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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Good advice

One of the truest things ever put on EVE TV during the second New Eden Open...

You go, caption guy. ;-)


  1. CCP Caption guy is awesome. I still laugh about the CCP Douchebag caption from the last AT.

  2. Just the sign of a healthy ego. The guy clearly loves himself... can you blame him? Fozzie, on the other hand, just clearly has divine self control.

  3. CCP seems to be one of the few companies where trolling is part of the job :)

  4. For the next "plex for good" fundraiser, can one of the "rewards" be a ball gag for Dolan to wear?

  5. Hangover Level V

    Trying to press play.

  6. Everything about this picture perfectly sums up Eve.

  7. My wife and sons are on vacation without me, so we speak daily on Skype. My sons (10 & 12) CANNOT use skype without constantly looking at themselves on screen. We've had to turn of the self-video part so we can hold a sort of conversation.

    CCP Dolan is just an older 12 year old.


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