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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Back to the future

In a few hours, I head back to Iceland for my second Fanfest!

The public schedule is now out as well as a mobile version. One glance will show you the schedule is incredibly tightly packed this year. There are enough overlapping interesting events to make choosing kind of difficult. How does one choose between:
  • Virtual World Operations, Ship Skin Pilot Roundtable, Third Party Developer Tools Update, or Concept Art Live Session? That choice is 1500 on Thursday.
  • VR Game Design, From Evidence to Bans - Security Q&A, EVE UI, or New Player Experience Vision? That choice is noon on Friday.
  • Fleet Warfare, DUST 514 Vision Update, or Probing the EVE Online Engine? That choice is two hours later, at 1400 Friday.
  • Future of EVEsports, Ship and Module Balancing, or Coaching Them Up in New Eden? An hour later, at 1500 on Friday.
I could go on, but I'm sure you get the idea. It's a really good agenda this year. And that's not counting the sessions that I have to attend:
  • The CSM Panel is in the Singularity Main Room at 1600 Thurdsay; and,
  • The CSM Roundtable is in Round Table Room 3 ("Amarr") at 1400 Saturday.
For the latter, we're booked opposite the freakin' Industry Panel! So I wouldn't blame you guys if our RT room is empty. ;-)

For those of you attending Fanfest and hoping to get a word with me, I will try to keep Twitter updated as I can on my whereabouts. In particular, though, I plan on attending the #tweetfleet meet-up at Celtic Cross at 2000 on Wednesday. And after long consideration, instead of attending the Pub Crawl formally this year, I'm going to instead try to camp out on the back patio of The English Pub across the way from Nora Magasin (the old Islenski Barinn). In both places I can get a Guinness, and I discovered last year that the latter location is a near-ideal place to be able to talk and be heard. I'm an old guy so I am at a distinct disadvantage trying to hear what people are saying to me inside a crowded bar. ;-)

So if you're attending the Pub Crawl and it brings you anywhere near Nora's or The English Pub, please feel free to swing by and say hello if you care to. I'll also be attending the Party. Last year, I tended to hang out either on the second level right at the top of the stairs or on the second floor all the way in the back left hand corner behind the main hall.

Finally, I'm pleased to report that the second generation hoodies turned out even better than the first...

As you can see, I had one made for myself this time. ;-) The Rifter and EVE Online logo are on the back left corner about a foot over the wearer's hip. Each one includes the wearer's "name" and a fun little caption appropriate to their work, position, or temperament. Here's detail of the Rifter embroidery (with a pen on top for size reference):

Pretty good stuff! I've hidden the caption on mine for those at FF to see. I think you'll agree it's appropriate.

See some of you later this week! For the rest of you, as with last year, I'll write daily posts on my activities. On to Iceland!


  1. Have fun in Iceland. Since CCP decided to dick us around with those final 4 devblogs I have zero interest in what happens over there. I bet the other 4 industry-related devblogs aren't even released until well after next week when fanfest is over. When CCP starts showing they give 2 shits about the players I will start to care again. Right now? Meh. Call me when the other 4 devblogs have been released. I no longer care to subject myself to carrot-and-stick PR manipulation.

    1. Well another one was released today.

    2. They've said that they'll all be released before Fanfest. Put down the high-powered rifle and come down out of the tower. It's OK.

    3. OK, I'm coming down, whew that was close!

    4. Well, two more dev blogs came out, and 1/2 of my corp mates have already decided to unsub.

      They spent the last 6 months building up the research & industry part of the corp, and CCP just tore it all down.

    5. "... and 1/2 of my corp mates have already decided to unsub."

      Ouch. We are having same problem, but not quite so bad. We only lost about 10 players (so far).

      We've been trying to get upset corp members to post their concerns on the comments thread for the dev blog, but most of the older ones are saying that it is a waste of time, because those old devs (CCP Greyscale, CCP Ytterbium) won't change anything after they have announced it.

    6. @Anon15:09:

      Got you beat. My whole corp is quitting the game. I just joined them two months ago, but most of them have been playing for more than 5 years. They are ALL very unhappy with CCP.

      I've got an invite to join a Goon corp, so I'll still be playing, but I think that CCP is going to lose a lot of older players.

  2. Can you spread the word about Ladies with Lazors being in the Jita room, noon Saturday?

  3. I am having a really hard time Ripard... I am trying, really trying to not spiral down into bitterness... but Anon11:43 is a little bit right... 2 Dev posts on a major shake up in Industry, 4 waiting in the wings and we get NADA right up to FF??

    Please man... make a effin stink about PR with ALL the Devs/Execs you get a chance to. PR is really important in EVE, they can kill this game by making us feel they really don't care... The CSM minutes, the 'Big Reveal' for the monument (which, while I like the idea of the monument, it wasn't an INGAME thing and that was why the disappointment over the timer thing..) and now what "feels" like a big middle finger to the Hi and Lowsec Industrialists... and they leave us hanging for so long??

    Come on man, TALK to people ok? I know yer on the way out and I know you have put HOURS of your life into this... but you're a PR guy right? If you can, make a gods damned impression on them that PR NEEDS to be handled better.

    1. Fanfest is all about PR. I'm quite sure we're going to see a flood of announcements coming out of there. It's kind of what FF is for...

    2. (From the forums: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=4489956#post4489956)

      "Source reliability, you saw it on...

      ...the official forums: Wiggles! Wiggles!
      ...a player forum: <1%
      ...a player news source: <3%
      ...a private news source: <10%
      ...a CCP tweet: <15%
      ...Fanfest: <20%
      ...a dev post on the forums: <25%
      ...a CSM official statement: <30%
      ...a devblog: <40%
      ...a "in development" video: <50%
      ...the Test Server: if good, >50%, if bad, >75%, if bad and terribly opposed >99.99%"

      Less than 20% indeed. How's that Veteran Station doing...? :P

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. "Fanfest is all about PR. I'm quite sure we're going to see a flood of announcements coming out of there. It's kind of what FF is for..."

      Yes, but, unwisely, CCP decided that they had to charge players to watch Fanfest remotely.

      Lost opportunity to spin control the fires that the industry dev blogs have started.

      I think we're going to see the largest drop in subs in EvE's history this year, no matter what is said at Fanfest.

    5. U know unless u don't want to watch it live......

    6. Sigh. They said the blogs would be out before fanfest and they have been so far.

  4. Hmm, can we get a banana on the hoodie for scale instead?

  5. Ahhh... just saw one more Dev Blog out now... but still, what I said stands as re PR, mmmmk?

  6. Heh-I camped out at the English Pub last year too rather that do the pub crawl, tho I'll be doing that this year-cos why not! Great music, great ambience & some amazing people & conversations! Have a safe flight mate! :)


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