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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kill of the Week: Change of pace

First, an announcement. I'm going to be scaling back the KOTW posts. I feel like they're an area where I'm making fun of EVE players, something else that I want to start scaling back on (for reasons which I hope will be obvious). I'll still be doing a KOTW post every week, but I'm probably going to limit it to one or perhaps two KOTWs and I'm going to try to focus on cool combat stories instead of people doing dumb things.

So if you have cool combat stories, please send them in. :-)

By the same token, I'm also done tracking super-cap kills. The more I think about it, the more I think that ship has sailed.(1) When the Goons are strongly implying that their members -- en masse! -- should buy titans... well, I think we can safely say that worrying about super-cap proliferation has had its day. Super-caps are going to proliferate and because of this, those who don't have enormous fleets of them are going to be kicked out of any sov that matters. CCP has had years to address this and hasn't done it. At this point, anything they do do to address it -- unless they do something remarkably drastic -- is, I think, going to leave the status pretty much quo. So I personally am going to stop worrying and learn to love the titan blob.

If something realllly remarkably dumb happens -- that gank from last week, say -- or there's a particularly notable super-cap kill, I'll cover it. But other than that, I'm finding the KOTW posts as they are now to be the least fun to write and they tend to draw the fewest comments. Therefore, I'm going to try a little change of pace.

So again, if you have fun some combat stories, please send them along! End of announcement.

Fight of the week this week was this battle between a combined Brave Collective/Test Alliance dreadnought fleet on one side and what looks like half the world on the other. There's a terrific video of the fight with a great synopsis of who was there and what was going on. Short version: Brave and Test decided to attack a -A- station without sufficient sub-cap support. Providence FC corebloodbrothers formed up a sentry Domi fleet to go after them. They did lose a good chunk of their BSs to getting blapped off the field by tracking dreads. However, the Provibloc still came out ahead thanks to reinforcements from all over the place coming in to get involved in the fight and kill the tackled caps. The video covers it well so if you're interested, take a look.

The kill that entertained me most this week is this SMA kill done by a single T2 frigate and which dropped as loot... one Rorqual. That's quite a profit margin! Nice kill, Voodoch1ld, and thanks to an alert reader for pointing me at it!

Actual kill of the week, though, is this Kronos. Destiny and his corp, whom I've talked about a couple of times, has been learning EVE really fast. To his credit, when he gets hit with new tactics, he learns them and comes right back out swinging. In this case, Destiny's corp was killing a POCO in high-sec and this Kronos pilot and one other (involved in the war) came in and tried to drive off Destiny's fleet of T1 cruisers and Scythes. To their credit, they killed 20-odd ships and they were almost able to tank Destiny's whole fleet but the Kronos that died ran out of cap boosters in the end. It's a pretty epic fight, though, and Destiny and his fleet do a really nice job in it! Here's the video sent to me by an alert reader. The fight starts around an hour and 12 minutes in and the Kronos dies about ten minutes later.

And finally, if you are interested in all the supers that got killed this week -- and there were actually quite a few! -- EN24 did a terrific job of covering most all of them.

(1) Please forgive the pun.


  1. Please allow me to congratulate you for taking this path.

    Recently I have seen some analogy between Eve and Chess. In contrast to Eve, in Chess; the Brilliancy, the Novelty and the Sacrifice are one hundred times more celebrated over the Blunder.

    Serious now, are you sure you are done with representing the player? I for one, am not looking forward to 12 out 14 councillors which answer to One Man.

    1. I am in agreement with you Easy

  2. 'CCP has had years to address this and hasn't done it.'

    That is always the case of the intestine system flaws that destroy complex systems. EVE was doomed since day 1 because of the system's design, and those system flaws were obvious and foreseable. So, theoretically, they could had been adressed as they surfaced... but that's never the case.

    When the flaws become self-evident, it's too late to adress them. Eating too much transfat will hurt your heart, but the first sting in your chest it's too late to start exercising.

    "The more the better" kills a game when the fewer are driven out by the more, as most of your consumer base will always be in the fewer. What can they do on their own is the exact measure of how long wil the game last. EVE is a terrible game for single/small players -so welcome to your announced death.

    "Pity the losers" kills a game because most of the consumer base are losers. If they can't enjoy the game while losing at it, they will leave and will kill the game. EVE is a terrible game to be a loser, probably the worst game ever in which to be a loser. Welcome to your annnounced death.

    "Player versus Player" kills a game because most of rthe consumer base isn't suit to defeat other players. They will lose too much and eventually the game will be selected into a few uberplayers who can't be defeated but also can't fight each other. How many things a player can do without becoming prey to other players is the measure of how much will a game last. EVE is almost devoid of things a player can undertake without becoming someone's prey, and so welcome to your annnounced death.

    The list could go on and on. It can be digested into this: one-trick games die faster than multi-threaded games.

    EVE's one-trick is becoming old and stale. Subscriptions and game revenue go up but people actually playing the game is stagnant.

    And then there's one last item in the list.

    "We like it like this" kills a game when most players are so used to a way of doing that you can't step off he beaten road without leaving most of your players behind, and yet they grow bored of "it's always like this".

    EVE long surpassed the Catch-22 point were changing the game will kill it and not changing it will kill it too.

    Incarna should had succeeded. Should had been solo-friendly content. Should had provided gorgeous player-driven PvE content. Should had been everything EVE wasn't and now it can't be.

    CCP can't change course and are deep stranded in game over land without a plan. Better hurry to build monuments while they still have a meaning...

    1. on the bright side ... no, wait. I'm struggling.
      - yeah your right. Pass the razor-blade will ya.

      If only we could escape sov space in sub-caps and frolic in a new frontier.

    2. I learned a new word today; sciolism.

  3. Nice to see you picked up on the fact that goons have so much cash they want every member in a supercap. Obviously, CCP is not making serious changes to supercap's for the summer release, otherwise the failed lawyer would not have made that announcement.

    Also nice to see you are switching gears and focusing on the less harsh way to out bad losses. Doubt many others will though.

  4. I applaud your initiative to cover kills from a "not dumb" POV, as that will probably give us more quality writing. I do regret however, that we'll probably end up with less content. Otherwise, a good choice ;-)

  5. How about more FOTWs in place of KOWs?

  6. I know I'm just an Anonymous commenter on the internet, but I'd also like to say thanks for abandoning (or at least minimizing) your participation in Eve's version of "slut shaming". I'm looking forward to seeing more intense, competitive type kills as opposed to the blinged out fish in a barrel type.

  7. I am disappointed that you will be covering fewer embarrassing losses in the future. Seeing the kill mails and your commentary on them was quite fun.

    What can I say, I laugh and rejoice every time I see an idiot lose his deadspace-fitted, unbuffered Rattlesnake.

  8. "Eve's version of "slut shaming".", how intellectually dishonest and insulting. People need to stop making such inaccurate analogies between real life issues and stuff that happens in a game. Next we'll see Gevlon having putting warnings on his posts when wrongly attributing racism to various open, optional social groups in Eve, and forgetting them when calling people names, but berating others for doing the same.

  9. "So I personally am going to stop worrying and learn to love the titan blob." Can we expect you to start sporting the same GIF avatar as a famous coalition leader? YEEEHAA


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