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Saturday, March 8, 2014


Quite a good day of matches at the second New Eden Open today!

My favorite match, of course, was the fight between No Boundaries and the Agmar Money Team early in the day. No Boundaries, captained by Sakura Nihil of Rote Kapelle, is made up of two other Rote pilots plus a smattering of friends and acquaintences from our long stay in the Syndicate region. The name of the team refers to the depressing ability of Rote pilots to find and cross the "edge of glory" that lies at the boundary of tournament matches. ;-) The Agmar Money Team is of course made up of Pandemic Legion players.

It's fair to say that a bit of a tournament rivalry has sprung up between Rote pilots and PL pilots in tournaments over the last few years. So I was delighted to see the No Boundaries team knock PL out of the NEO for good with a heavily neut-based fleet composition. As I've said again and again, Rote Kapelle pilots are the best small-gang users of neuts in New Eden and proved it today snuffing the life out of a PL Paladin and its support fleet. No Boundaries now has what I consider to be a pretty easy road over their next couple of matches. But teams with Rote Kapelle members have a weakness and that is getting over-confident in this exact situation. So hopefully that won't happen here...

There were two other excellent matches. In what I consider an upset, the Kolbasz Inside team, made up of old Hun Reloaded pilots, pushed ElDiablo DelRojo and the rest of his "Dyslexodus We Be May" Exodus Alliance-based squad into the loser's bracket. That one was a fun match to watch! And just as much fun for me to watch was a terrific battle of maneuver between "Thingy" and "Rampage." That one featured two fairly similar squads battling for position for half the match before Thingy spotted a piloting error on the part of their opponents and pounced. I do love a good battle of maneuver! Rampage goes down to the loser's bracket.

There were a few other fun matches. The Warlords of the Deep squad continues their near-unblemished march to what I expect will be a victory in this tournament. 8 CAS insisted on bringing Raven Navy Issues for the third and last time (along with what I assume were yet more of their Remote Sebo Herons). Bob Shaftoes's Reputation Cartel squad knocked Smoking is Bad out of the tournament -- Bob, a former Rote Kapelle member, is a fantastic on-field tournament general and someone whose orders I was proud to follow in Rote's AT11 run. And finally in a bit of mixed emotions for me, the Providence Wisadrs knocked Rixx Javix's Stay Frosty team out of the tournament. I have to support my "home team", of course, but I was hoping Rixx's team would get further than they did.

So all in all, easily the best day of the second NEO so far! About 12000 people stayed to watch the fun.

Tomorrow's schedule, unfortunately, promises to be fairly one-sided if my thinking is correct. The Thingy team has been doing well against lower-tier opponents but faces their first real challenge tomorrow in the Hydra-based Warlords team. Similarly, while WeHURT has been putting up some fun-to-watch matches, I expect the Kolbasz Inside squad to trump them fairly easily. The latter team has already pushed PL and Exodus to the loser's bracket whereas WeHURT (though made up of some very good pilots) hasn't yet faced what I would consider to be strong competition.

The loser's bracket, likewise, is shaping up to be a fairly easy run for the stronger teams, though I might be surprised here and there. In particular, I'm curious to see how The Reputation Cartel does. They've fared quite well in SCL play, I have a lot of respect for Bob Shaftoes, and they potentially face a couple of interesting matches tomorrow. You've heard me complain about tournament play in EVE sometimes being made up of "top tier teams and teams lining up to be crushed by top tier teams." While I think that's still true, I sure would like to see a couple of new teams in that top tier...

On to day four. Good luck to all the pilots flying tomorrow!

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