored by the candy and greeting cards industries. To the rest of the world: we're sorry. Still, it's a fun little holiday and romance in the air.

There's a website going around the EVE #tweetfleet right now, "Who do they love on Twitter?" It's just an amusing little app that does the tiniest bit of analytics in terms of who your common Twitter partners are. For instance, mine is pretty dull and points to one of my alliance-mates whom I'm often in conversation with. Put in CCP Fozzie, and you get an amusing result. Put in most CCP devs and you get some other CCP dev.

Anyway, put in The Mittani and... well, let's just say the result isn't exactly surprising.


  1. Eh-heheheheh :D


  2. All assholes..ravii, grath, mittens
    They deserve each other...on another planet, far from us

    1. The most butthurt comment I've read today - even after being on /r/starcraft for the last hours.

  3. actually this cements what many have been saying for years: "he's a wanker"

  4. This is news? I thought it was common knowledge.

    Still amusing to see it with the big pink heart though!


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