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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Proof against bots

First thing, the second New Eden Open finals get started in a few minutes as I publish this. Today ought to be amusing since CCP is admitting a live audience into their studio. Will someone in the audience do something... ummm... unexpected on camera? We'll know soon.

With that out of the way, a quickie: I have turned off moderation for comments on this blog for posts ten or fewer days old. This is kind of an experiment.

I have the last major EVE blog that accepts anonymous comments. Pretty much everyone else has turned off the ability to comment anonymously, because anonymous comments generate two things on a blog:
  • Trolling. But I can handle this one. I have a pretty thick skin.
  • Spam advertising. This one is a lot more problematic to me.
Blogger's spam filter is fairly reasonable, catching a high percentage of the spam that is attempted on this blog. I would say it catches something like 98%. But it's not uncommon to get 350 comments/week around here, which potentially means that six to eight spam comments are going to get through per week around here without me catching them in advance.

But overall this strikes me as a fair trade-off for you guys to have the ability to have conversations with each other without me getting in the way. So, I'm going to let things run this way for a while and see how things go. But if I find either the spam or the trolling (particularly of other commenters) becomes excessive, I'll decide then whether to follow my fellow bloggers by turning anonymous comments off, or go back to my old system of the "Jester filter."



  1. I tried anon commenting but the spam was atrocious even with Bloggers spam filters. I have moderation set up on posts two weeks and older and no anon commenting. Not perfect, but works well enough.

  2. Looking forward to this. Im one of your readers who finds reading about EVE way more interesting than playing it (attempt #1 - foiled by learning curve bordom in 07, #2 - a few billion made being a station trader followed by a quit after getting my destroyer griefed and ganked for "fun" while an attempt at pve in '10)

    Ive never seen the point in signing up to comment on a blog, but i do like participate as a representative of those who would *like* to like EVE.

  3. My mother's second cousin twice removed stays home and makes $$$ just doing this little... oh what's the use. I read this blog because you have pretty good stuff to say most of the time. Keep it up!

  4. My preference: Turn off anon commenting & add a better nested comment structure so it's actually possible to have a debate.

  5. Hmmm...So what would be a post that would get deleted as spam? certain URLs? too many comments in a row in a short span?

    1. I tend to use a lot of post titles with double or triple meanings. One a few months back was called "Maid service" and it was getting blasted over and over with spam services advertising those.

      Another post I wrote about funny stuff that happened at the summer summit was called "Office chairs and other amusements." It would have been overwhelmed with spam posts about office furniture sellers.

  6. From my personal perspective - if I have to sign up I won't comment. So please don't change that!

  7. I applaud your decision Jester. While I don't always agree with what you say .. I do look forward to reading your point-of-view.

  8. I always try to be logged in when I comment, but sometimes when commenting on my phone it doesnt work as quickly as I would like, so I like Anonymous comments on. Also, i really dont mind spam or trolling, as I just ignore it basically. Also, doesn't the capicha (Spelling?) stop spammer bots?
    Also, thank you so much for writing this!!!! This is an awesome blog and I really appreciate the work you put into it and if there was some way to compensate you, I would!!!
    Third, what do you think of this? http://www.ccpgames.com/media/47894/ccp_hf_financial_statements_december_31_2013.pdf

    I don't know much about financial stuff, but it appears to me that last year they had a profit of 4,597,556, but this year they had a loss of 21,347,476. I remeber when you did a post about CCP's financial last year, and another one this year would be interesting.
    Thanks so much again!!!!!!!!!

    1. To find the root of those 21m loss, just follow:
      - at page 5, "Research and development", (56m) in 2013 and (16m) in 2012.
      - at page 7, it is further broken down into "Depreciation and amortization", 49m in 2013 and 13m in 2012.
      - at page 22 you get the final pieces of explanation: "Amortization and derecognition - Research and development", 46m in 2013 and 11m in 2012, with the additional note that "Amortization of capitalized development cost in 2013 relates to EVE Online and DUST 514 while amortization in 2012 is almost exclusively due to EVE Online".

      They did not provide the last bit broken down by product, only the total amount. Overall, the whole thing is basically admittance in the books that they spent more effort (money) in Dust that they cannot reasonably expect to recover. Go SynCaine, I guess.

      No, they are not operating at a loss.

    2. If I remember right, CCP had a due date on a long term loan come up at the end of the fiscal year 2013. They had cash on hand to pay it, so it's not operating in the red, but any time you pay out on a balance sheet it's a loss. Front what I understand, CCP is doing rather well cash wise right now. Tranquillity is still growing, and Serenity(China) is doing much better after it's hiatus and relaunch than anyone had any right to hope.

    3. The loan was paid, but it cannot be considered reason for a decrease in overall company value, because it was never listed as anything other than that, a loan. Paying decreases cash on hand, yes, but removes a liability by the same amount from the balance sheets.

  9. There were times where this was the only place I would consider writing my honest opinion on a subject, primarily because I could do so anonymously. Now, were they any good; were they worth it? Out of a few dozen over the years, I managed to get a few response comments and two response posts, so I think "reasonably so" is appropriate.

  10. RISK-FREE ­ TRIAL: Regrow ­ Thicker, Fuller Hair ­ With ­ ­ This CLINICALLY PROVEN Solution ­ ­ TODAY!

    Just kidding lol. I approve of your decision, Jester.

  11. I have been an anon poster here for well over a year. Aside from a few cranky rants, I have never purposely engaged in trolling or spammish behavior. I truly appreciate the ability to post anonymously here, Jester, and I applaud you for allowing that to be possible. I have always endeavored to remain respectful and not abuse the privilege. Thank you for continuing to allow it.

  12. Created this account for those that need it. I don't mind either way - this account has zero relation to my Eve activities.

  13. Thank you for letting people comment anonymously! I've enjoyed reading your blog for a while now but haven't dipped my feet into commenting. In general the comments section can have some interesting conversations going on.

  14. PLEASE let this work!

    I understand why you needed to lock things down, but it made having a conversation pretty much impossible.

  15. Thanks Jester, you've been a gracious host!


  16. TBH, I find blogger to be great for filtering. I can't believe you have a good 350 comments a week, at 50-60 a day, I'd expect a lot more discussion, especially since a lot of your posts are CSM narration, and not really able to be commented on, other than general statements that are fairly banal.

    TBH, I've watched gelvins blog (still anon) basically only get spurts of toxic posting when he brings up polarizing opinions (basically anything the past 3 months) and you've been fairly vanilla in that regard.

    Personally, I haven't seen your comments section as a problem particularily. I'm surprised though that you haven't just made a reddit subreddit to reference your blog, and move the conversation there. Its 0 overhead, and basically gives you the forum access, and everything you are asking for here.

    for some reason pseudo anonymous is enough to keep anonymous trolls out of a space

  17. So, while you have the "Jester Filter", if you decide to lock it down does it become the "Garth Filter"?

    Need more Garth posts btw.


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