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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tournament play

I'd like to present a short, modest proposal... and I'll keep it very brief.

When you defeat a team in EVE tournament play, you get to -- if you wish -- choose three or four of their players to join your tournament team. After that, the other teams still in play may poach one player each to add to their teams. As the number of tournament teams shrink down to those last few, this ensures that the best tournament players are still out there flying for our entertainment.

It's good enough for null-sec politics, it should be good enough for tournament play.

Just as an example picked from... oh, I dunno, just something that I was randomly thinking about over the weekend... let's take Test Alliance Please Ignore. As you all know, this past summer they were eliminated as a sov-holding alliance in null-sec. Don't sell them short: they made it to the quarter-finals of null-sec politics and did pretty well there! And although their alliance still exists after a fashion, starting in August a number of their large corps left them to seek their fortunes elsewhere. Of the ones that joined existing alliances or coalitions:
  • five of them joined N3 (aheh, bad decision);
  • two went to Brave Newbies;
  • two joined the southern Russians;
  • two joined Black Legion;
  • and oh yes, eight joined the CFC.
To the victor go the spoils.


  1. Could be a little risky, as it will lead to griefing and awoxing during tournaments.

    1. Not familiar with modest proposals, eh? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Modest_Proposal

  2. What happens if you don't want to pick players from the losing team? What if there aren't enough players in the team to split among the remaining teams? Can you call in reserves from outside if you choose not to use enemy pilots?

  3. I am sure the players you dump from your team and replace with former opponents/ enemies will be thrilled with this concept. Nice to see you believe so much in loyalty to the folks that busted their ass to get on your team and practice and brainstorm so much.

    See, that is where your concept is flawed. While organizations may absorb former enemies, they don't ditch the people working hard for their organization at the same time, and anyone who commits to a tourney team has to bust their ass, and is turfed long before the tourney if they are not up to snuff. But not during the tourney.

    Would just love to see how that would that would work during the Olympic Hockey games. No one would have raged much if Canada had ditched 4 players for the gold medal game and picked up 4 USA players.

    1. Sarcasm tag, Dinsdale.

      Oh, and you got a message from someone over at Luton. Name was ... Norman?

  4. I cannot see this NOT creating drama over the prizes.

  5. Do you ever find it hard to get your tongue out of the position where it is lodged so firmly in your cheek?

    (apparently some people aren't familiar with the Modest Proposal meme...)

  6. sound's just a little too bitter vet today.

    need to shake off the funk, and get refocused.

    surely you will have a couple of things on a want list you would like to see raised in your term on CSM8?

    its not over yet, carpe diem

  7. five of them joined N3 (aheh, bad decision);

    Why do you say this? N3 is still going strong mate.

    And more corps joined non cfc groups rather than the cfc. Odd considering that most of test's history was friendly with cfc. But I don't know their inner mindset.

  8. That's an almost humorous thought, really - making tournament play more parallel with the game.
    Seriously though, you can't really expect the meta game to stop during the tournament. If I was running a tournament team, there is no way in hell I would want pilots from other entities, since there is no way to be certain what their priorities are.

  9. hmmmm, wonder how much i could make in isk on 3rd party betting if i paid the ringer u invited to your team to throw the game.



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