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Monday, March 10, 2014

Coalition sov mapping

So I wanted to take a brief moment to highlight and thank Marlona Sky for continuing to update his view of New Eden, the Coalition Sov Map. Here's the latest version, dated 7 March:

As you can see, he's either taken my advice about showing N3 and PL separately for a while or independently come to the same conclusion I did that they should be. Either way, it's a good idea and the map looks great. Go to the highly useful "Battle Reports" section of PL's kill board and you'll find that PL has been staying out of the south during February for the most part, confining themselves to low-sec plus a few jaunts into Curse and Providence. I commented after B-R that we wouldn't be seeing PL and N3 "acting in concert any time soon."

The entertaining bit for me (right up until today, more on that in a second) was that the map and its data was doing a great job of shoring up a conclusion I came to some weeks ago: that the southern Russians (whether you call them the Halloween Coalition, RUSRUS, or some variation on StainWagon) were not showing the will to finish off N3 even when the latter had been driven to their knees by the CFC. As a matter of fact, the opposite was proving to be true: it looked like N3 was trying to launch a counter-offensive and it seems fairly clear they either paid or otherwise induced the new HERO coalition to hit the Russians in the back.

And that was gonna be the post: just pointing at the map, telling you all where you could find it, thanking Marlona for making it, and occasionally pointing out that N3 didn't want to go on the cart, they felt happy, and they thought they'd go for a walk.

And then in the past couple of days, things seem to have suddenly become interesting. Suddenly, progodlegend is reporting large numbers of PL ships in "N3/PL" fleets, the PL Battle Reports are confirming it... and Darkness of Despair was disbanded today, throwing 77 systems in six regions (Impass, Immensea, Catch, Feythabolis, Esoteria, and Tenerifis) open to anyone who has the will to take them! EVE News 24 has the full story. Needless to say, N3 swooped in and started capturing stations, apparently taking station systems in all six regions tonight and anchoring TCUs right through the heart of southern Russian space. In particular, the route straight into southern Russian renter space lies open.

Is a month "soon?" I'm gonna have to think about that one.

Anyway, needless to say we're gonna need a new Coalition Sov Map. Marlona's working on it. ;-) Once again, thanks for doing it, Marlona!

You know, if you listen really close you can almost hear the sound of teeth grinding on the west side of the map tonight...


  1. I'm pretty sure it was the Goon plan to have RUS fall to pieces soon after the war was won. They were the perfect allies in that regard, thousands of dedicated pilots who would fight to the last ship for their home region and then have the decency to tear themselves apart before they could become a threat.

    ...but this might be a little earlier than the CFC wanted for all that to start

  2. We were out trying to kick the Russians anyway, a slow painful job if there ever was one, then Jabber went insane and leadership started to have us make a left turn on the march, 8 hours later DoD is gone and N3 has allot more space.

  3. It's almost as though the blue doughnuters are (half, admittedly) wrong or something.

  4. Monty Python references ftw.

  5. Brave Newbies has got sov, baby!

  6. Hero Coalition took sov 3 systems so far and are still going strong!

  7. CFC needs a resurgence of opposing coalitions to refute the "game over" scenarios which foretell the end of EVE.

    .. and nothing would please CCP more.

  8. Lol, I wondered how we (BRAVE) managed to get a station in ERVK-P. Noobtropolis is wonderful this time of year :)


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