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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Coalition sov redux

Just an update to my earlier posts about Marlona Sky's work on a coalition sov map so that players can see the true state of New Eden politics. He's now done a version which updates automatically on a daily basis. Here's today's update:

As you can see, it's not getting any prettier out there. Kirith Kodachi did a nice job of summing up my last four or five posts about null-sec into a single post today. I'm not sure I agree with his conclusions but the opinions he professes on the way there? Yup.

Anyway, you can get the most recent updates on a daily basis at eve-files.com. Here's the thread at Failheap Challenge where Marlona is talking about the work. The map also comes with a back end Google spreadsheet which shows the coalition members for each group, number of members in each alliance, number of systems controlled, and other data. It's very very useful stuff! It also includes various charts of the data:

"N2" (with the departure and subsequent collapse of Nexus Fleet, they lost an "N") seem to have come out of the Halloween War in pretty good shape, holding sov in more systems than the CFC...

My sincere thanks to Marlona Sky for doing this work! Awesome stuff!


  1. Umm... didn't know Legion of xXDEATHXx was part of the N3/PL powerblock :P

  2. Learn how to read a chart.

  3. I wonder how the chart would look different if renter space was outlined.

  4. Shrug...CCP is either too sympathetic to the cartels (kind of happens when you pull the vast majority of your devs and game designers directly from them) or too terrified of them, to ever actually change the game mechanics to allow for any group or groups to ever challenge their domination of the game.

    What I also find interesting from that spreadsheet is there are 118,000 chars in all the cartels combined. Meantime, if CCP is to believed, there are over 500,000 accounts, or 1.5 million chars.

    Even if every char in the cartels has 2 alts not in the cartels, the group makes up a total of around 22% of the entire base.
    Yet CCP keeps making changes in the game designed around those players only. (ie. Omni's and Drone assist wrecked by Pandemic Legion's raivi because of null sec meta's).

    And people wonder why the subscription base barely crawls in growth, or more likely, is falling. Catering to a very loud minority is always dumb.

    1. Well, the subscriptions may actually go up as people pile up alt accounts. But PCU is at 2010 levels, and that's all you need to know about the future of the game.

      Well, that, and how CCP Seagull's plan is about handing out stargates and new space to the Goons and nothing else but a pile of stat changes for the rest of the game.

    2. Does the 500 number include the China server? That would impact your analysis.

    3. The Goontards get new areas of space to exploit (that most players will never see) but everyone else got a new low slot and a drone bonus for their procurer. Sounds like a fair trade.

    4. "Yet CCP keeps making changes in the game designed around those players only. "

      CCP is making changes to null sec (buffing it one could say ie. mining/refining/indy) because they prob see more folks staying with the game longer and creating more alts as they become null sec residents.

      I know I left the game and came back a few times because I just lived in empire and it got old fast missioning, mining, and low-sec pvping in frigs and crusiers.

      But once I started living in sov - it was a whole new game that has had me sucked in for a long-time. I remember saying, this is the way the game was meant to be played and still beleive that.

      Its all the game has to offer, no restrictions. And as far as I know, most major bloc players have lots of alts in neutal corps and/or empire only corps that do most of their logistics or isk making, while the PVP toons stay in null and fight the fight and burn the isk.

    5. @Creda Com:

      "CCP is making changes to null sec (buffing it one could say ie. mining/refining/indy) because they prob see more folks staying with the game longer and creating more alts as they become null sec residents."

      Probably this is why CCP just announced a "Recall Program" to re-invite friends who tried the game and left, but they won't as much as bother to question WHY did those guys left.

      As in: I invited four friends, and them all left because "all the game has to offer it's no restrictions." Guess CCP didn't needed their money after all. Nor mine... :P

  5. Ripard,

    As an ex-providude. I would be interested in a post about how you and Rote are finding life within the Provibloc. Are you guys still doing your own thing or joining in the coalition fleets?

    1. I support this idea, I too am interested in seeing an article describing what life is like in Provi for a PVP alliance.

    2. So far we're doing both, but we're having the most fun right now with USTZ patrols of Provi/Catch in cop-cars, Heretics, and like ships. The trick to joining full Provi fleets is that most of them happen in EUTZ and we're a USTZ alliance. It's not quite time for a full post on this yet but I definitely will get there!

  6. N"3" 's resilience (encouraged by the fractures in the rus block) is helping the blue donut *not* becoming a reality. The CFC seems to have stepped back... Are they tired or is it because they don't want the donut?

    That's a good question: what if one side "wins"? Most people would agree this would be bad if one coalition took over everything, but then what? Is there a plan? And if no one can win, then why bother trying?

    1. I think CFC stepped back because I think they thought they'd successfully driven N3 to their knees and RUS could finish them off.

      They certainly weren't expecting massive cracks to appear in RUS so soon. And from what I've heard, N3 successfully evac'ed the vast majority of the items from the deadzoned station and have been able to use them in the ensuing mop-up.

      It's an important lesson, kids: when you take antibiotics, you have to take the full prescription even if you feel better. Because if you don't, the infection just comes back stronger and you have to start all over.

  7. The blue donut will always be a crecent until either side takes the other over. Sometimes the crecent will be CFC heavy and other time the N2/PL side.

    Personally, with the CFC letting RusRus die and lose all the space and MORE since the start of the war - the CFC is on borrowed time. They won B-R because RusRus, and now w/o them, I bet you will not see the CFC super fleet come out in full-scale for a long....long time.

    Be nice just to have the existing leadership of each of the mega-blocks take a rest and have new people take the reins. We get stagnent and bland when the same old people are making the same old policy with the same old allies and enemies.

    1. CFC Crush Subcapital numbers. And 5000 afktars ratting all day long in Deklein means CFC is quickly getting massive numbers into dreadnoughts and (As we clearly have seen) Motherships and Titans.

      The CFC will be just fine.


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