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Friday, March 14, 2014


This post is just goofy and published because I feel like it, and weirdly enough, because it is EVE related.

I rarely seem to use bookmarks in my web browser of choice (Firefox) any more. Most of the websites I visit, I just tap the first letter or two into the address bar and go. I was noticing the other day how many of these sites seem to be EVE-related and that prompted me to wonder: what would be the first website the address bar would suggest to me for each letter?

As I said, the results were... well, take a look:

  A   abcnews.go.comN   nbcnews.com (6)
  B   bugs.eveonline.com (1)O   own3d.tv (7)
  C   cnn.comP   Nothing!
  D   drive.google.com (5)Q   Nothing!
  E   evenews24.comR   rotekapelle.com
  F   failheap-challenge.comS   secure.eveonline.com
  G   gate.eveonline.com (2)T   themittani.com
  H   hint.fmU   urbandictionary.com
  I   icelandair.usV   voicesfromthevoid.net (7)
  J   jestertrek.blogspot.com (3)     W   westimulateyou.com (8)
  K   kugutsumen.comX   xkcd.com
  L   logmein.com (4)Y   youtube.com
  M   maps.google.com (5)Z   zkillboard.com

So, lessee. Three news sites, two nothings, three Google sites... and 14 EVE-related sites. I don't have a problem. I can quit whenever I want to. *cough* Anyway, 14 out of 26. Can anyone beat that?

(1) Why yes, I do feel like I report that many.
(2) I actually use the Google search bar, which is why this isn't Google.
(3) Of course.
(4) Which is odd, because I don't use this service.
(5) The exceptions to (2).
(6) Yes, I'm a news junkie.
(7) R.I.P.
(8) Not what you think. Visit it. ;-)


  1. You need to read/approve comments more Jester.

    This is like a 1980's mail based strategy game during a strike by the postal service.

    1. You're probably not wrong, but I allow anonymous comments. That and instant publishing don't mix. I have to filter a huge amount of spam comments and if I turned on a bot detector, that also goes with turning off anonymous comments (which I do think add value).

    2. After some thought, I'm turning off moderation as an experiment for a couple of weeks and see how bad the spam gets.

  2. Clearly you don't read Stabbed Up enough :)

  3. 2 news sites, 1 left wing propaganda site. Should get that right.

  4. dont lie about y

  5. I'm a bit more balanced (can't be arsed to list every single site)
    So one char and hit return.
    1: at 8 sites, Hockey, or NHL to be precise
    2: also at 8 News (but some are partly hockey)
    3: at 7, work related
    4: at 3 sites Eve Online

  6. I can't speak for you but the hands behind the Dire belong to an old fart making urbandictionary.com an EvE related location for me. Are you *sure* that's not 15 of 26?


  7. You may be a news junkie - but if you're getting your info from ABC, NBC(!?!) and CNN you're not a very good one. These sites are only useful for breaking news and getting half the story (the left half). The first stops of any real news junkie should be realclearpolitics.com and Drudge, and then work your way out from there.

  8. But... where's the porn

  9. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I too have this site as my first entry under "J".

    The only other eve related one is "e" for eve-central. XD

  10. BBC news is a better choice imo

  11. Only 2/26 were Eve related sites (guess what i got for J!) But I did get something for every letter, so i have you beat there Ripard!

  12. A - A Carbon Based Life... go figger
    B- blogger.com... again
    H- http://haha.eve-kill.net... SYJ KB
    J- jokr.us... SJY home site
    N- nevillesmit.com
    R- reddit.com
    T- turamarths-evelife.blogspot.com... Buya!
    W- wormhol.es
    Z- map.zkillboard.com

    9/24 EvE related, and only 1 Nothing!...

  13. For completeness sake, can we see a similar breakdown of 0-9?

  14. Clearly you font visit imagefap.com enough.

  15. nothing under P....nothing SFW you mean

    i call bullshit there


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